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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rylie is better, Cole is worse

I was just thinking it was too good to be true that Cole didn't get sick when Rylie was, and sure enough, he is. He woke up this morning with a cough and cold. He was coughing this morning and threw up. Now he's running a fever. We're praying he doesn't get Pneumonia like Rylie. He gets over things really quickly most of the time so I'm not too worried.

I'm really sad that we are missing Toddler Tuesday at MOA tomorrow. We were supposed to meet Kai Lan (Cole's favorite Nickelodeon show) and hang out with some friends. Luckily I didn't tell him about it yet, since I figured this would happen. :(

Matt is back in school now.. he stays really busy between working, doing contract work, and going to school for his MBA. As I type this he is upstairs playing "store" and "school" with the kids instead of his homework. He really is a good Daddy. :)
Here is what he looks like most of the time these days:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling a little better

Rylie made it through the night and this morning with no fever! She did wake up in the night because Mommy forgot to put a diaper on her. Oops!! She was wet and was crying because she was cold. Poor thing! I got up, changed her bedding and her clothes, and put her back to bed (with a diaper on this time) and she slept the rest of the night. She's coughing less each day, only the cough sounds worse. I think she's actually getting everything out of her lungs so it sounds worse. As long as her fever is gone, I'm not too worried for now. I might give the doctor a call Monday if I it still sounds so junky when she coughs.

Here is a picture of sick baby from earlier this week.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pneumonia :(

It's been a few months now since either kid has been sick. On Sunday I took Rylie to the Children's Museum which was PACKED full of people. I figured she'd get sick from being there and sure enough Monday a cough started. By Tuesday she had a runny nose along with the cough. Wednesday was a little worse, but nothing horrible. I did start her medications in her nebulizer back on Tuesday. By Thursday the poor thing couldn't breath enough to talk or eat. She coughed non stop all day until 3pm. She finally crashed on me at 3, and I layed her down to sleep. Little did we know that she would sleep from 3pm Thursday night until 7:50am Friday morning! She woke up for a few minutes to eat but was falling asleep at the table. Matt gave her a neb and it was right back to sleep for her.

I was really worried about her sleeping for that many hours straight so I called the nurse line and scheduled her for a morning appointment. When we woke up her cough has calmed down a little bit- thank goodness! We headed to the clinic where we found out that her blood oxygen level as at 94. This isn't horrible, but it is low. The doctor heard some crackling when she took a deep breath and also said that her right lung doesn't sound like it's getting much air. She said it is Pneumonia and put her on an antibiotic.

When we got home I gave her the medication and she coughed so hard that she threw up within half an hour of taking it. :( She's still pretty miserable and has thrown up about 4 times today from coughing. Hopefully the antibiotic kicks in and we can get her healthy again.

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas this year! The kids were really into Christmas lights, watching Frosty the Snowman, and listening to Christmas music. It was fun to see them discover everything this year. Cole met Santa and told him what he wanted for Christmas.
Cole was in his first Christmas program for Sunday school. He went to practice every Saturday in December but he didn’t really enjoy it. The night of the program he seemed very scared, but he stood up on the bleachers for almost the entire program without crying! Towards the end he got upset so Matt sat with him. Overall he did a great job and even started singing at the end! :) Hopefully next year he will be more willing to participate.

On Dec 23, we opened family presents. The kids got a few things from us and were very excited about it. Cole was thrilled to open his zhu zhu pet hamster and Rylie loved her baby doll diaper bag set.

On Christmas Eve we went to celebrate with the Case family. The kids didn't nap so we weren't sure how church was going to go. They ended up doing really well there. Cole got to dress up like a shepherd and Rylie dressed up as an angel. They went up on stage with the other kids and Rylie thought it was the coolest thing ever. She just stood there and waved at us over and over (with both hands even!)

On Christmas day we woke up and opened presents from Santa. He brought Cole a basketball hoop, a train set, and a big stuffed giraffe. He brought Rylie a shopping cart, a big stuffed frog, and magna doodle. They also got a big seesaw from him as well. After presents we ate chocolate pie for breakfast and then went to Sandy’s house to celebrate with Matt’s family. Everyone had a lot of fun and filled their tummies as well. The kids had a blast opening all their presents and spending time with family.

We thought we were going to make it through Christmas this year with no illness but we were wrong. Matt came down with shingles the week of Christmas. By Christmas day it was pretty bad. He broke out in little blisters under his left arm and they started to spread. He went to the doc the day after Christmas and got meds for it, but was in pain for a few weeks following. We're still shooting for a Christmas without any sickness next year!