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Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 2008

7/28/2008 1:00:28 PM
Madison/Oshkosh Trip
Over the past weekend we went to visit my brother Nate in Madison and also took a trip to Oshkosh for my cousin Stephanie's baby shower. Matt and I took the day off on Friday and we packed up and left around 1pm. The trip went really well for the most part. The kids were good in the car. They took a nap for the first half of the trip and then watched DVDs for the end of it. Once we got to Madison it was a different story. The kids were starting to get hungry. We were planning on stopping at Nate's and then going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We ended up getting in a tiny car accident. There was no damage and it would have normally been a situation where you'd just drive away, but the other people were babies. They wife said her neck hurt (even though she was bending over looking under the car for damage). By the time the police got there she was back in the car. They took her away on a freaking backboard and stretcher in an ambulance. It was ridiculous. The accident was a little bump. The kids didn't notice or make a peep. It felt more like we went over a curb than anything. I think she was just being overly dramatic and didn't need any of that. It was silly. We were held up for about half and hour and the kids were getting pretty fussy. Rylie had a poopy diaper so I had to change her in the car and Cole was just hungry and sick of being in the car. Finally we got to Nate's, used the potty, and then off to Texas Roadhouse. It was fun and SOO good.

The kids had a lot of fun over the weekend. Cole went to bed pretty easily but Rylie didn't. She was a little stinker and wouldn't go to sleep until around midnight. Then Saturday night the same thing happened. Cole went to sleep when I put him in bed, but Rylie just cried and cried. She was up in the night a couple times Friday night and woke up before 7 both days. It was annoying!! Besides the accident and Rylie being a stinker with sleep, it was a really fun weekend.

Saturday we got up and went to Oshkosh. We hung out at the shower for a few hours and then went to Aunt Bonnie's for a little while. Most of the time the kids sat in the car sleeping and we just sat outside so they could get a nap in. Then we went to FAZOLI'S!!! I was pretty excited about it since there really aren't any in Minnesota anymore. Saturday night the kids played for a while and then went to bed.

Sunday morning we got all packed up and then went to the zoo in Madison with Nate and Amanda. It was an awesome zoo and it was free! I like it better than the Minnesota Zoo and it was nice because it wasn't nearly as crowded. The kids loved it. Then we went to McDonalds for lunch and headed on our way back home. The drive went smoothly. The kids slept most of the way home. We stopped for a potty and gas break and that was it. Once we got hom the kids were REALLY crabby. They went to sleep easily and slept until their normal time this morning!! I was worried their schedules would be all screwed up but they both didn't make a peep all night long :) It was great to get a full night's sleep. We really liked Madison though and are hoping to make a trip there next summer too and possibly go to the Dells.
7/28/2008 7:20:07 AM
Where did July go?
Wow time is flying by. I haven't updated in a while so I figured I should write about what we have been up to all month.

After the last entry on Cole's birthday, we opened some presents and went to swimming. After swimming Daddy injured his eye pretty badly working out and we all had to make a 9pm trip to the emergency room. The kids were all ready for bed so we grabbed them and went. Rylie immediately fell asleep in the car and was out for the night. Cole on the other hand was running wild in the ER. He was all over the place climbing on things, talking to people, etc. At one point I was taking him potty. He finished up and I was cleaning off his little potty ring to put it back in the diaper bag. He was behind me and I heard him say "okay let's pray. blah blah blah blah down to sleep, blah blah blah to keep, blah blah blah take. Amen. Night night Shhh Shh Shh:" I turn around and see him laying flat on the floor on his tummy in the ER bathroom pretending to sleep!! Not exactly a clean place but it was soo funny. He was pretty obnoxious for a couple hours. Finally around 11 I walked him in the stroller until he fell asleep. It was a pretty exciting end to his birthday for him. He had a blast. Matt had bleeding in his eye for over a week and had to keep his eyes dilated. It was over the 4th of July weekend. He was really tired and in quite a bit of pain until Monday..

Cole had a birthday party the Saturday after his birthday with the Case side of the family. He had a fever that day that had no other symptoms and dissappeared the next day. He got lots of puzzles, a bike, some Color Wonder markers and paint stuff, clothes, and some books. He had a good time at his Blue's Clue's party even though he had a fever. He loved all the decorations. We had pizza for dinner and a blue's clue's cake.

We celebrated Cole's birthday with Matt's side of the family also. We colored outside with sidewalk chalk and tried out Cole's new bubble machine. He had Elmo cupcakes and he loved them but would not eat Elmo. He seemed pretty upset at us for eating Elmo. :) It was too funny.

Rylie took her first steps this month! She will take a couple steps in between people if you stand her up and let her go. She stands alone for a long time and will slowly squat down to sit. She walks along the furniture really fast and I'm sure it is just a matter of time before she's walking.

At her 9 month checkup she was 18 pounds 3 oz and 28 inches. For weight that is the 40th percentile and height is 80th. The doctor is a little concerned about her weight being so low and suggested increasing the calories in her formula. Now we put an extra half scoop of formula in her 8 ounce bottles so she gets a little more. She doesn't seem to notice and still drinks it all, so it should be working. Also, I'm starting to feed her a lot more foods. She is pretty much rejecting all baby food now so once what we have is gone, we're done with that. It is so convienient for when we are out somewhere so I wish she'd keep eating it, but no such luck!! Her development was off the charts for her age so there is no concern there. We just have to fatten her up a little bit! He said it isn't a big thing yet, if the percentiles drop more by her 12 month check then we'll have to figure something out.
7/2/2008 3:32:17 PM
Happy Birthday Cole!!
Cole is two years old today! He is such a big boy. :) I figured I'd update with a few things to remind us of how Cole is at this time. He speaks in sentences sometimes. He named his sister Rory last week; I guess he was sick of saying Yiyee. Cole just learned how to jump well. He's been practicing for a while, but now he can jump on both feet! He can count, but he usually says "2, 3, 6." He sings his ABCs with help and knows a few of his colors. He is still sleeping in a crib because he hasn't tried to climb out yet. He'll be there for about 6 more months if he doesn't try to climb out. He is potty trained but still has accidents. He's 100% poop potty trained and night potty trained. He gets one M&M every time he goes potty and is still dry. Cole's favorite show is Max and Ruby. Along with that he watches Teletubbies, Blue's Clues, Elmo (not often anymore), Bindi the Jungle Girl, and Imagination Movers. His favorite foods are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pickles, pizza, oatmeal, and rice. He drinks about 5 cups of milk a day and is very addicted to it. He loves slides, swimming, animal flashcards, magnets, stickers, crayons, and markers. Cole folds his hands to say his prayers every night (well we say them and he jumps in on the parts he knows and says amen). He cries when we pray before we eat because he thinks it is time to go to bed. He calls his grandma's Gee-ma. Grandpas are still Bumpa. Mommy is Mommy, and Daddy is Daddy (with a british accent usually). Cole still drinks out of a sippy cup. He's started drinking some water out of a little Dixie cup at night but he's still figuring that out.

Rylie drives Cole crazy. She crawls around and gets into his toys. She chews up his flashcards, his magnets, his everything. He doesn't think she should stand up so he pushes her over when she does. At the same time, Cole loves his little sister. Just yesterday they were alone in the living room together and Matt heard Rylie laughing and Cole babbeling off some words. He peeked in and Cole was laying on top of Rylie on the floor. She just giggled away and loved it. Eventually she started to cry so he said to Daddy "I kiss?" and gave her a kiss on the head. She stopped crying right when he kissed her and giggled some more. Then she started crying again he did the same thing. Matt caught a little of it on tape. They are starting to play together more and more everyday. Rylie loves following him around. Cole wears a 2 or 3T shirt depending on the brand and just moved up to 24 months pants! He is an amazing little guy and too cute for words.
7/1/2008 8:15:16 PM
Camping was great!
We went camping last week from Tuesday after work to Sunday morning. We stayed in cabins and Lamb's Resort in Schroeder Minnesota. It was a ton of fun for us all. Our cabin consisted of 2 bedrooms, a living room and a very tiny kitchen. Matt, Rylie, and I slept in one room and Cole slept in the other with Grandma and Grandpa Score. They both had pack n plays to sleep in so they were pretty comfortable. We brought their fish aquariums and it seemed to help both of them sleep. They did great sleep wise. They slept from around 9pm to 7am everday which is their usual schedule. We had to make Rylie a little corner to crawl around in because there was so much for her to get into at the cabin. We blocked an area off with coolers and a bench and layed a big blanket down on the floor. We dumped out the kids' toys that we brought along, and let her play. She seemed to like it but liked it even more when someone sat in there with her and played. Cole spent a ton of time outside especially with Grandma. He found a hiking stick and looked soo cute holding it. He had fun with everyone there and was very outgoing. Rylie did well too. She didn't cry from any of the guys but they didn't try to hold her either. We warned everyone ahead of time that she'd be a little shy around men. She stuck with Great Grandma for most of the time. The two of them seemed to entertain eachother quite well and Rylie even fell asleep in Great Grandma's arms at least 2 of the nights.

We visited Grand Marais one day and bought some yummy food. Cole loved the donuts! He pigged out on a cake donut of Great Grandma's and then he had his own chocolate covered one. He also tried out his new monkey harness. It looks like a backpack and the monkey's tail is a leash. We got it for hiking, but he loved the freedom of walking around outside with it while we walked around town. He liked it much more than the stroller. We had lunch at My Sister's Place which is a very good little burger place. It has very unique kinds of burgers. Cole of course had peanut butter and jelly and passed on the burger and fries as usual.

We spent a lot of time sitting by Lake Superior and throwing rocks into the water. He filled his hat up with rocks and dumped them out over and over again. He went on a couple trails this year: Caribou and Temperance. Rylie also went on Temperance and she loved it. She rode in the front carrier on me and loved looking around at everything.

We borrowed my parents car DVD player so the kids were very good in the car. If they weren't sleeping, they just watched a DVD and they were content. Luckily it played two different DVDs because Cole wanted to watch Max and Ruby and Rylie wanted to watch Elmo. It worked wonderfully though. I might buy one sometime soon.

Overall the vacation was great. We can't believe it was over so quickly and can't wait to go again next year!