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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 2009

Update time!

Rylie is potty training!! We’ve had her in underwear for a week now and she is doing really well! She started screaming whenever we put diapers on her so I decided to just try underwear again. The first 3 days she did GREAT and had only about 2 accidents a day. Then Thursday and Friday she decided she didn’t care and had like 10 accidents a day. Now today (Saturday) she had NO accidents the entire day!!! I think she is just going to do this on her terms and if she feels like it, she’ll do it. We’re going to stick with underwear since she has showed us that she really can do it. Hopefully the bad days will get fewer and fewer now.

Cole and I (Jessa) are getting over REALLY bad colds. I think we might have actually had the flu because all the symptoms were SO extreme and lasted way longer than a typical cold. I don’t remember a time that I have ever felt that sick and weak. We both had fevers for 3 days and the whole body aches, headaches, runny nose, cough, and all that good stuff to go with it. I wouldn’t wish what we had on anyone! I did have to work the entire week which made it so much worse for me. I wore myself to the ground and it just wasn’t good. I went to the doctor and they gave me an inhaler to help with the coughing. She said I probably have Reactive Airway Disease (like Rylie does) which I know I do have. I always cough more than any person ever should when I’m sick. Now I finally have something to help with those coughing fits that last for literally hours.

We move in a little over a month and we still don’t have a renter. We had one all lined up and then it fell through the day she was going to sign the lease. I’m getting pretty nervous about it and hate that I can’t really pack much up without making the house look like a huge mess. I can’t wait to move, but this has all been very stressful.

3/2/2009 6:42:25 PM
Finally figured it out!

For the last year and a half things have been "misplaced" and I thought that Cole had been throwing them in the garbage. Last night Matt was missing his keychain that he uses to log into his computer at work so we searched the house top to bottom. After a while I turned the couch over and Matt found it stuck in the side of the couch under a very small gap in the material. We also found my missing digital camera in this same spot the day before. We looked more and found a missing remote, Matt’s WALLET that we figured he lost at work or something, a remote we’ve been looking for, and my Weight Watchers calculator that has been missing since Rylie was born!
It was nice to finally figure out what he does with this stuff! Matt’s wallet had about $70 in cash in it, so that was great! The little stinker hides our stuff in the couch!! We have checked the couch quite a bit already but never noticed the one spot.

Cole had strep last week so he’s on an antibiotic for that. Otherwise the kids have been healthy, I have a stomach bug, but what else is new?

We found a house in Savage and made an offer on it. After quite a while waiting for everything to be official, we finally have a closing date!! We close on the house April 24th and will be moving in on the 25th! We are very excited and can’t wait to have a bedroom for Rylie and a yard to play in! The yard needs a lot of work, but we are okay with that. We’ll be fixing it up gradually, and there is a nice little park just a couple blocks away. :)