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Friday, July 31, 2009

July 2009

7/22/2009 12:22:00 PM
Time for lots of updates!

Last Monday on the way to work Rylie threw up again in the car. This time it was really bad. I’ve never had to clean up THAT much vomit. :(
Matt picked the kids up from my work and took them home for Monday and then Tuesday. They both had really bad colds and were pretty miserable, so being home with Daddy was nice for them and allowed them to get better faster.

I (Jessa) put my 2 week notice in at work on Friday. The whole sickness/carsickness thing has pushed us to make the decision that I should be home with the kids full time. Rylie going to daycare here and there doesn’t work at all for us. She gets sick instantly and her Reactive Airway flares up. It is constant and as soon as she gets better, she’s sick again. Now the recent carsickness problem has really been stressful too. Hopefully by the time she starts school her RAD will be better and being sick won’t be so horrible.

Today was Cole’s 3 year check up. On the way there, I pulled into the parking lot and pulled Cole out of the car seat. As I took Rylie out of hers she started throwing up. She got carsick after a 15 minute car ride. This is really getting out of hand and making me worry. She didn’t have any milk this morning. All she ate was a pancake, a banana, and a couple ounces of half water/half white grape juice. Her car seat is forward facing now due to all the puking lately so we know it isn’t that. I’m not sure what to do at this point. I talked to the doctor about it and she said that she needs to be checked out so she has an appointment on Monday.

Cole’s checkup went pretty well. He is doing great developmentally, but not so great weight wise. He is a little underweight. If he was a pound smaller they would be pretty worried, but right now they aren’t too concerned. They want him to have Pediasure a couple times a day (like we did with Rylie) to get some weight on him. We should offer 3 meals and 2 snacks a day (which we already do). I just have to try a little harder to actually get him to eat those snacks. He would be happy with just one meal a day if I let him get away with it. Today he had already been eating much better. He wanted a snack when we got home and ate fruit snacks, cheese itz, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a few peas, and Carnation Instant Breakfast(pretty much the same as Pediasure). That was an awesome meal for him! He hardly ever eats that much! Hopefully we’ll continue with that!

I’ll update next week after Rylie’s check up. Hopefully this is something with an easy fix! :/

7/6/2009 2:44:21 PM
Vacation to Lamb’s Resort 2009

Sunday evening we packed up our clothes and got the house ready for our vacation. Monday morning (June 29th) we packed up my parents’ van and headed off to Shroeder,MN. We stopped at McDonalds for lunch before really got on the road. The kids were great in the car and napped for awhile. Rylie only napped for about an hour and a half and then fussed the rest of the time. She wasn’t crying or anything, just whining and moaning. We stopped about 4 hours into the trip and before I was able to get her out of the carseat she threw up all over! We took her out and Matt cleaned her up and put new clothes on her while I cleaned the carseat. I had to take it apart and bring it into the gas station bathroom to clean it.
After an hour of cleaning and installing her carseat forward facing for the first time, we were on our way. She did better forward facing but was still uncomfortable. Once we got there she was fine. We unpacked the car and went out to eat for dinner with Judy, Dan, Sarah, Chris, Liz, Sandy, Connor, Sonny, and Great Grandma. We had a campfire that night and the kids went to bed easily.
The next day we went to Grand Marais and shopped a bit until lunch. We ate at My Sister’s Place and then headed back to our cabin for naps.
Cole’s 3rd birthday was on Thursday. Matt, Cole, Rylie, and I all went on a little hike to see a big waterfall. Cole loved the waterfalls there. We spent some more time with family for the rest of the day.
Friday we hiked on the Temperance River trail. We keep harnesses on the kids and hold them near any dangerous spot. Otherwise they have to hold our hands. Last year the day after we hiked, two people drowned in the river. This year, the day after we hiked, a man was swimming in the river and drowned. This brings us to Saturday.
Saturday we hiked another trail up Oberg mountain. It was an amazing view at the top but was a workout! That evening we heard sirens around 6pm and knew something wasn’t right. On the way to the fireworks we saw a search and rescue truck as well as police boats in the water at the bottom of Temperance. They had the entrance to it blocked off with police tape. The rest of the night and the next morning search helicoptors were flying over Lake Superior outside our cabins with search lights on the lake. They were looking for the man that was swimming on the 4th and was missing. An article came out today saying they found him Sunday afternoon in Lake Superior.
Fireworks were also an interesting event during our vacation. We went out to the rocks in Tofte, MN on Lake Superior to watch them being shot pretty close to us. During the fireworks show the fireworks started getting uncomfortably close to us. All the sudden firemen went running away and the fireworks all started exploding. People stood up and started running towards us on the rocks. It was pretty scary! Cole had no idea what was going on but Rylie was crying and very scared. I stood up with her when the people started running at us and put her to the ground and leaned over her. The fireworks we right above us and we weren’t sure if the explosion was going to get worse. It stopped pretty quickly, but we were very shaken up!
Overall, Cole loved the fireworks and Rylie was terrified! The search helicopters that night scared her really bad too. She dug her nails into me when she saw a helicopter and search light out our cabin window. She finally went to sleep at about 11:30pm. The next morning we packed up the car and came home. The drive home took a long time. We had to stop 3 times and let Rylie run around a bit to keep her from being carsick. She did a lot better this time but still was a little uncomfortable.
We had a great time on vacation and miss it already! It was an interesting trip, but fun overall. :) Can’t wait to go next year!
The kids really enjoyed the time with family and loved throwing rocks into the lake and river.

7/6/2009 2:18:03 PM
Cole’s 3rd Birthday!

On Saturday June 27th we celebrated Cole’s birthday with the Case side of the family. Nate and Amanda came for the weekend and we had lots of fun. Cole loved having so much attention and everything that went along with his big birthday celebration. We opened presents, went to Godfather’s for pizza, and came home and ate cake (Amanda made it and it was awesome as usual). Cole got a huge Dora tent, some Kai Lan toys, and a harmonica. There were some others, but those seemed to be his favorite. Jayda and Jakob spent the night. The next day we went to the park and played until naptime. After nap everyone went home and we packed like crazy for our camping trip!