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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009

Teeth are cleaned, underwear a success!

Cole went to the dentist on Wednesday for the first time. I meant to take pictures but I forgot. They did a really good job of explaining everything to him but he wasn’t very cooperative at first. I promised him a chocolate treat if he let them clean his teeth so with the reminder of that and a new blue toothbrush he sat and let them clean his teeth. Everything looked good and he was free to go. Rylie sat so nicely the entire time. When we were about to leave she pointed in her mouth and kept saying "me too" so they gave her a toothbrush also. :) I think she’ll like her teeth cleaned when it comes time for it.

Rylie is still doing great in underwear. She has an accident about every other day which isn’t bad at all! She wears diapers during nap and bedtime and wets a little, but I think she’ll stop doing that soon. She sometimes wakes up at night to go potty, so that has helped. She used to soak through her diaper almost every night. Now her diaper is barely wet when she gets up. I’m hoping to be done with diapers very soon!

She has been so chatty lately. I love hearing the things she says. When she gets hurt she runs to you and says "owwie." If you rub it and pretend to throw the owwie she’ll say "go away!" or "outside." She is a silly little toddler now. She repeats everything we say, which drives her brother a little crazy sometimes.

Cole is getting excited for his 3rd birthday. he’s starting to talk about it more and more. He wants a blue party with blue cake and blue presents. He makes it clear that his favorite color is blue.

Cole has barely been having any accidents since his surgery. He still has a couple little dribble accidents a week, but it is so much better than before his surgery. He’s gone the whole weekend without an accident, and he’s been going potty all by himself now. We’re so happy for him. :)

6/3/2009 9:05:31 AM
All better! Pee and Poop talk. :)

It took about a week for Cole’s surgery to heal. He was in a decent amount of pain for about 5 days and then stopped complaining at about 7. The redness also went away around that time too. We bathed him without soap for 4 or 5 days since that would sting. Now he is completely back to normal and can pee like everyone else! He doesn’t like to use the little ring on the toilet anymore. He either stands up to go or sits on the regular toilet backwards and pees. He still uses the little seat to go number 2, but at least we are free of the shield!! It is really nice because he can go completely by himself now.

In other news Rylie potty trained herself. Over the last week she started telling me after she peed or pooped. She ran up to me and said "EEEEW I poopy!" or "Eeeeeeew I wet!" Then on Saturday she started telling me before she peed or pooped. She said "I potty" or "I poopy" and she would run to the bathroom. Saturday night I decided to try underwear with her and she stayed dry in the for a couple hours. We used a diaper at night, but then put underwear on in the morning. She stayed dry the entire day! No accidents at all including naptime! Monday the same but she had one accident right before bed because she went an hour and a half without trying to go potty. Tuesday she had only one accident when we were in the car. She tells me quite a bit when she has to go potty, otherwise I just take her every hour. :) She’s 19 months, just like Cole was when he started underwear. She’s doing even better than he did, and I’m shocked! I thought she was going to be really stubborn with it. We just had to wait til she was ready.

Also, Matt has poison Ivy, so we know we have it in the yard. It looks aweful. We’re going to have to figure out how to get rid of it in the yard.

Today is Cole’s first dentist visit. He’ll be getting his teeth cleaned. Let’s hope he’s cavity free and is in good shape! I’m hoping he doesn’t freak out, but I have a feeling he will! Wish us luck!