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Monday, August 31, 2009

August 2009

8/13/2009 10:42:41 PM
Bye bye nukie!

Rylie has now adjusted to her nuk being gone.. at least I hope she has!! Today was the first day that she didn’t ask for it. Last night she threw it in the garbage, and that was the end of it!
Today she woke up happy for the first time since I cut the tip, and today after her nap she was pretty good too! She went to bed easily and didn’t ask about it, so I think we’re good to go!
Next step-get rid of nighttime diapers!!

8/12/2009 4:03:39 PM
No more nuk!

Lately I noticed that Rylie wasn’t using her nuk to fall asleep. I started to not give it to her at night and she would go to sleep without it, but ask for it when she woke up in the night to go potty.
Monday (8/10/09) I decided to cut the tip off her nuk and see how she’d do. She went right to sleep. The next day she asked at naptime for her nuk, and tried it. She said "It broke?" and gave it back to me. She woke up really early from her nap and was really crabby about it. She kept asking for her nuk, and I just told her it was broken. Last night she slept without it and woke up twice to go potty. She asked for the nuk, I said "it’s broken" and she went to sleep. Now today she slept all the way through naptime and hasn’t woken up for it!!! Yay!! I’m going to put it away now that she hasn’t had it for a few days and hopefully she’ll forget about it.
Now my baby only has her crib left of her baby things. :( She’s growing up so fast!

8/3/2009 4:42:33 PM
Rylie’s appt last week

I forgot to update after Rylie’s last appointment. The doctor was pretty much no help at all. He gave me some information about motion sickness (some of which I know was wrong) and wrote a prescription for Miralax for her constipation.

I should back up a little. The Thursday before her appointment she cried for 4 hours straight. I took her to the emergency room and they did xrays and found that she was constipated. They did an enema and she was ok after that. They told me to change her diet and add lots of fiber. No rice, bananas, applesauce, or toast. They suggested following up with the doctor Monday. They also said that since she was so constipated that might have been causing stomach pains which made the car sickness worse.

When I took her to the doctor Monday he didn’t agree. He said changing her diet won’t work and wanted to put her on a laxative. I’m not thrilled with that and am going to listen to the ER docs first. I don’t like the idea of her being on a laxative and I’d rather her be on a healthier diet first and see if that changes the problem. So far she has good and bad days. We just have to monitor what she eats, make sure she drinks enough, and encourage her to poop more often.

If this does not work, THEN I’ll try the laxative.

8/3/2009 4:35:44 PM
First day staying at home!!

Today is the start of our new lives staying at home! It is quite a relief to be able to stay home with the kids. Recently I’ve been researching sensory disorders and am pretty convinced that Cole is Sensory Defensive which is part of Sensory Dysfunction. He still has trouble eating and hates being messy. He hates food touching his hands and face and we usually have to feed him his meals. We’ve tried everything to get him to eat on his own and it just doesn’t happen. At his last check up the doctor said that he now falls in the underweight category so we are working on getting his weight up.
Other symptoms that he shows are sensitivity to light, unwillingness to get sand on his feet, problems with haircuts, gagging on certain textured foods, and the list goes on. As I read the information it seemed like they were talking about Cole. I think his behaviors go past a picky eater.
I’m going to talk to his doctor about it and see if he should see an occupational therapist.
Lately we’ve been encouraging him to get messy. Just the other day my mom offered him Strawberry Shortcake and he took one bite and then said "no thanks, it’s too messy." Jakob started putting the whipped cream on his face and Cole thought it was hilarious. He started eating his cake and got messy too! It was a great idea that Jakob had and we’ve been going with it. When we are eating dinner we purposely put food on our faces and show Cole which he follows and puts the food on his own face! It is quite an accomplishment for him. Normally the smallest amount of food on his hands or face leaves him yelling for a "paper wet towel."
Seeing improvements already really gives us hope that we can get him over these fears easily without too much help.
I’ve started doing daily sensory activities with him which he loves. Last week we played in big bowls of dry rice and today we finger painted. He really enjoyed both and kept saying "it’s fun to get messy" over and over. :)