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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 2008

12/15/2008 10:06:57 AM
December so far

December has been pretty interesting so far. Rylie had a really bad cold over Thanksgiving and we had to put her back on Pulmicort and Albuterol. Cole has had a cough since a week before Thanksgiving. All of his other cold symptoms have been gone for about 2 weeks, but his cough still lingers. He has been more crabby than ever so I figured he was going to cut his two year molars. He hasn’t yet, so I’m guessing it is more from being sick. Rylie came down with ANOTHER cold Friday. She was healthy for less than a week. She woke up with a fever on Sunday morning so we decided to take both of them to urgent care. The doctor had to have a nurse clean all the wax out of Cole’s ears so she could see his ear drums, and Cole hated it. It took both Matt and I to hold him still while she sprayed warm water in and cleaned all the buildup out. After that, the doctor came back in and saw that Cole has an ear infection. Good thing she had them cleaned out of she wouldn’t have seen it! She also suggested that we use Rylie’s Albuterol on Cole while he has this cough since he only coughs at night and for his nap. She said Rylie looks like her right ear might turn into an ear infection any day now. For now it is just a viral thing, but if she still has symptoms in a few days we have to take her back in. I’m staying home with the kids today but hopefully she’ll be well enough to go to Grandma Case’s tomorrow so I won’t miss too much work. She is still sleeping which is over 2 hours later than usual, so that is a good thing. She woke up at her usual time, I gave her Ibuprofen and a drink and she went right back to sleep.

Rylie also cut two teeth over the last week so she has been sleeping a ton. She’s been taking one long 4 hour nap most days, and other days she takes 2 naps that total 5 or 6 hours. It isn’t like her, but we let her sleep if she’s tired.

Rylie also found a new favorite thing to play with. She really likes pretending with dolls. She got a new baby doll over the weekend that Cole picked out for her. It has a cat costume on (it was a halloween doll) and she LOVES it. She plays with it for hours at a time, feeding it bottles and with a spoon. She throws blankets on it, gives it hugs and kisses, and then throws it on the floor. It is hilarious to watch her pretend at such a young age. Also, she started nodding her head yes. She uses yes and no appropriately which is also neat to see in such a young baby. She constantly amazes us with the new things she does.

I had to return one of the dolls that I bought her a few months ago because I saw on the internet a news feature about it. The doll is supposed to just be saying baby babble, but it actually says "Islam is the light." As soon as I saw the clip I could hear it in the doll. I checked hers that I had in the closet, and sure enough, it was clear as could be. I researched it and Fisher Price took out the sound clip that says that and they claim it isn’t scripted and does not say that. I am very certain that it does say the phrase though. I’ll include a link to a video of it, and you’ll be able to hear it. The girl at target was shocked and called the store manager to talk to him about it. I went and checked the dolls on the shelf and none of them say it, so Fisher Price really did take that sound clip out of it. I’m sure that doll would be worth some money some day, but I still returned it because I just wouldn’t feel right about getting money for that sort of thing. It was pretty creepy. It was too bad because Rylie LOVED that doll and picked it out herself. Cole came with me to buy Rylie a new doll, and he really wanted to get the same one we returned, but I just didn’t want to take the chance of something else being hidden in the babble. Some say that it says something about Satan, so we just got a different doll that doesn’t talk :)
Here is a video of it. It is pretty strange!