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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter weekend was a fun one this year. We actually made it through the holiday completely healthy!

Saturday Grandma and Grandpa Case and Jayda came over and decorated Easter eggs with us. The kids had so much fun dying the eggs. My mom also found a kit that was roll on paint which Rylie loved. They patiently colored over 2 dozen eggs.

The kids got up Easter morning and went on the hunt for their baskets. They found them fairly quickly and then dug in. They were so excited that the Easter Bunny brought them a new zhu zhu pet and some zhu zhu babies. They also got pin wheels, fake flowers, some markers, a doll, bubbles, and of course candy!

After baskets we quickly got in the car and headed off to church. After church we hung out at Great Grandma's for a bit and then headed over to Sandy's house. We did an egg hunt, ate, opened more baskets, and played outside! The kids had a blast and were very tired by the end of the day! Thanks everyone for all their gifts. :)