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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 2008

4/30/2008 2:40:44 PM
Separate entry for a whole differnet issue....
It is 2:30 and Cole is FINALLY sleeping (at least I think). He is quiet so that is good enough for me. I have been peed on TWICE today and Cole has thrown a ton of tantrums. He has started wanting to watch himself pee, so he sits on the toilet and holds himself up so he can see the pee. While he does this, he ends up missing the shield on the potty seat and peeing on whatever is in front of him (usually me). I was furious last time and yelled at him, so hopefully he'll stop.. If not, I'm going to start making him pee on the potty without the little seat and see how he does. That way he can watch it go in the toilet. I doubt he'll go that way though. We'll see I guess.
4/30/2008 2:36:34 PM
Asthma Specialist Visit
Rylie went back to the Allergy and Asthma doctor today and he watched the video we made of Rylie coughing and rattling. He said that the medication will help her kind of coughing and since it seems like it did, we should continue what we are doing. We can't really stop the meds until she has another cold. If she gets another cold and does much better than in the past, we know that she needs the meds. If she isn't much better, then we'll maybe back off the Pulmicort because then it probably isn't doing much for her. He said if it does help, we can try just giving her one treatment a day instead of 2 and eventually stop all together until it is fall and cold season again. We just have to wait and see at this point. I'm glad I brought in the video so he could see for himself and make the decision. I knew her coughing wasn't normal, but I second guessed myself a lot during the last three weeks as we've been using the nebulizer. I'm glad he has more info to go off of.
4/28/2008 9:58:49 PM
Rylie has a tooth! I just got done telling Matt and my mom that Rylie has a tooth and that she is sooooo not crabby from it and she just started being a little grump!! Poor thing. I gave her tylenol which didn't seem to do much and later gave her Ibuprofen. It hasn't done much either but she is finally sleeping. She basically cried herself to sleep which she NEVER does!! She's always such a happy baby, but not this evening!
4/27/2008 1:04:55 PM
It's official!
Cole hasn't had a nuk for a few days now and he doesn't ask for them. He is doing great with it. I think I might be more sad about it than he is. Now the only baby thing he has left is his crib. That we'll be keeping until he tries to climb out. He sleeps so peacefully in it, I'd hate to change that for no good reason. I'm hoping he'll stay in it until he's about 2 and a half.
4/23/2008 2:22:18 PM
Nukies are for babies!
On Monday I decided to try to get Cole to give up his nuk. He looks pretty silly with it now, and he only uses it to sleep anyway. I told him that nuks were icky and for babies. He said "for babies" over and over so I told him to go throw his away. He gladly threw them all in the trash. During his nap I went and got them out of the trash and washed and hid them in my room. He woke up after about an hour just screaming so I gave in and gave him one. That night when Matt got home Cole told Daddy that nukies are for babies and that he threw them away. When we put him to bed he didn't ask for them and didn't make a peep all night. The next day at Grandma's he woke up from his nap after 40 minutes and cried so after about 10 minutes my mom gave in and gave it to him again. Last night again, no nuk. Now today he is napping and he hasn't asked or woke up for it and we are over an hour into the nap!! Woo hoo! I think we are making progress :) Hopefully by the end of the week they will be gone. My little boy sure isn't a baby anymore :(

Today was Rylie's 6 month checkup. She weighs 16lbs 9oz and 26 and 1/2 inches long. Her weight was in the 60th percentile, length was 80th, and head was 60th. She did everything developmentally up to 8 months and a few things in the 9 month section on the paper they had me check off. She is doing great!! They said she can cut back on formula and start eating more solid foods and even try some table foods now that she can sit up. My baby is growing up way way way way too fast.
4/22/2008 6:35:30 AM
No milk for Rylie
Last night I decided to try regular formula for Rylie since she doesn't seem to like hers much. She did fine for a couple hours but then in the middle of the night she threw it all up. It was pretty forceful vomiting too. Sounded kind of like a dog throwing up :( Poor little thing. I'm guessing she'll be like Cole and intolerant of milk until she's a year old. It sucks because it makes feeding her soooo much more difficult. At least we have experience with figuring out what foods have milk. We won't make the same mistakes like we did with Cole. We gave him baby food with whey in it a couple times and he threw that up. Oh well.
4/20/2008 7:36:12 PM
First Timeout!
I was just saying yesterday how Cole has never had a timeout. Well now he has! The little stinker unrolled the toilet paper AGAIN! He has done it in the past and we firmly tell him no, you do not touch the toilet paper. This time I took him off the potty and put him in a timeout. He sat in the corner with a frown on his face and looked like he was going to cry. After about a minute and a half I went and talked to him about unrolling the toilet paper and told him to say sorry. Little stinker.

We had a really good weekend. Yesterday we went over to Sherri's and hung out with some of the DeRusha side of the family. Cole wasn't afraid of Aiden this time!! Rylie and Lilly like eachother too so it was pretty cute to see them together. Lilly did growl at Rylie and scare her a little but it was funny. It is just her way of talking. :) Cole and Aiden played together and once again loved looking at the fish together. Cole stayed up til almost 11 and was in a good mood the entire time which was very unexpected.

Today we stayed home in the morning but went out after Cole's nap (which ended up being 4 hours!) First we went to the park and enjoyed this perfect weather. Then we went to the mall and I found some summer clothes since I've lost so much weight that my summer stuff is about 3 sizes too big! I've been pregnant the last 2 summers and before that I weighed much more than I do now.

The kiddos are doing really well in general. Everyone is healthy for the moment. Cole's potty training was set back a little the last week but he seems to be back to normal now. He had one accident last Tuesday at night (the first nighttime one since we started) and had a few more during the day, but now he is back on track. He hasn't had any today so I think we are doing good. Rylie started sitting up yesterday. She sat for like 5 minutes with nothing around her at Sherri's and today she's been sitting up a lot too. She usually gets bored and dives to get to a toy though. She's really trying to crawl and has been scooting backwards and rolling to get to stuff. She is growing up WAY too fast.
4/13/2008 9:21:04 AM
Doing really well!
Rylie has been doing really well with her nebulizer. She coughed through the first night but the next she barely coughed. Last night we were able to only do one of the medicines and she still slept through the night laying down, with NO coughing!! It was great! This morning she was rattly, I did her neb, and she sounds perfectly clear. It really seems to be helping her. Hopefully she will only need this while she's sick, but at least we have something to do when she gets bad. It'll be interesting to see what the doctor says once he sees the videos that I have taken of her having problems.
4/10/2008 9:07:06 PM
Rylie part 2
Rylie had her appointment today with an asthma specialist. He said what I'm describing sounds like asthma, but she wasn't sounding too bad at the appointment. He gave us a nebulizer and some medications that we will be using as a trial for 3 weeks. If the medicine fixes her problems, then she probably does have asthma. If not, we'll have to do some searching to figure out what is going on with her breathing/coughing. I'm just excited to be able to try something rather than sit around and listen to my baby having difficulty breathing! She had her first treatment this morning and has seemed to be doing pretty good today. Her cold also seems to be calming down so I'm sure that helps too.
4/9/2008 12:24:29 PM
I forgot to mention, Rylie started holding her own bottle last week! :) It is soooo nice!
4/9/2008 9:58:02 AM
I made Rylie an appointment for an asthma specialist for tomorrow morning. She is extremely sick again and can't sleep from coughing. She slept propped up last night, but still coughed the night away. I had to give her a bath at 2:30 in the morning so she could breath. I decided just to go to a specialist since the pediatrician never wants to do anything for her. I will update hopefully tomorrow night before bed. I'm working til 7:30 so it will be a long day for me!
4/7/2008 4:45:58 AM
I just can't decide...
Lately, I have been struggling with the decision to work. The kids go to my moms right now and do well there, but when she can't watch them or I have to work an extra day, they come to work with me. When they come to my work, they immediately get sick. Cole was there Wednesday and started getting sick Friday. Rylie was there Friday and got a cold today. She was up a lot tonight having trouble breathing. The poor little thing has been healthy a total of about a month of her life I'm guessing.
I watched the family that I took care of at Children's World and eventually nannied for go through this, and I always wondered as the little one was in and out of the hospital over the years, why the mom continued working. I get it now.. It is hard to give up your job, be at home 24/7, and have your life revolve around nothing but your kids. At the same time, working and money don't seem to outweigh the benefits of being at home these first couple of years.
I go through this over and over again but yet, when I actually think about putting in my 2 week notice at work, I can't do it. Ugh.
4/5/2008 8:01:35 AM
Cole and Rylie were both better for about week and a half. Wednesday Cole was at my work because I helped out there and worked an extra day due to being short staffed. Of course he woke up yesterday with a cold. UGH! Every time he goes there he ends up sick. I'm just not bringing him back there unless absolutely necessary.
On a good note, I had Rylie back at the doctor yesterday because her ear was draining a lot. I thought he ear infection might not be gone, but it is! She was perfectly healthy. Hopefully she can avoid getting this crap from Cole, but I doubt it.