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Monday, July 23, 2012

8 months!

I've been really slacking lately with the updates.  Eli is now 8 months old and so fun! A couple weeks before he turned 8 months he started crawling and since then he's been a very busy little guy.  He pulls up to stand every now and then, but hasn't mastered it.  He especially likes to stand up on the step and in the bath tub.  He just started taking steps when you hold his hands and things we should do that with him all day!  I'm guessing he'll be an early walker like his brother and sister were.  He also waves bye bye , shares his bottle if you smack your lips, and shakes his head no when you ask him a question. He responds to the word no pretty well when he's getting in trouble (like he is right now).

Eli has two teeth and sleeps through the night! He eats only table food and his formula because he decided he's done with purees. He went to the doctor last week for diarrhea and was 19lbs 6 oz.  He probably has lost some weight since then because he is on day 8 of diarrhea and not really eating well.  He seems to be getting better though.  Praying this is the last day of this sick business.  He's still as happy as can be for being so sick!

Thursday, July 5, 2012