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Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun Weekend!

Saturday was Grandpa Case's birthday so we headed over to the Case house in the afternoon. We attempted napping there, Cole slept, Rylie didn't of course. We celebrated Grandpas birthday with some Raising Canes (there is now one in Minneapolis so if you haven't been there I HIGHLY recommend you go) and some chocolate cake. :D
Sunday we skipped church and Sunday school :( due to Daddy being an insomniac. It was for the best though. We got some much needed cleaning and stuff done before bowling! During the Super Bowl we headed over to Brunswick for some 44 cent bowling! Grandma and Grandpa Case, Jayda, Jakob, and Sean came with us. We had a lot of fun and the kids LOVED their first bowling experience. We'll have to do it more often.
Tomorrow we're having a playdate with a friend so the kids are excited about that too.
Here are a couple pics from bowling.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Last week we had a bit of a scare. Rylie starting throwing up in the night very early Friday morning. She threw up about 4 times total. The last time was where the scare happened. Just as I walked up stairs, Rylie said "mines belly hurts" and started crying. I asked her if she needed to puke and she said yes. Before we were able to get to the bathroom she threw up. I put her right into a warm bath and cleaned up the floor. She played in the tub like all was well for a few minutes until I had everything cleaned up. When I took her out she was making what sounded like a fake coughing sound. I got her dressed and noticed that her hands and feet were white and blue. We went downstairs and started a nebulizer treatment while I called the nurseline at her clinic. The nurses asked about her face. I said I didn't notice any blue on her face and they said they'd figure out when they could get her in to be checked out and they would call me back. When I went back to Rylie, her face from her eyes down to her chin was blue. She sounded like she was breathing just fine, but she was cold to the touch. I wrapped her in a blanket and held her to warm her up. Nothing would warm her. I put another outfit over her pajamas, but still, not luck. I called the nurseline back and said her face was blue and I couldn't warm her. They talked back and forth about whether I should call 911 or just bring her to the emergency room immediately. I assured them that she was breathing ok, so they said if I was comfortable with it, to drive her to Children's. I packed up and headed over with her. Luckily my parents were over and stayed with Cole while I took Rylie to be checked out.
In the car she had on 2 outfits, a jacket, and a fleece blanket. By the time we got to the hospital the color was back in her face and hands. Her oxygen level was 97 (like usual) and she seemed fine. We spent a few more hours there and had some xrays done as well as a breathing treatment. The doctors and nurses still heard crackeling in her lungs and they still aren't sure why.
They said to follow up with her ped in 3-5 days and we did. The verdict- her lungs are finally clear!! They said it was probably just her asthma acting up and if it happens again to bring her back in. She seems 100% over her cold and her breathing sounds great.
Cole is feeling a lot better too! He finally got over his cold and is acting 100% back to normal as well. Now we are just enjoying this healthy time as we are well aware that this won't last long ;)