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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mess? Yes please!

Crayola Color Bubbles are FUN! :)

Mark this day down in history...

On Sunday night Cole coughed his little head off the whole night. I figured I should take him to the doctor instead of waiting and having him miss his LAST WEEK OF PRESCHOOL. Exciting stuff, but that's a whole other post. I took him to the doc and he does have a severe ear infection. That is extremely rare for Cole. I think he's been on antibiotics maybe 3 or 4 times total in his entire life. Pretty good for an almost 5 year old if you ask me! Now he's on some medicine and is on the road to recovery. :) You would never know he is sick other than the coughing at night. He's running around playing like there is nothing wrong. Doesn't even have ear pain!

Meanwhile, Rylie had the same cold as him and it lasted a couple days. She fought it off with no asthma issues! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter 2011

For Easter this year Jayda and Grandma and Grandpa Case came over to dye eggs. We all had so much fun and made some beautiful eggs :)

The next day we found that the Easter Bunny left some nice treats for the kids!

After checking out baskets and church, went over to Grandma Score's to celebrate Easter with Matt's side of the family. We had an Easter Egg Hunt and some good food. :)

Oh wow, can't believe I missed this one!

Over a month ago we welcomed a new family member to our home. His name is Winston and we got him from Last Hope Adoption. He's a 3 year old beagle mix, we suspect beagle and basset hound. He's been a very good dog and he just loves Matt. He's calm and mellow all day while Matt is at work but the moment he walks in the door, Winston goes crazy! He loves going on walks/runs and is so well behaved with the kids. We've really enjoyed having him so far. :)

Such a sad face, but I think he's pretty happy here. This was the first day we got him:

Saying goodnight to their new pet!

He loves to be outside with the kids. Notice a theme here? He loves the kids little chairs! HAHA! He's pretty much claimed the kids' blue recliner from the living room as his own.

Sleeping on our bed. Where else would a dog sleep?

A few Cole and Rylie updates

I keep telling myself that I'm going to be better about updating this when the kids say or do something funny. Unfortunately I forget too often. This one I just can't forget.

Today the kids and I went to Target to get some groceries. When we came home I asked them to go upstairs and wash their hands. Cole all the sudden yelled "Mom, Rylie took the top off the soap." Which means, she's about to fill it with water. She's done it COUNTLESS times and no punishment really keeps her from doing it again. I went up there and told her that it is not ok to open up the soap. Kids are never allowed to open the top of the soap, only Mom and Dad can do it. Well she finished washing her hands and yelled with her arms crossed "I'm staying in my room FOREVER!" She slammed the door behind her. I thought to myself, this won't last. About 30 seconds later she opens up the door and says "Mommy I said something naughty but now I say sorry." Oh these kids crack me up. :)

Cole had a field trip with his preschool class last Tuesday. I was asked to chaperone and of course I accepted with no hesitation. We went to the nature center that is just a few streets down from our house. Only 5 kids were there from Cole's class, so it was a very mellow and enjoyable morning! We fed the fish some corn and went on a nature walk. We are for sure going to have to take the kids there to go fishing this summer!

Here are Cole and his friends from Preschool. Left to Right: Cole, Emma, Christina, Timmy, and Preston
Learning about fishing!

On a nature scavenger hunt:

Smelling some mud!
Taking a break for a snack

Cole also got to go see his new Elementary school this week. He's very sad about leaving his preschool friends and teachers, but very excited to meet new friends. He went in for testing on Thursday. They took the kids in groups of probably 30 and tested them on writing their names, letter recognition, reading, and how the interact with the other kids. It was fun to see Cole interact with new people. He wasn't shy a bit! Of course he didn't know I was watching, I hid around the corner and snuck a few peeks. He had so much fun and completely fell in love with the Kindergarten teachers. He can't wait for September and even cried when I explained how long it was before he gets to go there everyday. Poor guy is so emotional. :)

Done with the cardiologist!

So last week I had the heart monitor put on for 24 hours. Got the results today that everything is normal. Between the EKG, Echo cardiogram, and the 24 hour monitor, I am in the clear! So as expected, pregnancy just lowers my blood pressure and makes me pretty weak and vulnerable to passing out. I've been maintaining my blood pressure pretty well the past few weeks though so I've been up and moving like normal.

Last Monday I had my 13 week appointment and we finally heard the heartbeat!! It was visible and *kind of* audible on the last ultrasound, but I wasn't able to hear it like this time. It was so nice to finally hear! The heart rate was 154. I scheduled my big ultrasound for June 20th. Hopefully we can find out if this little spinosaurous is a girl or boy.

Here are a few names we're considering. For a boy, either Eli Patrick or Ty Patrick. For a girl we finally came up with a few choices, but aren't set on anything. We have Kaylin, Payton, Natalie, Evelyn, or Ashlyn. We both are leaning towards Payton, but only time will tell which we actually settle on, if it's even in that list at all! I have NO idea what we're using for a girl middle name.

One thing I do know about this baby, he/she is a mover just like Cole and Rylie were. The doctor commented on how the baby was kicking like crazy while he was finding the heartbeat.

Here I am at 13 weeks!! Hello 2nd trimester!!