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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cute conversation I overheard

Cole: "Rylie, what is 6 minus 4? Think hard and don't use your fingers."
Rylie: "Um infinity."

4 and 5 months!

I am so behind! Here are Eli's 4 and 5 month pictures. Life has been so busy that I keep forgetting to update. He's getting so big! Starting to sit up, sleeps in his own room, and even eating baby food. We are figuring out his medical issues as well. He has had this little mark on his shoulder since he was about a month old. It looks like a bug bite, itches like a bug bite, but is most likely permanent. After seeing a pediatric dermatologist and an allergist, we've found something that works for his fevers, flushing cheeks, reflux, and diarrhea. That little mastocytoma was doing it all! So Zyrtec twice a day and he's a new baby! It's a huge relief to have all that figured out!