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Monday, March 31, 2008

March 2008

3/31/2008 9:50:01 AM
It's been awhile...
Well, lets see. The kids were really sick about a week and a half ago so I took them to the doctor. They both had sinus infections and Rylie also had an ear infection. They were up all night coughing for days and we were all just exhausted. They were put on an antibiotic and are doing much better. Rylie had a really fussy night the other night and was up pretty much the entire time. We got about an hours worth of sleep that night. I have no idea what the issue was. She was on the last day of her medicine, so I doubt it was related to either infection. Now she seems fine and is sleeping normally.

Potty training is going very well. He has an accident probably everyday but it is a little drop and he stops it and tells me that he has to go. We stopped using pull ups at night and for naps because he always stays dry. We use pullups when we will in the car, but that is about it. I won't buy any after this pack is gone. He does so well with holding it.

Rylie has been eating baby food lately. She has had pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, peaches(the night the she was up all night so we are holding off on those for now) and now squash. She isn't very happy with green beans and peaches, but we'll keep trying.
3/28/2008 10:13:45 PM
Cole is the cutest!
Haha. Just for fun I entered Cole in a little baby photo contest and he won on the first picture I submitted! There's no prize or anything, it's just for fun. Cute little stinker.
3/16/2008 12:34:44 PM
Worst mess EVER!
Today I went to switch a load of laundry around and noticed all the clothes had little gel balls all over them. Apparently, I washed a PULL UP with the clothes by mistake :( It was a horrible horrible mess. I started throwing them into the drier already, so not only was the entire load of laundry covered in it, the washer and drier were as well. I spent probably 2 hours rinsing each individual piece of clothing and washing out the washer and the drier. I still have to clean up the mess in the carpet and bathroom. Ugh. I will never make that mistake again.
Oh by the way, Cole has only had 2 accidents in the last 4 and a half days. :)
3/10/2008 12:03:20 PM
The Joy of Potty Training!
Cole has been doing very well with potty training. Yesterday wasn't so great in the morning, but we started taking him to the potty every half hour instead of every 45 minutes and he did great. Today he has had a couple accidents, but there is one drip of pee (about the size of a dime) in his underwear and he tells me "potty, pee." Then when I put him on the potty, he finishes in there. The last 2 times he stopped and told me potty before he even dripped any! He's doing great :) I'm a little worried about tomorrow because he is going to my work instead of my mom's. He does very well at Grandma's but a daycare is a different story. I don't see how he'll do very good. They will have to take him every 30 min which would be very hard to do with 20 other toddlers running around. Hopefully he does ok though. I'm bringing ALL of his underwear and like 6 pairs of pants!
Yesterday he decided to pee on the floor and let it go all over. All the sudden I heard the pee hitting the floor and saw Cole bent over splashing his hand around in the stream! It was gross but funny at the same time. :) That was the only time he's let it rip and just peed all over the place.
Last Saturday Cole started throwing up. He threw up about 6 times and was done. Sunday and Monday he was crabby, but did fine. Wednesday came along and he had diarrhea. Then he was fine Thursday and Friday. All the sudden Saturday morning he had diarrhea again. I took him to the doctor and he said that he could have this on and off diarrhea for another week from this stomach viurs! He also has a cold along with his sister! I'm starting to think that we will forever have someone sick in the house. :( At least it is nothing serious though.
We are really looking forward to spring so we can play outside! Cole loves it so we'll be making daily trips to the park this summer on the weekends! I can't wait for the fresh air.