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Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 2008

8/17/2008 7:38:28 AM
She can walk!!
Rylie has been taking more and more steps lately if you stand her up and hold out your hands to her. She'll walk to you, around 3 steps at a time usually. Well Tuesday I went to go pick the kids up after work. As I opened the door to my parents' house, I saw Rylie walk across the living room floor. She took a good 6 steps before sitting down. It was amazing!! That night she kept taking more steps so we captured some on video. Since then she stands up and just starts walking!! Fairly often she'll get a good 4-8 steps in and then falls or sits down. She's doing awesome!! She's only 9 months old which is about a month earlier than Cole walked. These kids really like to grow up too fast!!!

Right now we are kitty sitting for my parents. They got a second kitten last weekend and found out a few days later that she has feline lukemia. They immediately took her back to the breeder, and took the first kitten to be tested. The first kitten came back negative of it, so she's staying at our house while my parent's house is under a 30 day kitty quaranteen. It is contageous so you have to wait 30 days before introducing a cat to the envioronment. She might still have the disease though. We won't truly know until November when she gets retested. She's such a cute little kitty, I really hope she doesn't have it. Cole and Rylie both LOVE this cat. They play with her all day and barely touch toys or watch tv. They giggle so loud when she gets rowdy and playful. It is adorable. I love having a cat in the house again. I didn't realize how much I missed having one around. Once we get a house (hopefully next year sometime) we'll get a kitty of our own.
8/6/2008 3:06:12 PM
Still intollerant of dairy and soy
Over the weekend we tried soy formula again with Rylie. She was fine all day until around 9pm she threw up. It was enough to make her throw up a little, so we decided no soy formula for her. Today I gave Rylie about an ounce of milk in with her bottle and she threw up a few hours later. This time it was A LOT of puke. There is no way she could have dairy yet. We were hoping she would have grown out of it, but I guess she's going to take after her brother and not grow out of it just yet. Cole was able to have milk after 11 months, so we're hoping that will be Rylie's case too. Just a couple months to go (she's 9 months right now)!

She eats foods with soy in them and it doesn't seem to bother her tummy. I think it takes a lot of soy to bother her. As of now we don't feed her any dairy. I'm sure it wouldn't go over well if she can't even handle half an ounce of milk.