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Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 2008

5/19/2008 11:48:35 AM
She's a mover
Keeping Rylie still is nearly impossible these days. As soon as you lay her down to change her diaper she scoots on her back away from you and wiggles like crazy. I think she is more hyper than Cole ever was at this point. Also, last night she crawled a little bit!! She crawled a little and then gave up and scooted but she definitely crawled. This morning she did a little more and she's up on her hands and knees nonstop. She'll be getting into everything in no time! Cole won't like having to keep the gate closed again. I'm sure he'll cry about it everyday, but we'll have to do it for a while. Maybe once she's walking we'll be able to let her have free roam of the house like Cole does.
5/18/2008 9:58:42 AM
Finally better!
The good news is that Cole is finally over the diarrhea he got last weekend. He's had it a couple times everyday and finally went all day yesterday with none!! I'm hoping this means he is done, but I'm aware that he'll probably still have it until tomorrow so he's still on a little food restriction.
The bad news is that Matt has it now. Last night he felt really tired and his stomach hurt and he ended up throwing up in the middle of the night. Now he's just really tired and taking a nap, but I think he's feeling a little better.
I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Friday which was really painful that day but I'm getting better. I was surprised at how bad it actually hurt but now I'm to where I expected the pain to be. I'm still a little swollen but they said that should go down after 48 hours (which I'm almost at).
Cole spent the night at Grandma Case's on Friday to make things easier on me. He was really excited to go since he hadn't been there all week. Tuesday Matt stayed home with the kids because my mom got Rotavirus. Then Thursday Rylie had a fever so I stayed home with her. Cole was stuck at home all week and was getting very bored, so he really enjoyed his night at Grandma's.
Rylie had a fever all day Wednesday, Thursday, and half of Friday. I took her to the doctor Friday morning and the doctor said she just has a cold that is causing the fever. She has almost no cold symptoms, so it is weird. Maybe twice a day her nose drips and she coughs very rarely. We've been giving her tylenol and ibuprofen every now and then to help with the pain. The doctor also said it looks like her two top teeth are coming in. Also, she has thrush again in her mouth. It is pretty common for babies on Pulmicort to get thrush, so it's no biggy. She was put on Diflucan for a week to get rid of the thrush. I just have to try a little harder to clean her mouth out after she gets her neb. I always do, but apparently not enough!
Rylie started scooting forward on Friday. Today she got up into a sitting position on her own when she was down on her tummy. She's becoming a big girl already. :(
5/15/2008 12:39:35 PM
Still sick
Cole has been sick since the weekend and he is STILL SICK. He'll be fine for almost 24 hours then all the sudden have diarrhea again. Rotavirus sucks! Jayda had it and is still sick too. She's on day 9 of it and still has diarrhea. We are still watching what we feed him but every now and then I give in and let him eat something he's begging for and he gets sick right away. Poor little guy. I've been letting him have milk too since he really won't drink anything else. Last time he had a stomach virus the doctor said milk was ok even if it does give him diarrhea. I'm just watering it down with half water and using 1%instead of whole milk.

In other sicky baby news Rylie is now sick too. I noticed her nose dripping a little Tuesday and yesterday. She has been fussy since Monday so I figured she was coming down with something. Last night she had a fever that got up to 102 while being on tylenol AND ibuprofen. Poor baby :(
Now she has a bit of a cough but so far not too bad. I increase her Pulmicort dosage back up to 2 times per day since she's sick. We've been on one dose for a little over a week but I figured that her cough might get worse so we should prevent that if possible. The poor baby looks just horrible. Her whole face is droopy and she just seems out of it. She's been sleeping non-stop the last couple days. I made a doctor's appointment for her for in the morning so we'll see what they say.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow as well. I'll have to go drop Cole off at Grandma Case's and then drive back here for Rylie's appointment. Then Matt will meet us at home and he'll drive me to get my teeth out. It doesn't sound like I'll have too fun of a weekend. Blah.
5/12/2008 10:05:32 AM
Cole's Wish List
With Cole's Birthday coming up in a little over a month, I started updating his wishlist. I'll continue to add things as we find them, but for now it is all up to date.
5/11/2008 5:40:40 PM
not soo bad
I stayed home with Cole today while Matt went and saw his family with Rylie. Cole hasn't thrown up or had diarrhea since the first time he did it this morning so maybe we're ok. He ate a piece of toast, some saltines, and graham crackers and hasn't had any reaction. He's begging for milk and pancakes but we're holding off on that.
After his nap he got really excited and said "Go see Aiden!" He thought since we did that yesterday after his nap that he was going to see his friend Aiden again. Poor guy! It was very cute though.
Yesterday we went to Sherri's for Grandma DeRusha's 75th bday party. Cole and Aiden played together and so did Rylie and Lilli. I love watching them all play. They are so cute together. A bunch of people played wiffle ball in the rain which was pretty funny and they all were SOAKED. Cole and Aiden got to play outside in the rain too. They loved it and didn't want to come in. I'm REALLY hoping Cole didn't get anyone sick yesterday.
5/11/2008 10:10:08 AM
not again...
For the THIRD time since the start of the year Cole has a stomach virus. There was one going around at work and I had it last weekend. I figured we were in the clear since Cole didn't have any symptoms but today he had diarrhea once and threw up once. That was well over an hour ago and he hasn't thrown up again so I'm praying that this will be mild and he won't anymore. He is begging for milk and rolling around on the floor, but I'm not going to let him have any for a few days. Poor kid- milk is his world.
Oh and I should mention that today is mother's day. So instead of going and spending time with family as planned, I'm stuck at home with Cole while he's sick. Sometimes I hate working at a daycare. I seem to get everything and spread it to my kids. :(