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Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 2009

What a nut

Today I took the kids to Target. They were riding in the cart next to each other and Rylie asked Cole to pray. First they said their night prayer together. "Now I lay me down to sleep..." They went through the whole thing and had people just laughing. Then she told him to pray again and he said "Dear God, please give Jesus a haircut. Amen" HAHAHAHA!

12/7/2009 8:34:23 PM

I just realized I haven’t written in here since September. Oops!! I figured I should update on how the kids are doing.

Cole is doing AMAZING with his sensory stuff. The last week of so he even started eating meat!! Last night he ate baked chicken and said he liked it. Tonight he ate quite a bit of steak! I’m so proud of him! He has been very willing to try new foods also. We had his Special Education evaluation with the school district and they found that he doesn’t need any services. I figured this would be the case since he’s made so much progress! He’s also a lot more willing to get his hands messy and the shaking in his hands while eating has seemed to slow down also. He has even stopped asking for a "paper wet towel" at every meal! We have him using a napkin and he’s completely fine with it. :) Huge improvement!

Rylie had her 2 year check up and she’s doing great!! Her weight was very good for her height and as far as motor skills go, she was similar to a 4 year old.
She was 26lbs and 33 3/4 inches. Her weight was the 40th percentile, height was 50th.

Both kinda have been very healthy so far this fall (knock on wood) with only 2 small viruses. Rylie was sick with a fever for a few days early Sept and both had a cold the week of Thanksgiving. It is such a relief from this time last year! We’re hoping to keep this healthy streak going for the rest of the winter. :)

12/7/2009 8:22:40 PM
Merry Christmas!
We’ve been having lots of fun this holiday season. The kids are really getting into Christmas this year. They LOVED decorating the tree (even though Nina can’t leave the decorations alone) and looking at Christmas lights. We also went to see Dora at the Mall of America last week. They had a Christmas special and the kids got to give her a hug and get a picture taken with her. It was very cute and they had so much fun!

Cole’s favorite Christmas movie is Frosty the Snowman this year. He’s watched it over and over again. They both though Rudolph was too scary so maybe next year.

Even Rylie walks around the house singing "jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells" over and over again. We can’t wait to see their reaction on Christmas morning with a tree full of gifts!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 2009

10/26/2009 1:30:22 PM
Rylie’s 2 year check up

Rylie was in the 50th percentile for height and 40th for weight!! Once again averaging out nicely and not underweight!!

She was waaaay ahead on her motor skills. Her self help skills were up to the age of a 4 year old. :) She’s a very independent little girl.

10/26/2009 1:29:04 PM
Rylie is 2!

Friday October, 23rd was Rylie’s 2nd birthday!! Our friend Anne came from Rochester for a visit. We hung out around the house, went to Perkins for lunch, and then painted pumpkins! It was a lot of fun and Rylie really seemed to enjoy her day. After Anne left, Grandma Score came over to help watch the kids while I got a few things done for the party. I made Rylie frog cupcakes and they turned out great!

Matt got home from his week long trip to Chicago for work so we were all VERY happy to have him home.

We were sad that my (Jessa’s) family couldn’t make it. Jayda and Jakob both had symptoms of the H1N1 virus, so they had to stay home. We’ll be celebrating with them another time. We’re trying really hard to prevent Rylie from getting sick. The H1N1 virus seems to be everywhere now and it is harsh on those with asthma. We’re trying to get her the vaccination, but it is hard to find. Hopefully the clinic will be returning my call today and registering the kids for the vaccination.

10/6/2009 4:07:34 PM
Carsickness continues

We’re still fighting the battle to keep Rylie from throwing up in the car. Lately it’s been about once a month, but we have to take a lot of precautions to keep it that low.
We have realized we can’t give her milk or dairy if we’ll be in the car within the next couple hours. I try to just give her juice in the morning if we’ll be going away that day. We also know that if she eats, we need to wait 30 minutes to an hour before we can get in the car again, or she will surely throw up. Just yesterday she threw up in the car on the way to my mom’s house. We were only in the car 10-15 minutes and it started. I figure since she had just drank her second cup of apple juice in less than 2 hours, it was just too much fluid for her stomach to take in a vehicle. We now have an extra car seat pad and straps so we can change them out when she does get sick. Ginger does seem to help, and so does benedryl. We try to not always use them, but we definitely do if she’s going to be in the car for an extended period of time. I’m praying she outgrows this like Cole did by the time he was 2 1/2.

10/6/2009 3:41:32 PM
My big girl just keeps getting older!
We switched Rylie to a toddler bed a couple weeks ago because she was having a very hard time sleeping in her crib. She wasn’t napping much and her nights were full of her waking up and crying. Now that’s she’s in a toddler bed, she’s been doing MUCH better!! She is back to taking good naps (most days) and has started sleeping through the night again!! We sold the crib on Craigslist this week :(

Yesterday at my mom’s house, I put Rylie down for a nap in her crib, and Cole to bed in his twin bed there. After about 10 minutes we heard someone trying to open the door. I checked Cole’s room, nope, he was sleeping. I opened the door to Rylie’s room and sure enough she was out of her crib and trying to open the door!! The little stinker got out of her crib! We ended up putting the crib mattress on the floor so that she could feel less trapped and we wouldn’t have to worry about her climbing out of the crib and hurting herself. My parents are going to take their crib down, turn it into a full size bed for Jayda, and give us Jayda’s twin bed for Rylie. Then the toddler bed will go back to my parents’ house for Rylie to use when she sleeps there. What a little stinker!

Her birthday is in a little over 2 weeks and it is hard to believe! She will be 2, although she’s acted like a 2 year old for quite some time. I’m about ready for the "terrible two’s" to be over, but she hasn’t even turned 2 yet! Oh boy we’re in for some trouble.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 2009

9/15/2009 4:02:40 PM
Summer is coming to an end!
Our first summer staying at home has been going great!! We have been able to make several trips to the zoo and have been spending time with friends and family more often.

We took the kids to the fair this year with Grandma Score! They really liked it a lot, and had a blast at Little Farm Hands where Grandpa Score was volunteering. They loved the Pet Center and all of the animals. We took the bus there, so they were also really excited about that. It was a long day for them but they handled it really well.

We’ve recently found out that we have mice in the house. Gross, I know. We had about 20 dead mice in the wall and the smell was horrible. Matt cut a hole in the wall and got rid of them. Not a fun job, but thank goodness that smell is gone!! We had Plunketts come out to fill holes, put out traps, spray for spiders and insects, and offer advice to keep the mouse out. Matt has a few more holes to cover, but soon we should be pest free.

The mice prompted us to go ahead and get a cat again. It has been almost 2 years since we’ve had one, and we’re ready for another. We found a little Sealpoint Snowshoe Siamese kitten that was only 10 weeks old. Her former family had an older cat that wasn’t doing well with a kitten around, so they had to part with her. We loved her at first sight. She’s really cute and the kids are in love with her. I’ve never seen Rylie so excited about something in her entire life. Naming her was a struggle. Cole insisted on Cupcake. Any name suggested he shot down and said he only likes Cupcake. We mentioned the name "Nina" and he took to it immediately. There is a character on Imagination Movers with that name, so we figure that is why he loves it so much.

Cole has been doing really well with his sensory stuff. He’s eating much better and is up to over 32 lbs!! He also grew an entire inch in a month. We were amazed!! We’re keeping up with his sensory experiences and hoping to make even more progress without needed very expensive therapy.

Monday, August 31, 2009

August 2009

8/13/2009 10:42:41 PM
Bye bye nukie!

Rylie has now adjusted to her nuk being gone.. at least I hope she has!! Today was the first day that she didn’t ask for it. Last night she threw it in the garbage, and that was the end of it!
Today she woke up happy for the first time since I cut the tip, and today after her nap she was pretty good too! She went to bed easily and didn’t ask about it, so I think we’re good to go!
Next step-get rid of nighttime diapers!!

8/12/2009 4:03:39 PM
No more nuk!

Lately I noticed that Rylie wasn’t using her nuk to fall asleep. I started to not give it to her at night and she would go to sleep without it, but ask for it when she woke up in the night to go potty.
Monday (8/10/09) I decided to cut the tip off her nuk and see how she’d do. She went right to sleep. The next day she asked at naptime for her nuk, and tried it. She said "It broke?" and gave it back to me. She woke up really early from her nap and was really crabby about it. She kept asking for her nuk, and I just told her it was broken. Last night she slept without it and woke up twice to go potty. She asked for the nuk, I said "it’s broken" and she went to sleep. Now today she slept all the way through naptime and hasn’t woken up for it!!! Yay!! I’m going to put it away now that she hasn’t had it for a few days and hopefully she’ll forget about it.
Now my baby only has her crib left of her baby things. :( She’s growing up so fast!

8/3/2009 4:42:33 PM
Rylie’s appt last week

I forgot to update after Rylie’s last appointment. The doctor was pretty much no help at all. He gave me some information about motion sickness (some of which I know was wrong) and wrote a prescription for Miralax for her constipation.

I should back up a little. The Thursday before her appointment she cried for 4 hours straight. I took her to the emergency room and they did xrays and found that she was constipated. They did an enema and she was ok after that. They told me to change her diet and add lots of fiber. No rice, bananas, applesauce, or toast. They suggested following up with the doctor Monday. They also said that since she was so constipated that might have been causing stomach pains which made the car sickness worse.

When I took her to the doctor Monday he didn’t agree. He said changing her diet won’t work and wanted to put her on a laxative. I’m not thrilled with that and am going to listen to the ER docs first. I don’t like the idea of her being on a laxative and I’d rather her be on a healthier diet first and see if that changes the problem. So far she has good and bad days. We just have to monitor what she eats, make sure she drinks enough, and encourage her to poop more often.

If this does not work, THEN I’ll try the laxative.

8/3/2009 4:35:44 PM
First day staying at home!!

Today is the start of our new lives staying at home! It is quite a relief to be able to stay home with the kids. Recently I’ve been researching sensory disorders and am pretty convinced that Cole is Sensory Defensive which is part of Sensory Dysfunction. He still has trouble eating and hates being messy. He hates food touching his hands and face and we usually have to feed him his meals. We’ve tried everything to get him to eat on his own and it just doesn’t happen. At his last check up the doctor said that he now falls in the underweight category so we are working on getting his weight up.
Other symptoms that he shows are sensitivity to light, unwillingness to get sand on his feet, problems with haircuts, gagging on certain textured foods, and the list goes on. As I read the information it seemed like they were talking about Cole. I think his behaviors go past a picky eater.
I’m going to talk to his doctor about it and see if he should see an occupational therapist.
Lately we’ve been encouraging him to get messy. Just the other day my mom offered him Strawberry Shortcake and he took one bite and then said "no thanks, it’s too messy." Jakob started putting the whipped cream on his face and Cole thought it was hilarious. He started eating his cake and got messy too! It was a great idea that Jakob had and we’ve been going with it. When we are eating dinner we purposely put food on our faces and show Cole which he follows and puts the food on his own face! It is quite an accomplishment for him. Normally the smallest amount of food on his hands or face leaves him yelling for a "paper wet towel."
Seeing improvements already really gives us hope that we can get him over these fears easily without too much help.
I’ve started doing daily sensory activities with him which he loves. Last week we played in big bowls of dry rice and today we finger painted. He really enjoyed both and kept saying "it’s fun to get messy" over and over. :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

July 2009

7/22/2009 12:22:00 PM
Time for lots of updates!

Last Monday on the way to work Rylie threw up again in the car. This time it was really bad. I’ve never had to clean up THAT much vomit. :(
Matt picked the kids up from my work and took them home for Monday and then Tuesday. They both had really bad colds and were pretty miserable, so being home with Daddy was nice for them and allowed them to get better faster.

I (Jessa) put my 2 week notice in at work on Friday. The whole sickness/carsickness thing has pushed us to make the decision that I should be home with the kids full time. Rylie going to daycare here and there doesn’t work at all for us. She gets sick instantly and her Reactive Airway flares up. It is constant and as soon as she gets better, she’s sick again. Now the recent carsickness problem has really been stressful too. Hopefully by the time she starts school her RAD will be better and being sick won’t be so horrible.

Today was Cole’s 3 year check up. On the way there, I pulled into the parking lot and pulled Cole out of the car seat. As I took Rylie out of hers she started throwing up. She got carsick after a 15 minute car ride. This is really getting out of hand and making me worry. She didn’t have any milk this morning. All she ate was a pancake, a banana, and a couple ounces of half water/half white grape juice. Her car seat is forward facing now due to all the puking lately so we know it isn’t that. I’m not sure what to do at this point. I talked to the doctor about it and she said that she needs to be checked out so she has an appointment on Monday.

Cole’s checkup went pretty well. He is doing great developmentally, but not so great weight wise. He is a little underweight. If he was a pound smaller they would be pretty worried, but right now they aren’t too concerned. They want him to have Pediasure a couple times a day (like we did with Rylie) to get some weight on him. We should offer 3 meals and 2 snacks a day (which we already do). I just have to try a little harder to actually get him to eat those snacks. He would be happy with just one meal a day if I let him get away with it. Today he had already been eating much better. He wanted a snack when we got home and ate fruit snacks, cheese itz, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a few peas, and Carnation Instant Breakfast(pretty much the same as Pediasure). That was an awesome meal for him! He hardly ever eats that much! Hopefully we’ll continue with that!

I’ll update next week after Rylie’s check up. Hopefully this is something with an easy fix! :/

7/6/2009 2:44:21 PM
Vacation to Lamb’s Resort 2009

Sunday evening we packed up our clothes and got the house ready for our vacation. Monday morning (June 29th) we packed up my parents’ van and headed off to Shroeder,MN. We stopped at McDonalds for lunch before really got on the road. The kids were great in the car and napped for awhile. Rylie only napped for about an hour and a half and then fussed the rest of the time. She wasn’t crying or anything, just whining and moaning. We stopped about 4 hours into the trip and before I was able to get her out of the carseat she threw up all over! We took her out and Matt cleaned her up and put new clothes on her while I cleaned the carseat. I had to take it apart and bring it into the gas station bathroom to clean it.
After an hour of cleaning and installing her carseat forward facing for the first time, we were on our way. She did better forward facing but was still uncomfortable. Once we got there she was fine. We unpacked the car and went out to eat for dinner with Judy, Dan, Sarah, Chris, Liz, Sandy, Connor, Sonny, and Great Grandma. We had a campfire that night and the kids went to bed easily.
The next day we went to Grand Marais and shopped a bit until lunch. We ate at My Sister’s Place and then headed back to our cabin for naps.
Cole’s 3rd birthday was on Thursday. Matt, Cole, Rylie, and I all went on a little hike to see a big waterfall. Cole loved the waterfalls there. We spent some more time with family for the rest of the day.
Friday we hiked on the Temperance River trail. We keep harnesses on the kids and hold them near any dangerous spot. Otherwise they have to hold our hands. Last year the day after we hiked, two people drowned in the river. This year, the day after we hiked, a man was swimming in the river and drowned. This brings us to Saturday.
Saturday we hiked another trail up Oberg mountain. It was an amazing view at the top but was a workout! That evening we heard sirens around 6pm and knew something wasn’t right. On the way to the fireworks we saw a search and rescue truck as well as police boats in the water at the bottom of Temperance. They had the entrance to it blocked off with police tape. The rest of the night and the next morning search helicoptors were flying over Lake Superior outside our cabins with search lights on the lake. They were looking for the man that was swimming on the 4th and was missing. An article came out today saying they found him Sunday afternoon in Lake Superior.
Fireworks were also an interesting event during our vacation. We went out to the rocks in Tofte, MN on Lake Superior to watch them being shot pretty close to us. During the fireworks show the fireworks started getting uncomfortably close to us. All the sudden firemen went running away and the fireworks all started exploding. People stood up and started running towards us on the rocks. It was pretty scary! Cole had no idea what was going on but Rylie was crying and very scared. I stood up with her when the people started running at us and put her to the ground and leaned over her. The fireworks we right above us and we weren’t sure if the explosion was going to get worse. It stopped pretty quickly, but we were very shaken up!
Overall, Cole loved the fireworks and Rylie was terrified! The search helicopters that night scared her really bad too. She dug her nails into me when she saw a helicopter and search light out our cabin window. She finally went to sleep at about 11:30pm. The next morning we packed up the car and came home. The drive home took a long time. We had to stop 3 times and let Rylie run around a bit to keep her from being carsick. She did a lot better this time but still was a little uncomfortable.
We had a great time on vacation and miss it already! It was an interesting trip, but fun overall. :) Can’t wait to go next year!
The kids really enjoyed the time with family and loved throwing rocks into the lake and river.

7/6/2009 2:18:03 PM
Cole’s 3rd Birthday!

On Saturday June 27th we celebrated Cole’s birthday with the Case side of the family. Nate and Amanda came for the weekend and we had lots of fun. Cole loved having so much attention and everything that went along with his big birthday celebration. We opened presents, went to Godfather’s for pizza, and came home and ate cake (Amanda made it and it was awesome as usual). Cole got a huge Dora tent, some Kai Lan toys, and a harmonica. There were some others, but those seemed to be his favorite. Jayda and Jakob spent the night. The next day we went to the park and played until naptime. After nap everyone went home and we packed like crazy for our camping trip!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009

Teeth are cleaned, underwear a success!

Cole went to the dentist on Wednesday for the first time. I meant to take pictures but I forgot. They did a really good job of explaining everything to him but he wasn’t very cooperative at first. I promised him a chocolate treat if he let them clean his teeth so with the reminder of that and a new blue toothbrush he sat and let them clean his teeth. Everything looked good and he was free to go. Rylie sat so nicely the entire time. When we were about to leave she pointed in her mouth and kept saying "me too" so they gave her a toothbrush also. :) I think she’ll like her teeth cleaned when it comes time for it.

Rylie is still doing great in underwear. She has an accident about every other day which isn’t bad at all! She wears diapers during nap and bedtime and wets a little, but I think she’ll stop doing that soon. She sometimes wakes up at night to go potty, so that has helped. She used to soak through her diaper almost every night. Now her diaper is barely wet when she gets up. I’m hoping to be done with diapers very soon!

She has been so chatty lately. I love hearing the things she says. When she gets hurt she runs to you and says "owwie." If you rub it and pretend to throw the owwie she’ll say "go away!" or "outside." She is a silly little toddler now. She repeats everything we say, which drives her brother a little crazy sometimes.

Cole is getting excited for his 3rd birthday. he’s starting to talk about it more and more. He wants a blue party with blue cake and blue presents. He makes it clear that his favorite color is blue.

Cole has barely been having any accidents since his surgery. He still has a couple little dribble accidents a week, but it is so much better than before his surgery. He’s gone the whole weekend without an accident, and he’s been going potty all by himself now. We’re so happy for him. :)

6/3/2009 9:05:31 AM
All better! Pee and Poop talk. :)

It took about a week for Cole’s surgery to heal. He was in a decent amount of pain for about 5 days and then stopped complaining at about 7. The redness also went away around that time too. We bathed him without soap for 4 or 5 days since that would sting. Now he is completely back to normal and can pee like everyone else! He doesn’t like to use the little ring on the toilet anymore. He either stands up to go or sits on the regular toilet backwards and pees. He still uses the little seat to go number 2, but at least we are free of the shield!! It is really nice because he can go completely by himself now.

In other news Rylie potty trained herself. Over the last week she started telling me after she peed or pooped. She ran up to me and said "EEEEW I poopy!" or "Eeeeeeew I wet!" Then on Saturday she started telling me before she peed or pooped. She said "I potty" or "I poopy" and she would run to the bathroom. Saturday night I decided to try underwear with her and she stayed dry in the for a couple hours. We used a diaper at night, but then put underwear on in the morning. She stayed dry the entire day! No accidents at all including naptime! Monday the same but she had one accident right before bed because she went an hour and a half without trying to go potty. Tuesday she had only one accident when we were in the car. She tells me quite a bit when she has to go potty, otherwise I just take her every hour. :) She’s 19 months, just like Cole was when he started underwear. She’s doing even better than he did, and I’m shocked! I thought she was going to be really stubborn with it. We just had to wait til she was ready.

Also, Matt has poison Ivy, so we know we have it in the yard. It looks aweful. We’re going to have to figure out how to get rid of it in the yard.

Today is Cole’s first dentist visit. He’ll be getting his teeth cleaned. Let’s hope he’s cavity free and is in good shape! I’m hoping he doesn’t freak out, but I have a feeling he will! Wish us luck!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 2009

YAY it is over!

I (Jessa) took Cole in today for his surgery. We got there at about 8:45 and waited until 10:30. During that time they gave us a little pj outfit for Cole to put on and some blue slipper socks. He was thrilled about the socks, not so thrilled about the purple pjs. Once 10:30 came around they called us back and they had me hold Cole while they put him under. He did fine but was scared. I told him that it was ok and he could go night night while he fought falling asleep. He cried which of course made me cry, but finally fell asleep so I handed him over to the surgery team. They took him back as I left the room. After about 15 minutes the doctor came out and told me that they were done, but it would be awhile before he was up. I waited some more and around 11:45 they took me back into a recovery room and brought him in to me. He laid on my lap and cried about his IV. He said it was his owwie and to take it off. They took it out and he was all better. :) He sat on my lap and watched Dora for 45 minutes before they let me change him back into his clothes and go home. I took him potty before we left and he did great!!! He didn’t even complain while he peed, so that is a great sign. I’m hoping that continues and he can be pain free. He actually protested going home and said he wanted "more surgery." He is a nut. He just wanted to stay and watch Dora. I assured him that we would go home and eat and watch Dora, so then he was ok with going home. He did tell me in the car that he had a really big day and he wants more surgery (again).
When we got home he ate some peanut butter crackers, teddy grahams, and drank some milk. Now he’s laying on the couch watching Dora and is as happy as can be. I’m THRILLED that he isn’t going to be afraid of doctors or going potty because of this. Those were my 2 big fears.
He has an ointment to put in the hole 3 times a day for about a week, but no pain meds. They said there should be little to no pain after tomorrow so to just give him tylenol every 4 hours today and tomorrow. He can take a bath in the morning and should be fine. He goes back to get it looked at one last time in a month.
I’m so proud of him for being so brave! He did great. :)

5/21/2009 8:05:04 AM
Surgery Day!

Today is Cole’s surgery. I dread it! We have to be there by 9 and the surgery is at 10:30. He can’t eat or drink anything today until after it is done. So far he hasn’t complained, but he’ll be getting hungry in the next couple hours I’m sure. I woke him up at midnight and gave him some snacks and a big glass of milk with Carnation Instant Breakfast in it. He had to stop eating at 1am. The nurse said it was fine to wake him up and feed him, so we did! He’s been doing really well with all of this. We’ve explained that he is going to have surgery and there will be some owwies for a little bit but then he’ll be all better and he’ll be able to pee standing up. He’s pretty excited about that part. :) He’s a funny little guy!
I’ll update later after the surgery.

5/2/2009 11:21:05 AM
So much to update- moving, and surgery

First off, we are in our new house!! We moved last week and are most of the way unpacked. We have odds and ends and things that need to be hung on the wall, but other than that it is all set up.

To update from last time, Rylie went back into diapers. After that day of no accidents she decided that she didn’t want to go on the potty at all. She got a bad rash (from laundry detergent from her undies) and stopped going potty all together. Now she is getting more consistent at going again, hopefully we’ll get her back into undies again (but with a scent free laundry soap.)

We found a renter for the condo and she moved in the day after we moved out. The couple seems really nice and we are very pleased with how that turned out.

Closing didn’t go quite as smoothly as it could have. The day before closing we had trouble with a wire transfer from one of our accounts to another, so basically didn’t have the cashier’s check we needed to close. I was freaking out, Matt was pretty calm about it. Everything ended up fine and we did get the money in time, but only about an hour and a half before we closed!

We closed on April 24th. Pretty much everyone showed up late to closing. The couple that we were buying the house from are divorced, and the guy decided to argue everything with his ex wife at the table while we were signing the papers. At one point we heard "I’m not signing anything" come out of his mouth and we were pretty nervous about it. They had to leave the room to go argue and figure out what they were going to do, and it ended up they did exactly what was written in their divorce agreement. It really wasn’t necessary since the papers were already signed and agreed upon, so he was just being a pain. Finally we were done and off we went to start bringing things over to the house. We cleaned the entire house Friday night along with Judy while Dan, Chris, and Matt brought things over from the condo. We got all of the carpets, bathrooms, and cabinets cleaned.
Moving day was awesome and we were done by about 1:30. We did have to make 2 trips back to get the last few things and clean the condo, but it all went pretty fast. We had soo much help and we really appreciate everyone that was there to help! The kids came over after their nap with Grandma Case and Jayda and they loved it! They kept busy running in circles. They didn’t have any issue sleeping in their new rooms. They have slept better than they did in the old house. I was really nervous about how Rylie would do since she has slept in our room since the day she was born. She used to wake up once or twice a night for her nuk, but since we’ve moved in (1 week) she only woke up once in the night. I think we lucked out on that one!

Also, we figured out that Cole is going to need surgery to correct the skin on his penis. The urethra is fine, but the skin is too small for urine to come out properly. This could be why he always has his little dribble accidents. If he isn’t emptying his bladder, urine leaks out. His surgery is later this month and it should be pretty quick and an easy recovery. We hope this isn’t too painful for him. He will be put under for the surgery and will be able to go home a few hours later. I will update as I get more info.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 2009

Update time!

Rylie is potty training!! We’ve had her in underwear for a week now and she is doing really well! She started screaming whenever we put diapers on her so I decided to just try underwear again. The first 3 days she did GREAT and had only about 2 accidents a day. Then Thursday and Friday she decided she didn’t care and had like 10 accidents a day. Now today (Saturday) she had NO accidents the entire day!!! I think she is just going to do this on her terms and if she feels like it, she’ll do it. We’re going to stick with underwear since she has showed us that she really can do it. Hopefully the bad days will get fewer and fewer now.

Cole and I (Jessa) are getting over REALLY bad colds. I think we might have actually had the flu because all the symptoms were SO extreme and lasted way longer than a typical cold. I don’t remember a time that I have ever felt that sick and weak. We both had fevers for 3 days and the whole body aches, headaches, runny nose, cough, and all that good stuff to go with it. I wouldn’t wish what we had on anyone! I did have to work the entire week which made it so much worse for me. I wore myself to the ground and it just wasn’t good. I went to the doctor and they gave me an inhaler to help with the coughing. She said I probably have Reactive Airway Disease (like Rylie does) which I know I do have. I always cough more than any person ever should when I’m sick. Now I finally have something to help with those coughing fits that last for literally hours.

We move in a little over a month and we still don’t have a renter. We had one all lined up and then it fell through the day she was going to sign the lease. I’m getting pretty nervous about it and hate that I can’t really pack much up without making the house look like a huge mess. I can’t wait to move, but this has all been very stressful.

3/2/2009 6:42:25 PM
Finally figured it out!

For the last year and a half things have been "misplaced" and I thought that Cole had been throwing them in the garbage. Last night Matt was missing his keychain that he uses to log into his computer at work so we searched the house top to bottom. After a while I turned the couch over and Matt found it stuck in the side of the couch under a very small gap in the material. We also found my missing digital camera in this same spot the day before. We looked more and found a missing remote, Matt’s WALLET that we figured he lost at work or something, a remote we’ve been looking for, and my Weight Watchers calculator that has been missing since Rylie was born!
It was nice to finally figure out what he does with this stuff! Matt’s wallet had about $70 in cash in it, so that was great! The little stinker hides our stuff in the couch!! We have checked the couch quite a bit already but never noticed the one spot.

Cole had strep last week so he’s on an antibiotic for that. Otherwise the kids have been healthy, I have a stomach bug, but what else is new?

We found a house in Savage and made an offer on it. After quite a while waiting for everything to be official, we finally have a closing date!! We close on the house April 24th and will be moving in on the 25th! We are very excited and can’t wait to have a bedroom for Rylie and a yard to play in! The yard needs a lot of work, but we are okay with that. We’ll be fixing it up gradually, and there is a nice little park just a couple blocks away. :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 2009

2/5/2009 9:08:15 PM
Finally some answers for Cole’s frequent stomach problems.

Today when we got up Cole was very crabby and wouldn’t talk to me. He just whined. He normal speaks in full sentences, argues with me about everything, sings the entire time in the car, etc. Basically you can’t get him to stop talking. All morning he said only 2 words to me and the rest of the time he was moaning and whining. As he moaned I kept asking "what’s wrong" and he didn’t respond. I got really worried by the time we got to my mom’s and he STILL wasn’t talking. He didn’t say a word when we got to my moms, just kept screaming and running around really strange. He also was walking funny with his legs squeezed together. After a full hour of him not speaking I was worried he was having autism symptoms start or something. I took him potty and he pooped and it was really loose. I went to work hoping that my mom would get him to talk. He didn’t talk to her for another half hour until he pooped again and once again it was loose.. After an hour I called her and she said he started talking a little but was screaming and rolling around in pain. He cried for 3 hours straight. The rest of the day he kept passing gas that was unusually stinky.

I took him to the doctor and they took blood and did an x ray along with a rectal exam. It was sooo horrible having to hold my son down to get blood drawn- so much worse than shots. They missed the vein the first time and had to put it in the other arm. I made the mistake of going to the lab before the x ray, so he screamed through the x-ray since he thought they were going to hurt him like the lab did. They had to have me leave the room and hold him down... I listened outside trying sooo hard not to cry. I asked him on our way out if he still likes going to the doctor and he said yes. He really loves it... even though they torture him!

The doctor called me a little bit ago and told me the results of Cole’s tests. All the blood work came back NORMAL! The stool sample was normal, along with the rectal exam. The only thing we are waiting for results of is a test to see if he’s allergic to gluten. The doc says it is unlikely but a possibility.

So where does this leave us? A bunch of negative test results? Lactose intolerance. Last night we went out to eat and Cole ate a ton of cheese. He never eats cheese except at this restaurant and we ate at that restaurant the night before the Christmas day "stomach bug". Since he had another virus about 2 weeks ago, the doc says that his stomach is too weak to digest dairy yet and the cheese just pushed it over the edge. We bought him some soy milk today and he LOVES it. I’m surprised. I was expecting a huge fight, but he doesn’t mind at all. We are going to buy some lactaid drops to put in his regular milk so he can eat other dairy, but for now just sticking to a very low dairy diet. I thought he outgrew all this at 11 months, but apparently this is the root to a lot of his problems.

I am soooo happy to have an answer, even if it is just a theory at this point. I’ve been leaning towards this on my own just from what I’ve heard from other moms so it seems like we’re on the same page.

Just wanted to give a positive update for once!! I’ll let you all know how the dairy free diet goes!

2/3/2009 9:23:07 PM
Rylie is growing!
It seems like everything I put on her this week is too small. Most of her 18 months clothes that she got for her birthday are already too small!! I can’t believe it. I really thought it would last her until winter was over, but the majority is too small already. I pulled out some 2T things that I bought at Once Upon a Child and they seem like they are going to fit her already. She’s catching up to Cole. She seems like she needs 18 months pants and 2T shirts and dresses. Cole is in 2T pants but they are too big still. He is only one shirt and pants size ahead of her, and his are still big on him. She seems to be having a huge growth spurt. It makes it kind of hard to buy clothes ahead of season when I see them on sale because I have no idea what size she’ll be in for summer. I’m guessing she’s going to need 18 pants and 2t shirts, but at this rate, who knows!

Other than the big growth spurt, not much else is new. Both kids have a cold. On Thursday they both had fevers. It just doesn’t EVER seem to end. Rylie started the 4th antibiotic for her ear infection. If this doesn’t do the trick, I don’t know what will. They seem to be doing a little better today so maybe we’re getting over it. Rylie also has 3 teeth coming in. Her pointed teeth in the front are coming in, so she has a whole mouthful. She has a first set of molars and four teeth on the top and bottom in the front. This next set will make 16 teeth. Yikes! She’s an early teether and seems to get her teeth in sets. Cole always got one at a time so his
pain was always drawn out. She’s been a grumpy little girl but at least she’s getting them done at one time.

Today my mom walked into Rylie’s room at her house and Rylie was up on the changing table. She climbed up all by herself so now she had to take the changing table out of the room. Rylie is such a little monkey!

Cole is officially a Preschool at daycare and Rylie is officially a Toddler! They seem much happier in their new rooms and are with kids that are more at their level. I’m very happy about it and they seem pretty happy too! Cole’s teacher has been impressed at how well he listens at group time and how he knows his letters and sounds already. Rylie’s teachers are pretty excited about her going pee and poop on the potty at such a young age and want to try her in underwear soon. I’m going to give it another couple months and then try underwear again. I think she’ll do great!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 2009

1/26/2009 7:53:07 PM
Rylie’s 15th Month Checkup

Rylie went to the doctor today for her 15 month checkup. She was in the 55th percentile for weight and head, and she was in the 65th percentile for height. Everything went well except that she might still have an ear infection. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for her just in case she gets fussy again.

She was able to do everything on the developmental chart up through 18 months. She’s a genius!

1/18/2009 8:24:08 PM
Rylie is sick once again

Rylie was grumpy and clumsy all week. I should have known it, she has another ear infection. I took her in Saturday to the doctor because she had pink eye start up Friday evening and they said she also has an ear infection. She also told me that pink eye and ear infections go hand in hand.
She was put on Augmentin and sure enough woke up this morning with an allergic reaction to it. She had this reaction to Amoxicilin too but I wrote that off as a viral rash since she had such a bad cold during the last ear infection. I called the nurse line and they had me bring her to urgent care today (Sunday) and put her on Zithromax instead and also changed her pink eye drops just in case those were the culprit. I’m pretty sure it was the antibiotic since she did have that reaction last time, just not as extreme. I am allergic to amoxicilin too, so it isn’t much of a surprise that Rylie is.
She is in really good spirits considering she has an ear infection and pink eye, plus a rash from that other antibiotic. She also got diarrhea from it which cause a yeast infection. Yet she is smiling as I type this. She is such a strong little girl.

Her speech seems to be booming. Just today she started saying water and doctor. She’s saying things like shoes, boots, elmo, dora, cheese, more, all done, cole, momma, dada, ball, Lolli Pop (Grandma Case’s kitty), help (along with the sign), up, teeth, bath, and sock. I’m sure there are many more that I’m forgetting. It is really fun to hear her talking and communicating more.

Cole’s latest things he’s been saying are "oh my gosh" and "where can it be, it has to be somewhere". It is hilarious. He is just a little boy now and you can have conversations with him. He doesn’t EVER stop talking which sometimes drives us crazy!

He’s doing well in school. He started in the Preschool room now. He spends the majority of his day in there now instead of the toddler room. He loves seeing his old friends that already moved up and he loves his new teacher Krissy. He looks forward to going to school now so it is a lot easier for me to send him! Rylie on the other hand doesn’t enjoy it too much, but she does better in the toddler room than the baby room. She can officially move up on the 23rd of January. It will be a good change for her because she is very bored in the infant room. There isn’t much for her to do there considering all she likes to do is climb things and play with baby dolls. That’s all for now, I’ll update with how her 15 month check up and shots go Friday.

1/3/2009 6:20:01 PM
Sick sick sick

I don’t know how much more we can handle of this. Rylie’s last sickness turned into croup which luckily seemed to go away the first day. Cole sounded like he had a croupy cough but it went away quickly also.

I ended up taking Rylie back to the doctor a couple days after the Urgent Care trip and found out that Rylie did have a double ear infection. One of her eardrums was bulging and the other was a little infected. She was put on amoxicillin but she ended up throwing up all the time on that. It became a nightly occurance for her to throw up. The ear infections did go away though so we were happy to find that out. The doctor said that they probably had RSV since it was going around the daycare and they had all the symptoms of it. They were both incredibly sick so it seems that they did. He didn’t test them because they were already being treated with the nebulizer.

On Christmas Eve we were getting Cole ready to go to Grandma Case’s house and he threw up in the bathroom while Matt was brushing his teeth. We figured it was his antibiotic making his stomach hurt so we still went on our way. Well in the car he threw up 2 more times. We turned right around and went back home. Luckily we brought towels to put over him in the car so he didn’t get much on himself or the carseat. He threw up again when we got home and then a couple more times that day and then he was done. He didn’t really get diarrhea from it this time as we didn’t let him have ANY dairy. We finally gave him dairy about a week later and sure enough, that day he had a little diarrhea. We stopped it for a couple more days and now he seems fine. It always takes him about 10 days before he can digest dairy after these puke bugs. Rylie seemed like she was coming down with it last Sunday because she threw up on the couch. That was it though. She really didn’t have any other symptoms, just the one time. We cut her off of dairy for a few days and gave her a bland diet and all was well. On the morning after new years day (Jan 2) I started feeling really sick. I had a HORRIBLE stomach bug that started at 4am and I didn’t stop throwing up until 10pm. Now the next day I still feel pretty sick. My stomach hurts and I am very week. I had to call Matt home from work yesterday to take care of the kids because I couldn’t even walk. I am praying that this is the same bug that Cole and maybe Rylie already had. I can’t handle sick kids anymore! This just never seems to stop and I’m not sure how much longer I can continue working knowing they wouldn’t be nearly as sick if I stayed at home with them. It is just so hard. They are sick every single week. :(