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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

We've already had so much fun with Christmas. We decorated the house BEFORE Thanksgiving this year, which is for sure the earliest we've ever done it. The kids were so excited about it. :)We were also very fortunate to get Matt's mom's piano passed down to us! We are all so excited to have a piano in the house and Cole can already play his first song- Mary Had a Little Lamb!

On Thanksgiving we were all healthy and able to enjoy the holiday with family! It was a great day.

The day after Thanksgiving was cookie baking day at Aunt Sandy's house! We baked cookies all day and had so much fun. The kids really got into it this year.

We also helped Grandma and Grandpa Case decorate their Christmas tree.

We also went to the mall to see Santa!! Both kids were very excited and Rylie promised she wouldn't cry. She was hesitant, and only stood next to him, but it's improvement from last year!

This year the DeRusha Christmas party was at our house. It ended up being the day after a blizzard- my FIRST blizzard ever- but almost everyone still made it here.

The rest of the time we've been keeping busy making cookies, watching Christmas movies, and playing in the snow! Rylie has also started writing her name! It's so hard to believe that both kids are so grown up already! Seems like we were just celebrating their first Christmas'.

Oh, one last thing. Cole had a Christmas program at school which was SO cute! He sang a few songs and was so proud :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cute Little Giveaway!

I just entered a giveaway on neat little blog I found. They have some really cute stuff, lots of reviews and many many giveaways! Check it out. I entered this one. Cole and Rylie would LOVE these cupcake pets!!