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Friday, January 28, 2011

How to make pig, horse, and cowgirl/boy cupcakes

For Jayda's birthday, she wanted a cowgirl party. I mentioned making some cupcakes since I got all this wonderful cake decorating and cupcake making supplies for Christmas :)
She decided she wants a cake from Amanda and cupcakes from me, so we'll have LOTS of cake. Since this was my first time making these kind of cupcakes I figured I'd try a few different ones, just in case some were a flop. I got the cowboys out of a book that I got for Christmas called "Hello Cupcake." It's an awesome book with great tips on how to decorate, and is mostly easy stuff that anyone can do. I also got their book "What's New Cupcake." The pig and horse cupcakes were made up by me because I really couldn't find any that I liked.

Making the pigs:
*Make cupcakes and allow them to cool.
*Melt frosting in a microwave safe bowl for 20 seconds until it's a runny, syrup-like texture.
*Add food coloring to make it the desired pink.
*Dip the cupcake tops into the frosting and allow to dry. This gives it a smooth and shiny look to the cupcake and is so much faster than trying to smooth creamy frosting out nicely.
*For the nose of the pig, drop Nilla Wafers into the frosting. Remove them with a fork and place on wax paper to avoid finger prints and let them dry.
*Once the cupcake and the Nilla Wafers are dry, put a little frosting on the back of the Nilla wafers and place them on the frosted cupcakes.
*Mini M&Ms work perfectly for the eyes using white frosting as "glue."
*Use chocolate frosting in a bag with a small round tip to make the nostrils on the snout.
*Use pink frosting to glue on pink Jelly Belly jelly beans for the ears.

Horse cupcakes:
*Empty a can of chocolate frosting into a microwave safe bowl.
*Microwave for 20 seconds or until a runny, syrup-like consistency.
*Dip cupcake tops into the frosting and lightly sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles.
*While the frosting is still sticky, place one Nutter Butter cookie on top.
*Using a small round tip with a frosting bag (you can just cut a whole in a ziploc) create the ears, hair, and eyes.

*Dip cupcakes in runny frosting as listed above and set aside to dry.
*Using a frosting bag and chocolate frosting, create hair.
*Apply mini M&Ms using white frosting for the eyes.
*Apply a pink Jelly Belly jelly bean for the nose using white or pink frosting.
*Cut a fruit roll up into a mouth shape using scissors.
*For the hats: Take a Pringles potato chip and use a toothpick to poke a small 1/4in hole in the center of the chip. Take a pretzel stick and put it through the hole. Add a large yellow gumdrop to the top of the pretzel stick. Cut a small strip of the Fruit Roll Up using a pizza cutter. Wrap the strip around the bottom of the gumdrop. Insert the pretzel stick into the cupcake to hold the hat in place.

Watch out though, a day of baking such as this might result in your kitchen looking like this:

Christmas 2010

Oops! It's been a while since Christmas already and I forgot to do an update! We all had a great Christmas and avoided getting sick before hand! It was great to spend time with all our family.

Opening Cole's present to us from Preschool

Christmas day at Sandy's