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Friday, September 21, 2012

10 months old! September

Eli is now 10 months old!! It's a busy month for him. 
He rode in his infant seat for the very last time.  I don't know why, but this was a hard thing to let go of for me.  

Here he is in his new big boy seat! He looks so small in it!

He learned how to climb!  He even took his first steps! He started taking one or two steps a few weeks ago, but on 9/19 he took 4 steps two different times! So I feel like he has officially taken "his first steps" and will be walking VERY soon!
Family Picture! 

Cole's first day of 1st grade!

Rylie's first day of Kindergarten!

Rylie's first day at school with Mrs. Meyer as her teacher! She was so excited to be moved to Cole's old teacher's class!  I was thrilled too! She's an amazing teacher.  :) Both kids are doing amazingly well in their classes.  Their behavior is awesome and they love school! I've heard nothing but good things from their teachers.  Rylie was even able to help another student find the nurses office.  Youngest in her grade but knows the school already!  She's a natural. Cole has adjusted to full day well and is doing great! He has a few friends from last year in his class, and has made a few new ones already.  I'm very proud of both of my school-agers! 
Trip to the apple orchard! 

Being extra careful not to pull out his loose tooth! 

Eli fell asleep and slept through most of the trip. 

On 9/20 Cole lost his first tooth ever!! He was so excite that he wrote the tooth fairy a note to see if he could keep his tooth.  Sure enough, the tooth fairy let him keep it and gave him $2!! 

Missing tooth just in time for picture day at school!! I love toothless school pictures! 

9 months old! August 2012

Missed another month :) Here are some fun pictures from August.
We made a trip to the zoo to catch the Dinosaur exhibit before it left the Minnesota Zoo.  Cole was in heaven! He made sure we got his picture with each of the dinosaurs.  

Eli had fun taking his 9 month picture! He was in a silly mood and just LOVED that ball! 

 The kids and Matt slept in a tent in the back yard.  They had a blast!
Mom and Eli got to stay in the house with the air conditioning, but we made a trip outside to visit the campers.