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Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 2009

1/26/2009 7:53:07 PM
Rylie’s 15th Month Checkup

Rylie went to the doctor today for her 15 month checkup. She was in the 55th percentile for weight and head, and she was in the 65th percentile for height. Everything went well except that she might still have an ear infection. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for her just in case she gets fussy again.

She was able to do everything on the developmental chart up through 18 months. She’s a genius!

1/18/2009 8:24:08 PM
Rylie is sick once again

Rylie was grumpy and clumsy all week. I should have known it, she has another ear infection. I took her in Saturday to the doctor because she had pink eye start up Friday evening and they said she also has an ear infection. She also told me that pink eye and ear infections go hand in hand.
She was put on Augmentin and sure enough woke up this morning with an allergic reaction to it. She had this reaction to Amoxicilin too but I wrote that off as a viral rash since she had such a bad cold during the last ear infection. I called the nurse line and they had me bring her to urgent care today (Sunday) and put her on Zithromax instead and also changed her pink eye drops just in case those were the culprit. I’m pretty sure it was the antibiotic since she did have that reaction last time, just not as extreme. I am allergic to amoxicilin too, so it isn’t much of a surprise that Rylie is.
She is in really good spirits considering she has an ear infection and pink eye, plus a rash from that other antibiotic. She also got diarrhea from it which cause a yeast infection. Yet she is smiling as I type this. She is such a strong little girl.

Her speech seems to be booming. Just today she started saying water and doctor. She’s saying things like shoes, boots, elmo, dora, cheese, more, all done, cole, momma, dada, ball, Lolli Pop (Grandma Case’s kitty), help (along with the sign), up, teeth, bath, and sock. I’m sure there are many more that I’m forgetting. It is really fun to hear her talking and communicating more.

Cole’s latest things he’s been saying are "oh my gosh" and "where can it be, it has to be somewhere". It is hilarious. He is just a little boy now and you can have conversations with him. He doesn’t EVER stop talking which sometimes drives us crazy!

He’s doing well in school. He started in the Preschool room now. He spends the majority of his day in there now instead of the toddler room. He loves seeing his old friends that already moved up and he loves his new teacher Krissy. He looks forward to going to school now so it is a lot easier for me to send him! Rylie on the other hand doesn’t enjoy it too much, but she does better in the toddler room than the baby room. She can officially move up on the 23rd of January. It will be a good change for her because she is very bored in the infant room. There isn’t much for her to do there considering all she likes to do is climb things and play with baby dolls. That’s all for now, I’ll update with how her 15 month check up and shots go Friday.

1/3/2009 6:20:01 PM
Sick sick sick

I don’t know how much more we can handle of this. Rylie’s last sickness turned into croup which luckily seemed to go away the first day. Cole sounded like he had a croupy cough but it went away quickly also.

I ended up taking Rylie back to the doctor a couple days after the Urgent Care trip and found out that Rylie did have a double ear infection. One of her eardrums was bulging and the other was a little infected. She was put on amoxicillin but she ended up throwing up all the time on that. It became a nightly occurance for her to throw up. The ear infections did go away though so we were happy to find that out. The doctor said that they probably had RSV since it was going around the daycare and they had all the symptoms of it. They were both incredibly sick so it seems that they did. He didn’t test them because they were already being treated with the nebulizer.

On Christmas Eve we were getting Cole ready to go to Grandma Case’s house and he threw up in the bathroom while Matt was brushing his teeth. We figured it was his antibiotic making his stomach hurt so we still went on our way. Well in the car he threw up 2 more times. We turned right around and went back home. Luckily we brought towels to put over him in the car so he didn’t get much on himself or the carseat. He threw up again when we got home and then a couple more times that day and then he was done. He didn’t really get diarrhea from it this time as we didn’t let him have ANY dairy. We finally gave him dairy about a week later and sure enough, that day he had a little diarrhea. We stopped it for a couple more days and now he seems fine. It always takes him about 10 days before he can digest dairy after these puke bugs. Rylie seemed like she was coming down with it last Sunday because she threw up on the couch. That was it though. She really didn’t have any other symptoms, just the one time. We cut her off of dairy for a few days and gave her a bland diet and all was well. On the morning after new years day (Jan 2) I started feeling really sick. I had a HORRIBLE stomach bug that started at 4am and I didn’t stop throwing up until 10pm. Now the next day I still feel pretty sick. My stomach hurts and I am very week. I had to call Matt home from work yesterday to take care of the kids because I couldn’t even walk. I am praying that this is the same bug that Cole and maybe Rylie already had. I can’t handle sick kids anymore! This just never seems to stop and I’m not sure how much longer I can continue working knowing they wouldn’t be nearly as sick if I stayed at home with them. It is just so hard. They are sick every single week. :(