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Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 2009

YAY it is over!

I (Jessa) took Cole in today for his surgery. We got there at about 8:45 and waited until 10:30. During that time they gave us a little pj outfit for Cole to put on and some blue slipper socks. He was thrilled about the socks, not so thrilled about the purple pjs. Once 10:30 came around they called us back and they had me hold Cole while they put him under. He did fine but was scared. I told him that it was ok and he could go night night while he fought falling asleep. He cried which of course made me cry, but finally fell asleep so I handed him over to the surgery team. They took him back as I left the room. After about 15 minutes the doctor came out and told me that they were done, but it would be awhile before he was up. I waited some more and around 11:45 they took me back into a recovery room and brought him in to me. He laid on my lap and cried about his IV. He said it was his owwie and to take it off. They took it out and he was all better. :) He sat on my lap and watched Dora for 45 minutes before they let me change him back into his clothes and go home. I took him potty before we left and he did great!!! He didn’t even complain while he peed, so that is a great sign. I’m hoping that continues and he can be pain free. He actually protested going home and said he wanted "more surgery." He is a nut. He just wanted to stay and watch Dora. I assured him that we would go home and eat and watch Dora, so then he was ok with going home. He did tell me in the car that he had a really big day and he wants more surgery (again).
When we got home he ate some peanut butter crackers, teddy grahams, and drank some milk. Now he’s laying on the couch watching Dora and is as happy as can be. I’m THRILLED that he isn’t going to be afraid of doctors or going potty because of this. Those were my 2 big fears.
He has an ointment to put in the hole 3 times a day for about a week, but no pain meds. They said there should be little to no pain after tomorrow so to just give him tylenol every 4 hours today and tomorrow. He can take a bath in the morning and should be fine. He goes back to get it looked at one last time in a month.
I’m so proud of him for being so brave! He did great. :)

5/21/2009 8:05:04 AM
Surgery Day!

Today is Cole’s surgery. I dread it! We have to be there by 9 and the surgery is at 10:30. He can’t eat or drink anything today until after it is done. So far he hasn’t complained, but he’ll be getting hungry in the next couple hours I’m sure. I woke him up at midnight and gave him some snacks and a big glass of milk with Carnation Instant Breakfast in it. He had to stop eating at 1am. The nurse said it was fine to wake him up and feed him, so we did! He’s been doing really well with all of this. We’ve explained that he is going to have surgery and there will be some owwies for a little bit but then he’ll be all better and he’ll be able to pee standing up. He’s pretty excited about that part. :) He’s a funny little guy!
I’ll update later after the surgery.

5/2/2009 11:21:05 AM
So much to update- moving, and surgery

First off, we are in our new house!! We moved last week and are most of the way unpacked. We have odds and ends and things that need to be hung on the wall, but other than that it is all set up.

To update from last time, Rylie went back into diapers. After that day of no accidents she decided that she didn’t want to go on the potty at all. She got a bad rash (from laundry detergent from her undies) and stopped going potty all together. Now she is getting more consistent at going again, hopefully we’ll get her back into undies again (but with a scent free laundry soap.)

We found a renter for the condo and she moved in the day after we moved out. The couple seems really nice and we are very pleased with how that turned out.

Closing didn’t go quite as smoothly as it could have. The day before closing we had trouble with a wire transfer from one of our accounts to another, so basically didn’t have the cashier’s check we needed to close. I was freaking out, Matt was pretty calm about it. Everything ended up fine and we did get the money in time, but only about an hour and a half before we closed!

We closed on April 24th. Pretty much everyone showed up late to closing. The couple that we were buying the house from are divorced, and the guy decided to argue everything with his ex wife at the table while we were signing the papers. At one point we heard "I’m not signing anything" come out of his mouth and we were pretty nervous about it. They had to leave the room to go argue and figure out what they were going to do, and it ended up they did exactly what was written in their divorce agreement. It really wasn’t necessary since the papers were already signed and agreed upon, so he was just being a pain. Finally we were done and off we went to start bringing things over to the house. We cleaned the entire house Friday night along with Judy while Dan, Chris, and Matt brought things over from the condo. We got all of the carpets, bathrooms, and cabinets cleaned.
Moving day was awesome and we were done by about 1:30. We did have to make 2 trips back to get the last few things and clean the condo, but it all went pretty fast. We had soo much help and we really appreciate everyone that was there to help! The kids came over after their nap with Grandma Case and Jayda and they loved it! They kept busy running in circles. They didn’t have any issue sleeping in their new rooms. They have slept better than they did in the old house. I was really nervous about how Rylie would do since she has slept in our room since the day she was born. She used to wake up once or twice a night for her nuk, but since we’ve moved in (1 week) she only woke up once in the night. I think we lucked out on that one!

Also, we figured out that Cole is going to need surgery to correct the skin on his penis. The urethra is fine, but the skin is too small for urine to come out properly. This could be why he always has his little dribble accidents. If he isn’t emptying his bladder, urine leaks out. His surgery is later this month and it should be pretty quick and an easy recovery. We hope this isn’t too painful for him. He will be put under for the surgery and will be able to go home a few hours later. I will update as I get more info.