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Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 2009

2/5/2009 9:08:15 PM
Finally some answers for Cole’s frequent stomach problems.

Today when we got up Cole was very crabby and wouldn’t talk to me. He just whined. He normal speaks in full sentences, argues with me about everything, sings the entire time in the car, etc. Basically you can’t get him to stop talking. All morning he said only 2 words to me and the rest of the time he was moaning and whining. As he moaned I kept asking "what’s wrong" and he didn’t respond. I got really worried by the time we got to my mom’s and he STILL wasn’t talking. He didn’t say a word when we got to my moms, just kept screaming and running around really strange. He also was walking funny with his legs squeezed together. After a full hour of him not speaking I was worried he was having autism symptoms start or something. I took him potty and he pooped and it was really loose. I went to work hoping that my mom would get him to talk. He didn’t talk to her for another half hour until he pooped again and once again it was loose.. After an hour I called her and she said he started talking a little but was screaming and rolling around in pain. He cried for 3 hours straight. The rest of the day he kept passing gas that was unusually stinky.

I took him to the doctor and they took blood and did an x ray along with a rectal exam. It was sooo horrible having to hold my son down to get blood drawn- so much worse than shots. They missed the vein the first time and had to put it in the other arm. I made the mistake of going to the lab before the x ray, so he screamed through the x-ray since he thought they were going to hurt him like the lab did. They had to have me leave the room and hold him down... I listened outside trying sooo hard not to cry. I asked him on our way out if he still likes going to the doctor and he said yes. He really loves it... even though they torture him!

The doctor called me a little bit ago and told me the results of Cole’s tests. All the blood work came back NORMAL! The stool sample was normal, along with the rectal exam. The only thing we are waiting for results of is a test to see if he’s allergic to gluten. The doc says it is unlikely but a possibility.

So where does this leave us? A bunch of negative test results? Lactose intolerance. Last night we went out to eat and Cole ate a ton of cheese. He never eats cheese except at this restaurant and we ate at that restaurant the night before the Christmas day "stomach bug". Since he had another virus about 2 weeks ago, the doc says that his stomach is too weak to digest dairy yet and the cheese just pushed it over the edge. We bought him some soy milk today and he LOVES it. I’m surprised. I was expecting a huge fight, but he doesn’t mind at all. We are going to buy some lactaid drops to put in his regular milk so he can eat other dairy, but for now just sticking to a very low dairy diet. I thought he outgrew all this at 11 months, but apparently this is the root to a lot of his problems.

I am soooo happy to have an answer, even if it is just a theory at this point. I’ve been leaning towards this on my own just from what I’ve heard from other moms so it seems like we’re on the same page.

Just wanted to give a positive update for once!! I’ll let you all know how the dairy free diet goes!

2/3/2009 9:23:07 PM
Rylie is growing!
It seems like everything I put on her this week is too small. Most of her 18 months clothes that she got for her birthday are already too small!! I can’t believe it. I really thought it would last her until winter was over, but the majority is too small already. I pulled out some 2T things that I bought at Once Upon a Child and they seem like they are going to fit her already. She’s catching up to Cole. She seems like she needs 18 months pants and 2T shirts and dresses. Cole is in 2T pants but they are too big still. He is only one shirt and pants size ahead of her, and his are still big on him. She seems to be having a huge growth spurt. It makes it kind of hard to buy clothes ahead of season when I see them on sale because I have no idea what size she’ll be in for summer. I’m guessing she’s going to need 18 pants and 2t shirts, but at this rate, who knows!

Other than the big growth spurt, not much else is new. Both kids have a cold. On Thursday they both had fevers. It just doesn’t EVER seem to end. Rylie started the 4th antibiotic for her ear infection. If this doesn’t do the trick, I don’t know what will. They seem to be doing a little better today so maybe we’re getting over it. Rylie also has 3 teeth coming in. Her pointed teeth in the front are coming in, so she has a whole mouthful. She has a first set of molars and four teeth on the top and bottom in the front. This next set will make 16 teeth. Yikes! She’s an early teether and seems to get her teeth in sets. Cole always got one at a time so his
pain was always drawn out. She’s been a grumpy little girl but at least she’s getting them done at one time.

Today my mom walked into Rylie’s room at her house and Rylie was up on the changing table. She climbed up all by herself so now she had to take the changing table out of the room. Rylie is such a little monkey!

Cole is officially a Preschool at daycare and Rylie is officially a Toddler! They seem much happier in their new rooms and are with kids that are more at their level. I’m very happy about it and they seem pretty happy too! Cole’s teacher has been impressed at how well he listens at group time and how he knows his letters and sounds already. Rylie’s teachers are pretty excited about her going pee and poop on the potty at such a young age and want to try her in underwear soon. I’m going to give it another couple months and then try underwear again. I think she’ll do great!