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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 2008

12/15/2008 10:06:57 AM
December so far

December has been pretty interesting so far. Rylie had a really bad cold over Thanksgiving and we had to put her back on Pulmicort and Albuterol. Cole has had a cough since a week before Thanksgiving. All of his other cold symptoms have been gone for about 2 weeks, but his cough still lingers. He has been more crabby than ever so I figured he was going to cut his two year molars. He hasn’t yet, so I’m guessing it is more from being sick. Rylie came down with ANOTHER cold Friday. She was healthy for less than a week. She woke up with a fever on Sunday morning so we decided to take both of them to urgent care. The doctor had to have a nurse clean all the wax out of Cole’s ears so she could see his ear drums, and Cole hated it. It took both Matt and I to hold him still while she sprayed warm water in and cleaned all the buildup out. After that, the doctor came back in and saw that Cole has an ear infection. Good thing she had them cleaned out of she wouldn’t have seen it! She also suggested that we use Rylie’s Albuterol on Cole while he has this cough since he only coughs at night and for his nap. She said Rylie looks like her right ear might turn into an ear infection any day now. For now it is just a viral thing, but if she still has symptoms in a few days we have to take her back in. I’m staying home with the kids today but hopefully she’ll be well enough to go to Grandma Case’s tomorrow so I won’t miss too much work. She is still sleeping which is over 2 hours later than usual, so that is a good thing. She woke up at her usual time, I gave her Ibuprofen and a drink and she went right back to sleep.

Rylie also cut two teeth over the last week so she has been sleeping a ton. She’s been taking one long 4 hour nap most days, and other days she takes 2 naps that total 5 or 6 hours. It isn’t like her, but we let her sleep if she’s tired.

Rylie also found a new favorite thing to play with. She really likes pretending with dolls. She got a new baby doll over the weekend that Cole picked out for her. It has a cat costume on (it was a halloween doll) and she LOVES it. She plays with it for hours at a time, feeding it bottles and with a spoon. She throws blankets on it, gives it hugs and kisses, and then throws it on the floor. It is hilarious to watch her pretend at such a young age. Also, she started nodding her head yes. She uses yes and no appropriately which is also neat to see in such a young baby. She constantly amazes us with the new things she does.

I had to return one of the dolls that I bought her a few months ago because I saw on the internet a news feature about it. The doll is supposed to just be saying baby babble, but it actually says "Islam is the light." As soon as I saw the clip I could hear it in the doll. I checked hers that I had in the closet, and sure enough, it was clear as could be. I researched it and Fisher Price took out the sound clip that says that and they claim it isn’t scripted and does not say that. I am very certain that it does say the phrase though. I’ll include a link to a video of it, and you’ll be able to hear it. The girl at target was shocked and called the store manager to talk to him about it. I went and checked the dolls on the shelf and none of them say it, so Fisher Price really did take that sound clip out of it. I’m sure that doll would be worth some money some day, but I still returned it because I just wouldn’t feel right about getting money for that sort of thing. It was pretty creepy. It was too bad because Rylie LOVED that doll and picked it out herself. Cole came with me to buy Rylie a new doll, and he really wanted to get the same one we returned, but I just didn’t want to take the chance of something else being hidden in the babble. Some say that it says something about Satan, so we just got a different doll that doesn’t talk :)
Here is a video of it. It is pretty strange!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 2008

11/23/2008 3:02:45 PM


11/23/2008 3:02:13 PM

The other day Cole told me what sound every letter made from A-R. He is one smart 2 year old. He’s been watching a Leap Frog DVD that teaches what the letters are and what sound they make. He’s picked it up over the last couple weeks. I’m really impressed with that little guy! He has also been doing great with staying dry too. He stopped his little phase of having little dribble accidents several times a day, so we are good in that area too! For awhile after he had the last tummy bug, he was even pooping in his underwear. We were concerned but at least he’s turned things around now and is better than ever with it. He goes for a couple hours now without going potty and stays completely dry. Yay!
Rylie is doing good with it too. She wears undwear every now and then but that is mostly to help with her diaper rash. She stays dry for a while but isn’t ready to be in underwear all the time yet.

Toys are fine for Christmas. :) I won’t restrict it so much like with Rylie’s birthday. I do want to ask people to avoid large items as we are really cramped here! Once we move we’ll be able to have more space for toys, but for this last Christmas in the condo we’d like smaller gifts if possible.

I have spent a long time today picking out items for Cole’s wishlist. I’m working on Rylie’s right now. I found a lot of stuff that I think he would really enjoy. I tried to pick out many different priced items so there is a good variety for whatever people want to spend. If you buy something from the wishlist, send me an email and I’ll remove it right away so we don’t get repeats. The prices on here seem very good and most of the toys have free shipping if you spend a total of $25 or more. It’s a pretty nice deal! Many of these toys you can’t find at Target and Walmart. I have tried looking in retail stores and really don’t find much for Cole’s age. Most of the stuff is too babyish or too old for him. He is really in need of some big boy toys though. He’s very bored with what he has for the most part. Again, just let me know if you get something off the list and we’ll make sure we take it off right away! Thanks!

11/9/2008 8:16:27 AM
Rylie Update
To start off, I forgot to write about Rylie's 1 year doctor's visit. She was 19 lbs 14 oz which is only the 30th percentile for weight. Her height and head are still in the 75th percentile so the doctor is still concerned (he was a bit worried at her 9 month check up for the same reason). They want to see the percentiles match up a bit closer than 30 and 75, so we have to work at putting some weight on her. He said to give her Pediasure once a day and to just keep feeding her as much as she'll eat. It is amazing how much food that little girl can eat when she wants to. It is frustrating because she does eat a lot, but yet she isn't gaining weight as fast as the doctor would like. I'm trying to stay positive about it because she looks fine. I really don't think she looks too skinny. She has chubby cheeks and a big ol belly so I'm not too worried. She is just a very active baby and she seems to have a fast metabolism. Now we have started offering her more snacks and keep trying different foods at meals until she is stuffed full. She likes the pediasure, so no problems there. She was healthy in all other areas.

She had 4 shots one being her first flu shot. She didn't do too bad. She cried but calmed down quickly. Cole also got a flu shot and did great. He cried but was fine and happy with the nurse right away after. She was happy he didn't hold a grudge. Rylie broke out in a bumpy rash this week so I figure it is probably from the shots. She's been running a really low fever also, so I'm guessing that is from the shots too. I think Cole had a similar reaction one or two times.

Rylie is still going on the potty regularly. She does tell us poop sometimes when she goes, but she still goes in her diaper too. She went 2 days without pooping in her diaper and went poop in the potty 3 times each day so that was awesome. We haven't caught her at the right time today, but it still helps. I'm trying to keep her from pooping in her diaper since she always has such a bad diaper rash. So far, the rash is gone! We hope we can keep it that way.
11/4/2008 5:36:26 PM
Rylie goes potty!
So I know this is hard to believe, but Rylie has gone poop and pee on the potty several times now. She went poop and pee (separate occasions) for the first time last Friday, and has gone several times every day since then. In fact, Jessa said that she went 5 or 6 times already today with several different people at daycare. It looks like she could very well be potty trained before Cole was fully in "big boy" underwear at 20 months. She has 8 months to get there.
11/3/2008 7:07:03 AM
Halloween and Rylie's First Birthday Party
Friday was Halloween. We started out going to school (New Horizon where I work). All the kids in the building went on a Halloween parade dressed in their costumes. It was adorable to see them all dressed up, especially the babies and toddlers. Cole of course wouldn't walk with his class, he had to walk with me. I pushed the 6 seater stroller with Rylie in it and Cole helped. They all seemed to like it. Both kids were monkeys. After school/work we went to Great Grandma's house and visited for a little while. We stopped at Auntie Janes and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa Case's for trick or treating with Jayda. Cole loved trick or treating. It took a good 5 houses of Cole walking very slow and cautiously before I realized that we forgot to put shoes on his feet. The poor kid was walking in the street with just his socks on!! I felt bad and carried him the rest of the way. He said "trick or treat" over and over again at every house. He pretty much said it all the way up the driveway. They got TONS of candy and had fun.

The next day was Rylie's first birthday party. It was a crazy morning getting all the last odds and ends for the party. I decided to put Rylie on the potty before her bath because she has been pooping in the bathtub a lot lately. I told her to go poop, and sure enough she did! 12 months old-very impressive! Rylie took a nap while I ran out and got her balloons and a few last food items. It started at 10:30 and we had egg bake( thanks to Grandma Score), muffins, cinnamon rolls, and fruit. We ate, opened presents, and had cake and ice cream. Cole had a rough day understanding why it was Rylie's birthday and not his. He pretty much opened all of her presents, but she didn't care. She was happy playing with the paper and watching. It turned out well and we had fun. Afterwords was Jakob's birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa Case's. Cole had a blast and didn't want to leave like usual.

On Sunday I tried putting Rylie on the potty again in the morning and she peed right away. I guess she gets what the potty is for, so we are going to start putting her on the potty more often and let her go at her own pace with it. I'm so proud of her. She is a little smarty pants.

Friday, October 31, 2008

October 2008

10/23/2008 8:31:38 AM
Rylie's First Birthday!!!
Today is Rylie's first birthday. We aren't really able to fully celebrate because yesterday Rylie and Cole both ended up with a stomach virus. Rylie had diarrhea 9 times and Cole threw up once yesterday. Yesterday we had plans to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa Case's because I had a meeting at work that would go past bedtime for the kids. My mom called me before I left work and let me know that they were sick. She was great about it and took care of them while I went to my meeting. Today they are both fine, but Rylie still doesn't have normal poop. We are keeping them on the BRAT diet through tomorrow night and then we'll slowly introduce dairy back into their diet since we know they are both sensitive to that.

My director at work was really nice about it and let me go home at 10am. I wanted to relieve my mom of the sick kids and spend time with Rylie on her birthday. I had ordered a free Byerlys first birthday cake for Rylie before I knew she was sick, so I went to pick that up on my way home from work. For now I put it in the fridge. We'll do it Saturday maybe.

The kids took a nap right when we got home, and afterwords we ate dinner which was a very exciting birthday dinner! It was chicken noodle soup, saltines, apples, bread, and pedialyte. MMMM!!! They didn't mind. Rylie handled the soup well, so it seems like she's on the track to getting better. Cole only ate apples and bread, so not sure how he'd handle other food yet.

We gave Rylie a couple presents- a blanket and a book and then bathed the kids and put them to bed. They are both very tired and need their rest. Lets hope nobody else picks up the bug!!!
10/3/2008 2:48:22 AM
Well once again I changed my mind. I'm taking the assistant director position at my work. I'll now be working 5 days a week :( It is excited and very sad at that same time. I LOVE my days off with the kids and will miss it like crazy. This will allow us to buy a new house much sooner and we really need that. Rylie needs a bedroom and the kids need a yard to play in. I'm not sure how long I will keep working full time after we get our house, we'll have to see how things are going. I'm gonna miss my time with my babies :(

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 2008

9/30/2008 12:00:00 AM
Chatty Kids
Cole and Rylie have been talking like crazy these last couple of weeks. Cole is completely talking in sentences which is unbelievably cute. His latest thing is telling me "I like that" whenever he sees something on tv or in a magazine that he likes at all. Today he saw a little picture of a monster in my Parenting magazine and he said "I like that Mommy!" He says new things everyday that surprise me. Over the weekend I videotaped him singing his ABC's and he does it really well. He also sang Mary had a little lamb that was really cute as well. He went accident free today!! Yay. Let's hope that keeps up!

Rylie has been talking a lot too. Her latest thing is saying "oh man" that has evolved into "oh Matt". It is adorable. She also says Cole, Jayda, Dada, kitty, dog, k for monkey, k for milk, all done, and th for bath. She calls ma "da" just like Cole did (this is Jessa writing this by the way.) It took Cole forever to say Mommy and it seems Rylie will be that way too!

We have had great success with dairy for Rylie. She is on full dairy formula and has been eating dairy in her food as well. She can eat yogurt and cheese, so it's pretty official that she has outgrown her diet. The only time she threw up was this weekend. Her and Matt were wrestling around and all the sudden she puked on Matt. It was right have she ate a HUGE lunch and then drank some 1% milk. I think it was more because she was jumping around right after eating a huge meal. She seemed fine otherwise.

My work has been offering me a job as an assistant director and my current center. It would require me to work 5 days a week as it would be salary. I have been considering it, but I don't think I am going to take it. I have the rest of my life to work full time, right now I just want to enjoy my children while they are little. Once they are in school I will definately go down that path, but for now, I'm going to stay put and enjoy my 2 days off with my kids. Working 3 days a week is hard at times. I can't imagine adding in 2 more days at this point. Maybe in a couple years it'll work, but not now. I enjoy my kids too much. :)
9/15/2008 2:54:22 PM
Rylie's birthday
I just updated Rylie's wishlist on http://www.wishlistr.com/rylie. There are only a few things on there because we have SOOO many toys already. I'm hoping we can limit the amount of toys she gets this year and keep it to just a few things. The only thing I can think of that she'll actually need is clothing. She'll need 18 months shirts and dresses sometime in the winter, so that is all. We have plenty of 12 months pants (which I'm sure she'll be in for a LONG time). Avoid 2 piece outfits because the pants will probably be too big on her. We have plenty of pajamas as well. Feel free to skip a present this year if you want (although I know some of you really like shopping for baby stuff so go for it if you want to). She really does have way too many toys as it is! :)
9/15/2008 11:27:09 AM
She can eat dairy!
Wednesday I decided to try a piece of cheese with Rylie. She ate the whole thing and nothing happened. The next day at my mom's house she tried some goldfish crackers and did very well with them. She loved them and no puking. Saturday I decided to try mixing in regular formula with hers, and she has done great. She had 2 oz of dairy formula in with 6 oz of her hypoallergenic kind. Today I started mixing half and half, so we'll see how well she handles that much. We'll slowly keep adding more and more dairy until she is on full regular formula. I can't wait to start feeding her any food that we are eating without having to worry about it.
9/2/2008 6:27:37 PM
What a pretty sight
This morning Rylie woke up with a diaper that had leaked through onto her pjs. I changed her diaper, took off her wet pjs and didn't dress her because Cole was still sleeping and her clothes are in his room. Well she was pretty fussy so I fed her breakfast and she was ready for a nap by 8am which is about 2 hours early. I figured her being in just a diaper was just fine and she'd be up quickly since it was such an early nap.

About two hours later I still hadn't heard a peep on the baby monitor, so I went in the room to check on her. I instantly smelled poop and knew that she had been up for a while. When I looked at her I was shocked. There was poop all over her, including her face!! She had pooped while she was in there and it came out the top front of her diaper. She decided to play in it and smeared it all over her sheet, her blanket, pacifiers, and even her face! It wasn't pretty.

I had Makia (a 5 year old I was babysitting) go grab me some wipes so I could wipe up a little of the poop off of her while I started a bath. I had John (a 3 year old) entertain Cole while I washed up Rylie and cleaned up the rest of the poopy mess. Whew.. it was quite an interesting morning. At least I had a couple extra hands to help me out. Hopefully we won't ever have to experience that again!! Rylie enjoyed it though. She was all smiles when I took her out of the crib and cleaned her up. :)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 2008

8/17/2008 7:38:28 AM
She can walk!!
Rylie has been taking more and more steps lately if you stand her up and hold out your hands to her. She'll walk to you, around 3 steps at a time usually. Well Tuesday I went to go pick the kids up after work. As I opened the door to my parents' house, I saw Rylie walk across the living room floor. She took a good 6 steps before sitting down. It was amazing!! That night she kept taking more steps so we captured some on video. Since then she stands up and just starts walking!! Fairly often she'll get a good 4-8 steps in and then falls or sits down. She's doing awesome!! She's only 9 months old which is about a month earlier than Cole walked. These kids really like to grow up too fast!!!

Right now we are kitty sitting for my parents. They got a second kitten last weekend and found out a few days later that she has feline lukemia. They immediately took her back to the breeder, and took the first kitten to be tested. The first kitten came back negative of it, so she's staying at our house while my parent's house is under a 30 day kitty quaranteen. It is contageous so you have to wait 30 days before introducing a cat to the envioronment. She might still have the disease though. We won't truly know until November when she gets retested. She's such a cute little kitty, I really hope she doesn't have it. Cole and Rylie both LOVE this cat. They play with her all day and barely touch toys or watch tv. They giggle so loud when she gets rowdy and playful. It is adorable. I love having a cat in the house again. I didn't realize how much I missed having one around. Once we get a house (hopefully next year sometime) we'll get a kitty of our own.
8/6/2008 3:06:12 PM
Still intollerant of dairy and soy
Over the weekend we tried soy formula again with Rylie. She was fine all day until around 9pm she threw up. It was enough to make her throw up a little, so we decided no soy formula for her. Today I gave Rylie about an ounce of milk in with her bottle and she threw up a few hours later. This time it was A LOT of puke. There is no way she could have dairy yet. We were hoping she would have grown out of it, but I guess she's going to take after her brother and not grow out of it just yet. Cole was able to have milk after 11 months, so we're hoping that will be Rylie's case too. Just a couple months to go (she's 9 months right now)!

She eats foods with soy in them and it doesn't seem to bother her tummy. I think it takes a lot of soy to bother her. As of now we don't feed her any dairy. I'm sure it wouldn't go over well if she can't even handle half an ounce of milk.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 2008

7/28/2008 1:00:28 PM
Madison/Oshkosh Trip
Over the past weekend we went to visit my brother Nate in Madison and also took a trip to Oshkosh for my cousin Stephanie's baby shower. Matt and I took the day off on Friday and we packed up and left around 1pm. The trip went really well for the most part. The kids were good in the car. They took a nap for the first half of the trip and then watched DVDs for the end of it. Once we got to Madison it was a different story. The kids were starting to get hungry. We were planning on stopping at Nate's and then going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We ended up getting in a tiny car accident. There was no damage and it would have normally been a situation where you'd just drive away, but the other people were babies. They wife said her neck hurt (even though she was bending over looking under the car for damage). By the time the police got there she was back in the car. They took her away on a freaking backboard and stretcher in an ambulance. It was ridiculous. The accident was a little bump. The kids didn't notice or make a peep. It felt more like we went over a curb than anything. I think she was just being overly dramatic and didn't need any of that. It was silly. We were held up for about half and hour and the kids were getting pretty fussy. Rylie had a poopy diaper so I had to change her in the car and Cole was just hungry and sick of being in the car. Finally we got to Nate's, used the potty, and then off to Texas Roadhouse. It was fun and SOO good.

The kids had a lot of fun over the weekend. Cole went to bed pretty easily but Rylie didn't. She was a little stinker and wouldn't go to sleep until around midnight. Then Saturday night the same thing happened. Cole went to sleep when I put him in bed, but Rylie just cried and cried. She was up in the night a couple times Friday night and woke up before 7 both days. It was annoying!! Besides the accident and Rylie being a stinker with sleep, it was a really fun weekend.

Saturday we got up and went to Oshkosh. We hung out at the shower for a few hours and then went to Aunt Bonnie's for a little while. Most of the time the kids sat in the car sleeping and we just sat outside so they could get a nap in. Then we went to FAZOLI'S!!! I was pretty excited about it since there really aren't any in Minnesota anymore. Saturday night the kids played for a while and then went to bed.

Sunday morning we got all packed up and then went to the zoo in Madison with Nate and Amanda. It was an awesome zoo and it was free! I like it better than the Minnesota Zoo and it was nice because it wasn't nearly as crowded. The kids loved it. Then we went to McDonalds for lunch and headed on our way back home. The drive went smoothly. The kids slept most of the way home. We stopped for a potty and gas break and that was it. Once we got hom the kids were REALLY crabby. They went to sleep easily and slept until their normal time this morning!! I was worried their schedules would be all screwed up but they both didn't make a peep all night long :) It was great to get a full night's sleep. We really liked Madison though and are hoping to make a trip there next summer too and possibly go to the Dells.
7/28/2008 7:20:07 AM
Where did July go?
Wow time is flying by. I haven't updated in a while so I figured I should write about what we have been up to all month.

After the last entry on Cole's birthday, we opened some presents and went to swimming. After swimming Daddy injured his eye pretty badly working out and we all had to make a 9pm trip to the emergency room. The kids were all ready for bed so we grabbed them and went. Rylie immediately fell asleep in the car and was out for the night. Cole on the other hand was running wild in the ER. He was all over the place climbing on things, talking to people, etc. At one point I was taking him potty. He finished up and I was cleaning off his little potty ring to put it back in the diaper bag. He was behind me and I heard him say "okay let's pray. blah blah blah blah down to sleep, blah blah blah to keep, blah blah blah take. Amen. Night night Shhh Shh Shh:" I turn around and see him laying flat on the floor on his tummy in the ER bathroom pretending to sleep!! Not exactly a clean place but it was soo funny. He was pretty obnoxious for a couple hours. Finally around 11 I walked him in the stroller until he fell asleep. It was a pretty exciting end to his birthday for him. He had a blast. Matt had bleeding in his eye for over a week and had to keep his eyes dilated. It was over the 4th of July weekend. He was really tired and in quite a bit of pain until Monday..

Cole had a birthday party the Saturday after his birthday with the Case side of the family. He had a fever that day that had no other symptoms and dissappeared the next day. He got lots of puzzles, a bike, some Color Wonder markers and paint stuff, clothes, and some books. He had a good time at his Blue's Clue's party even though he had a fever. He loved all the decorations. We had pizza for dinner and a blue's clue's cake.

We celebrated Cole's birthday with Matt's side of the family also. We colored outside with sidewalk chalk and tried out Cole's new bubble machine. He had Elmo cupcakes and he loved them but would not eat Elmo. He seemed pretty upset at us for eating Elmo. :) It was too funny.

Rylie took her first steps this month! She will take a couple steps in between people if you stand her up and let her go. She stands alone for a long time and will slowly squat down to sit. She walks along the furniture really fast and I'm sure it is just a matter of time before she's walking.

At her 9 month checkup she was 18 pounds 3 oz and 28 inches. For weight that is the 40th percentile and height is 80th. The doctor is a little concerned about her weight being so low and suggested increasing the calories in her formula. Now we put an extra half scoop of formula in her 8 ounce bottles so she gets a little more. She doesn't seem to notice and still drinks it all, so it should be working. Also, I'm starting to feed her a lot more foods. She is pretty much rejecting all baby food now so once what we have is gone, we're done with that. It is so convienient for when we are out somewhere so I wish she'd keep eating it, but no such luck!! Her development was off the charts for her age so there is no concern there. We just have to fatten her up a little bit! He said it isn't a big thing yet, if the percentiles drop more by her 12 month check then we'll have to figure something out.
7/2/2008 3:32:17 PM
Happy Birthday Cole!!
Cole is two years old today! He is such a big boy. :) I figured I'd update with a few things to remind us of how Cole is at this time. He speaks in sentences sometimes. He named his sister Rory last week; I guess he was sick of saying Yiyee. Cole just learned how to jump well. He's been practicing for a while, but now he can jump on both feet! He can count, but he usually says "2, 3, 6." He sings his ABCs with help and knows a few of his colors. He is still sleeping in a crib because he hasn't tried to climb out yet. He'll be there for about 6 more months if he doesn't try to climb out. He is potty trained but still has accidents. He's 100% poop potty trained and night potty trained. He gets one M&M every time he goes potty and is still dry. Cole's favorite show is Max and Ruby. Along with that he watches Teletubbies, Blue's Clues, Elmo (not often anymore), Bindi the Jungle Girl, and Imagination Movers. His favorite foods are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pickles, pizza, oatmeal, and rice. He drinks about 5 cups of milk a day and is very addicted to it. He loves slides, swimming, animal flashcards, magnets, stickers, crayons, and markers. Cole folds his hands to say his prayers every night (well we say them and he jumps in on the parts he knows and says amen). He cries when we pray before we eat because he thinks it is time to go to bed. He calls his grandma's Gee-ma. Grandpas are still Bumpa. Mommy is Mommy, and Daddy is Daddy (with a british accent usually). Cole still drinks out of a sippy cup. He's started drinking some water out of a little Dixie cup at night but he's still figuring that out.

Rylie drives Cole crazy. She crawls around and gets into his toys. She chews up his flashcards, his magnets, his everything. He doesn't think she should stand up so he pushes her over when she does. At the same time, Cole loves his little sister. Just yesterday they were alone in the living room together and Matt heard Rylie laughing and Cole babbeling off some words. He peeked in and Cole was laying on top of Rylie on the floor. She just giggled away and loved it. Eventually she started to cry so he said to Daddy "I kiss?" and gave her a kiss on the head. She stopped crying right when he kissed her and giggled some more. Then she started crying again he did the same thing. Matt caught a little of it on tape. They are starting to play together more and more everyday. Rylie loves following him around. Cole wears a 2 or 3T shirt depending on the brand and just moved up to 24 months pants! He is an amazing little guy and too cute for words.
7/1/2008 8:15:16 PM
Camping was great!
We went camping last week from Tuesday after work to Sunday morning. We stayed in cabins and Lamb's Resort in Schroeder Minnesota. It was a ton of fun for us all. Our cabin consisted of 2 bedrooms, a living room and a very tiny kitchen. Matt, Rylie, and I slept in one room and Cole slept in the other with Grandma and Grandpa Score. They both had pack n plays to sleep in so they were pretty comfortable. We brought their fish aquariums and it seemed to help both of them sleep. They did great sleep wise. They slept from around 9pm to 7am everday which is their usual schedule. We had to make Rylie a little corner to crawl around in because there was so much for her to get into at the cabin. We blocked an area off with coolers and a bench and layed a big blanket down on the floor. We dumped out the kids' toys that we brought along, and let her play. She seemed to like it but liked it even more when someone sat in there with her and played. Cole spent a ton of time outside especially with Grandma. He found a hiking stick and looked soo cute holding it. He had fun with everyone there and was very outgoing. Rylie did well too. She didn't cry from any of the guys but they didn't try to hold her either. We warned everyone ahead of time that she'd be a little shy around men. She stuck with Great Grandma for most of the time. The two of them seemed to entertain eachother quite well and Rylie even fell asleep in Great Grandma's arms at least 2 of the nights.

We visited Grand Marais one day and bought some yummy food. Cole loved the donuts! He pigged out on a cake donut of Great Grandma's and then he had his own chocolate covered one. He also tried out his new monkey harness. It looks like a backpack and the monkey's tail is a leash. We got it for hiking, but he loved the freedom of walking around outside with it while we walked around town. He liked it much more than the stroller. We had lunch at My Sister's Place which is a very good little burger place. It has very unique kinds of burgers. Cole of course had peanut butter and jelly and passed on the burger and fries as usual.

We spent a lot of time sitting by Lake Superior and throwing rocks into the water. He filled his hat up with rocks and dumped them out over and over again. He went on a couple trails this year: Caribou and Temperance. Rylie also went on Temperance and she loved it. She rode in the front carrier on me and loved looking around at everything.

We borrowed my parents car DVD player so the kids were very good in the car. If they weren't sleeping, they just watched a DVD and they were content. Luckily it played two different DVDs because Cole wanted to watch Max and Ruby and Rylie wanted to watch Elmo. It worked wonderfully though. I might buy one sometime soon.

Overall the vacation was great. We can't believe it was over so quickly and can't wait to go again next year!

Monday, June 30, 2008

June 2008

6/3/2008 8:13:28 AM
Growing up way too fast...
Rylie pulled up to stand yesterday!! I was shocked. She was playing with this toy piano we have and she pulled up to her knees and then stood up holding onto the piano. This is about a month earlier than Cole did it. Also, she started clapping her hands yesterday too. She is getting to be such a big girl. It's exciting and sad at the same time. I want my baby to stay little!!!

They both have colds now. Cole started having a runny nose on Friday and Rylie started last night (Monday). I thought maybe Cole's cold was from Rylie had a runny nose for a couple days about 2 weeks ago, but I guess this is something different since she is sick again. I started her pulmicort and albuterol this morning. She was up about 20 times last night and slept a little better with tylenol so I'm sure she's not feeling well. Normally she sleeps through the night without even a peep. She woke up coughing a ton and her nose is running non-stop. Poor little baby! Cole was much better yesterday but then last night his nose starting running like crazy again.

We got to go to church last night for the first time in a few months. Grandma Score and Great Grandma babysat the kids while Matt and I went to church. It was nice to actually be able to go without worrying about keeping 2 little ones quiet.

6/1/2008 10:20:35 PM
Nice weekend :)
This weekend was really nice and relaxing. Saturday we went over to Sherri's to celebrate her birthday so the kids got to play with their 2nd cousins again. They love it! Cole was really excited to go see Aiden again and Rylie and Lilli tried eating each other as usual. Mady snoozed with her dog Trinka which was incredibly cute. She was sleeping on the floor and Trinka came and laid her head right down on her. I got some good pictures and will hopefully have those up on snapfish soon. I'm off work Monday and Tuesday this week so I'll have time to get some of that stuff done.
Today we relaxed and went for a swim in the pool. It was Rylie's first time (out of my tummy) in the pool and she loved it!!! She was kicking like crazy (just like she did last year while she was in my tummy in the pool)and splashed around a lot. Cole still likes his little float from last year so I bought Rylie one today. Now they can float around together!! It will make life easier on us while they are in the pool.

Rylie is officially crawling now. She finally stopped her army crawl and is on her hands and knees. She also crawls over to things and gets up on only her knees. I'm sure she'll pull herself up to stand VERY soon. She is doing everything super early. Also, we struggle sooooo much to feed her baby food. I decided to give up and let her win. She'll now be eating table food since it takes 30 min for her to eat ONE jar of baby food. The challenge will be finding foods that contain neither dairy or soy. That is even more difficult than it was with Cole. He was fine with soy. She does have small amounts of soy without a reaction (baby puffs have it in them), but I'm not sure where to draw the line. For the most part we'll just avoid soy whenever possible until she's close to a year old. Hopefully she'll follow in Cole's footsteps and grow out of her allergies by then.

Cole has been having some trouble with going potty lately. Every few days he will have like 12 accidents in a day. It was really weird and I'm not sure what is going on. Usually he's just too busy playing and doesn't tell us he has to go. Today he had a very good day with only one accident. Yesterday I think he made it the entire day without an accident, so maybe that is getting better again. His "accidents" are like the size of a quarter so it isn't too bad. He never has poop accidents either which is wonderful!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 2008

5/19/2008 11:48:35 AM
She's a mover
Keeping Rylie still is nearly impossible these days. As soon as you lay her down to change her diaper she scoots on her back away from you and wiggles like crazy. I think she is more hyper than Cole ever was at this point. Also, last night she crawled a little bit!! She crawled a little and then gave up and scooted but she definitely crawled. This morning she did a little more and she's up on her hands and knees nonstop. She'll be getting into everything in no time! Cole won't like having to keep the gate closed again. I'm sure he'll cry about it everyday, but we'll have to do it for a while. Maybe once she's walking we'll be able to let her have free roam of the house like Cole does.
5/18/2008 9:58:42 AM
Finally better!
The good news is that Cole is finally over the diarrhea he got last weekend. He's had it a couple times everyday and finally went all day yesterday with none!! I'm hoping this means he is done, but I'm aware that he'll probably still have it until tomorrow so he's still on a little food restriction.
The bad news is that Matt has it now. Last night he felt really tired and his stomach hurt and he ended up throwing up in the middle of the night. Now he's just really tired and taking a nap, but I think he's feeling a little better.
I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Friday which was really painful that day but I'm getting better. I was surprised at how bad it actually hurt but now I'm to where I expected the pain to be. I'm still a little swollen but they said that should go down after 48 hours (which I'm almost at).
Cole spent the night at Grandma Case's on Friday to make things easier on me. He was really excited to go since he hadn't been there all week. Tuesday Matt stayed home with the kids because my mom got Rotavirus. Then Thursday Rylie had a fever so I stayed home with her. Cole was stuck at home all week and was getting very bored, so he really enjoyed his night at Grandma's.
Rylie had a fever all day Wednesday, Thursday, and half of Friday. I took her to the doctor Friday morning and the doctor said she just has a cold that is causing the fever. She has almost no cold symptoms, so it is weird. Maybe twice a day her nose drips and she coughs very rarely. We've been giving her tylenol and ibuprofen every now and then to help with the pain. The doctor also said it looks like her two top teeth are coming in. Also, she has thrush again in her mouth. It is pretty common for babies on Pulmicort to get thrush, so it's no biggy. She was put on Diflucan for a week to get rid of the thrush. I just have to try a little harder to clean her mouth out after she gets her neb. I always do, but apparently not enough!
Rylie started scooting forward on Friday. Today she got up into a sitting position on her own when she was down on her tummy. She's becoming a big girl already. :(
5/15/2008 12:39:35 PM
Still sick
Cole has been sick since the weekend and he is STILL SICK. He'll be fine for almost 24 hours then all the sudden have diarrhea again. Rotavirus sucks! Jayda had it and is still sick too. She's on day 9 of it and still has diarrhea. We are still watching what we feed him but every now and then I give in and let him eat something he's begging for and he gets sick right away. Poor little guy. I've been letting him have milk too since he really won't drink anything else. Last time he had a stomach virus the doctor said milk was ok even if it does give him diarrhea. I'm just watering it down with half water and using 1%instead of whole milk.

In other sicky baby news Rylie is now sick too. I noticed her nose dripping a little Tuesday and yesterday. She has been fussy since Monday so I figured she was coming down with something. Last night she had a fever that got up to 102 while being on tylenol AND ibuprofen. Poor baby :(
Now she has a bit of a cough but so far not too bad. I increase her Pulmicort dosage back up to 2 times per day since she's sick. We've been on one dose for a little over a week but I figured that her cough might get worse so we should prevent that if possible. The poor baby looks just horrible. Her whole face is droopy and she just seems out of it. She's been sleeping non-stop the last couple days. I made a doctor's appointment for her for in the morning so we'll see what they say.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow as well. I'll have to go drop Cole off at Grandma Case's and then drive back here for Rylie's appointment. Then Matt will meet us at home and he'll drive me to get my teeth out. It doesn't sound like I'll have too fun of a weekend. Blah.
5/12/2008 10:05:32 AM
Cole's Wish List
With Cole's Birthday coming up in a little over a month, I started updating his wishlist. I'll continue to add things as we find them, but for now it is all up to date.
5/11/2008 5:40:40 PM
not soo bad
I stayed home with Cole today while Matt went and saw his family with Rylie. Cole hasn't thrown up or had diarrhea since the first time he did it this morning so maybe we're ok. He ate a piece of toast, some saltines, and graham crackers and hasn't had any reaction. He's begging for milk and pancakes but we're holding off on that.
After his nap he got really excited and said "Go see Aiden!" He thought since we did that yesterday after his nap that he was going to see his friend Aiden again. Poor guy! It was very cute though.
Yesterday we went to Sherri's for Grandma DeRusha's 75th bday party. Cole and Aiden played together and so did Rylie and Lilli. I love watching them all play. They are so cute together. A bunch of people played wiffle ball in the rain which was pretty funny and they all were SOAKED. Cole and Aiden got to play outside in the rain too. They loved it and didn't want to come in. I'm REALLY hoping Cole didn't get anyone sick yesterday.
5/11/2008 10:10:08 AM
not again...
For the THIRD time since the start of the year Cole has a stomach virus. There was one going around at work and I had it last weekend. I figured we were in the clear since Cole didn't have any symptoms but today he had diarrhea once and threw up once. That was well over an hour ago and he hasn't thrown up again so I'm praying that this will be mild and he won't anymore. He is begging for milk and rolling around on the floor, but I'm not going to let him have any for a few days. Poor kid- milk is his world.
Oh and I should mention that today is mother's day. So instead of going and spending time with family as planned, I'm stuck at home with Cole while he's sick. Sometimes I hate working at a daycare. I seem to get everything and spread it to my kids. :(

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 2008

4/30/2008 2:40:44 PM
Separate entry for a whole differnet issue....
It is 2:30 and Cole is FINALLY sleeping (at least I think). He is quiet so that is good enough for me. I have been peed on TWICE today and Cole has thrown a ton of tantrums. He has started wanting to watch himself pee, so he sits on the toilet and holds himself up so he can see the pee. While he does this, he ends up missing the shield on the potty seat and peeing on whatever is in front of him (usually me). I was furious last time and yelled at him, so hopefully he'll stop.. If not, I'm going to start making him pee on the potty without the little seat and see how he does. That way he can watch it go in the toilet. I doubt he'll go that way though. We'll see I guess.
4/30/2008 2:36:34 PM
Asthma Specialist Visit
Rylie went back to the Allergy and Asthma doctor today and he watched the video we made of Rylie coughing and rattling. He said that the medication will help her kind of coughing and since it seems like it did, we should continue what we are doing. We can't really stop the meds until she has another cold. If she gets another cold and does much better than in the past, we know that she needs the meds. If she isn't much better, then we'll maybe back off the Pulmicort because then it probably isn't doing much for her. He said if it does help, we can try just giving her one treatment a day instead of 2 and eventually stop all together until it is fall and cold season again. We just have to wait and see at this point. I'm glad I brought in the video so he could see for himself and make the decision. I knew her coughing wasn't normal, but I second guessed myself a lot during the last three weeks as we've been using the nebulizer. I'm glad he has more info to go off of.
4/28/2008 9:58:49 PM
Rylie has a tooth! I just got done telling Matt and my mom that Rylie has a tooth and that she is sooooo not crabby from it and she just started being a little grump!! Poor thing. I gave her tylenol which didn't seem to do much and later gave her Ibuprofen. It hasn't done much either but she is finally sleeping. She basically cried herself to sleep which she NEVER does!! She's always such a happy baby, but not this evening!
4/27/2008 1:04:55 PM
It's official!
Cole hasn't had a nuk for a few days now and he doesn't ask for them. He is doing great with it. I think I might be more sad about it than he is. Now the only baby thing he has left is his crib. That we'll be keeping until he tries to climb out. He sleeps so peacefully in it, I'd hate to change that for no good reason. I'm hoping he'll stay in it until he's about 2 and a half.
4/23/2008 2:22:18 PM
Nukies are for babies!
On Monday I decided to try to get Cole to give up his nuk. He looks pretty silly with it now, and he only uses it to sleep anyway. I told him that nuks were icky and for babies. He said "for babies" over and over so I told him to go throw his away. He gladly threw them all in the trash. During his nap I went and got them out of the trash and washed and hid them in my room. He woke up after about an hour just screaming so I gave in and gave him one. That night when Matt got home Cole told Daddy that nukies are for babies and that he threw them away. When we put him to bed he didn't ask for them and didn't make a peep all night. The next day at Grandma's he woke up from his nap after 40 minutes and cried so after about 10 minutes my mom gave in and gave it to him again. Last night again, no nuk. Now today he is napping and he hasn't asked or woke up for it and we are over an hour into the nap!! Woo hoo! I think we are making progress :) Hopefully by the end of the week they will be gone. My little boy sure isn't a baby anymore :(

Today was Rylie's 6 month checkup. She weighs 16lbs 9oz and 26 and 1/2 inches long. Her weight was in the 60th percentile, length was 80th, and head was 60th. She did everything developmentally up to 8 months and a few things in the 9 month section on the paper they had me check off. She is doing great!! They said she can cut back on formula and start eating more solid foods and even try some table foods now that she can sit up. My baby is growing up way way way way too fast.
4/22/2008 6:35:30 AM
No milk for Rylie
Last night I decided to try regular formula for Rylie since she doesn't seem to like hers much. She did fine for a couple hours but then in the middle of the night she threw it all up. It was pretty forceful vomiting too. Sounded kind of like a dog throwing up :( Poor little thing. I'm guessing she'll be like Cole and intolerant of milk until she's a year old. It sucks because it makes feeding her soooo much more difficult. At least we have experience with figuring out what foods have milk. We won't make the same mistakes like we did with Cole. We gave him baby food with whey in it a couple times and he threw that up. Oh well.
4/20/2008 7:36:12 PM
First Timeout!
I was just saying yesterday how Cole has never had a timeout. Well now he has! The little stinker unrolled the toilet paper AGAIN! He has done it in the past and we firmly tell him no, you do not touch the toilet paper. This time I took him off the potty and put him in a timeout. He sat in the corner with a frown on his face and looked like he was going to cry. After about a minute and a half I went and talked to him about unrolling the toilet paper and told him to say sorry. Little stinker.

We had a really good weekend. Yesterday we went over to Sherri's and hung out with some of the DeRusha side of the family. Cole wasn't afraid of Aiden this time!! Rylie and Lilly like eachother too so it was pretty cute to see them together. Lilly did growl at Rylie and scare her a little but it was funny. It is just her way of talking. :) Cole and Aiden played together and once again loved looking at the fish together. Cole stayed up til almost 11 and was in a good mood the entire time which was very unexpected.

Today we stayed home in the morning but went out after Cole's nap (which ended up being 4 hours!) First we went to the park and enjoyed this perfect weather. Then we went to the mall and I found some summer clothes since I've lost so much weight that my summer stuff is about 3 sizes too big! I've been pregnant the last 2 summers and before that I weighed much more than I do now.

The kiddos are doing really well in general. Everyone is healthy for the moment. Cole's potty training was set back a little the last week but he seems to be back to normal now. He had one accident last Tuesday at night (the first nighttime one since we started) and had a few more during the day, but now he is back on track. He hasn't had any today so I think we are doing good. Rylie started sitting up yesterday. She sat for like 5 minutes with nothing around her at Sherri's and today she's been sitting up a lot too. She usually gets bored and dives to get to a toy though. She's really trying to crawl and has been scooting backwards and rolling to get to stuff. She is growing up WAY too fast.
4/13/2008 9:21:04 AM
Doing really well!
Rylie has been doing really well with her nebulizer. She coughed through the first night but the next she barely coughed. Last night we were able to only do one of the medicines and she still slept through the night laying down, with NO coughing!! It was great! This morning she was rattly, I did her neb, and she sounds perfectly clear. It really seems to be helping her. Hopefully she will only need this while she's sick, but at least we have something to do when she gets bad. It'll be interesting to see what the doctor says once he sees the videos that I have taken of her having problems.
4/10/2008 9:07:06 PM
Rylie part 2
Rylie had her appointment today with an asthma specialist. He said what I'm describing sounds like asthma, but she wasn't sounding too bad at the appointment. He gave us a nebulizer and some medications that we will be using as a trial for 3 weeks. If the medicine fixes her problems, then she probably does have asthma. If not, we'll have to do some searching to figure out what is going on with her breathing/coughing. I'm just excited to be able to try something rather than sit around and listen to my baby having difficulty breathing! She had her first treatment this morning and has seemed to be doing pretty good today. Her cold also seems to be calming down so I'm sure that helps too.
4/9/2008 12:24:29 PM
I forgot to mention, Rylie started holding her own bottle last week! :) It is soooo nice!
4/9/2008 9:58:02 AM
I made Rylie an appointment for an asthma specialist for tomorrow morning. She is extremely sick again and can't sleep from coughing. She slept propped up last night, but still coughed the night away. I had to give her a bath at 2:30 in the morning so she could breath. I decided just to go to a specialist since the pediatrician never wants to do anything for her. I will update hopefully tomorrow night before bed. I'm working til 7:30 so it will be a long day for me!
4/7/2008 4:45:58 AM
I just can't decide...
Lately, I have been struggling with the decision to work. The kids go to my moms right now and do well there, but when she can't watch them or I have to work an extra day, they come to work with me. When they come to my work, they immediately get sick. Cole was there Wednesday and started getting sick Friday. Rylie was there Friday and got a cold today. She was up a lot tonight having trouble breathing. The poor little thing has been healthy a total of about a month of her life I'm guessing.
I watched the family that I took care of at Children's World and eventually nannied for go through this, and I always wondered as the little one was in and out of the hospital over the years, why the mom continued working. I get it now.. It is hard to give up your job, be at home 24/7, and have your life revolve around nothing but your kids. At the same time, working and money don't seem to outweigh the benefits of being at home these first couple of years.
I go through this over and over again but yet, when I actually think about putting in my 2 week notice at work, I can't do it. Ugh.
4/5/2008 8:01:35 AM
Cole and Rylie were both better for about week and a half. Wednesday Cole was at my work because I helped out there and worked an extra day due to being short staffed. Of course he woke up yesterday with a cold. UGH! Every time he goes there he ends up sick. I'm just not bringing him back there unless absolutely necessary.
On a good note, I had Rylie back at the doctor yesterday because her ear was draining a lot. I thought he ear infection might not be gone, but it is! She was perfectly healthy. Hopefully she can avoid getting this crap from Cole, but I doubt it.

Monday, March 31, 2008

March 2008

3/31/2008 9:50:01 AM
It's been awhile...
Well, lets see. The kids were really sick about a week and a half ago so I took them to the doctor. They both had sinus infections and Rylie also had an ear infection. They were up all night coughing for days and we were all just exhausted. They were put on an antibiotic and are doing much better. Rylie had a really fussy night the other night and was up pretty much the entire time. We got about an hours worth of sleep that night. I have no idea what the issue was. She was on the last day of her medicine, so I doubt it was related to either infection. Now she seems fine and is sleeping normally.

Potty training is going very well. He has an accident probably everyday but it is a little drop and he stops it and tells me that he has to go. We stopped using pull ups at night and for naps because he always stays dry. We use pullups when we will in the car, but that is about it. I won't buy any after this pack is gone. He does so well with holding it.

Rylie has been eating baby food lately. She has had pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, peaches(the night the she was up all night so we are holding off on those for now) and now squash. She isn't very happy with green beans and peaches, but we'll keep trying.
3/28/2008 10:13:45 PM
Cole is the cutest!
Haha. Just for fun I entered Cole in a little baby photo contest and he won on the first picture I submitted! There's no prize or anything, it's just for fun. Cute little stinker.
3/16/2008 12:34:44 PM
Worst mess EVER!
Today I went to switch a load of laundry around and noticed all the clothes had little gel balls all over them. Apparently, I washed a PULL UP with the clothes by mistake :( It was a horrible horrible mess. I started throwing them into the drier already, so not only was the entire load of laundry covered in it, the washer and drier were as well. I spent probably 2 hours rinsing each individual piece of clothing and washing out the washer and the drier. I still have to clean up the mess in the carpet and bathroom. Ugh. I will never make that mistake again.
Oh by the way, Cole has only had 2 accidents in the last 4 and a half days. :)
3/10/2008 12:03:20 PM
The Joy of Potty Training!
Cole has been doing very well with potty training. Yesterday wasn't so great in the morning, but we started taking him to the potty every half hour instead of every 45 minutes and he did great. Today he has had a couple accidents, but there is one drip of pee (about the size of a dime) in his underwear and he tells me "potty, pee." Then when I put him on the potty, he finishes in there. The last 2 times he stopped and told me potty before he even dripped any! He's doing great :) I'm a little worried about tomorrow because he is going to my work instead of my mom's. He does very well at Grandma's but a daycare is a different story. I don't see how he'll do very good. They will have to take him every 30 min which would be very hard to do with 20 other toddlers running around. Hopefully he does ok though. I'm bringing ALL of his underwear and like 6 pairs of pants!
Yesterday he decided to pee on the floor and let it go all over. All the sudden I heard the pee hitting the floor and saw Cole bent over splashing his hand around in the stream! It was gross but funny at the same time. :) That was the only time he's let it rip and just peed all over the place.
Last Saturday Cole started throwing up. He threw up about 6 times and was done. Sunday and Monday he was crabby, but did fine. Wednesday came along and he had diarrhea. Then he was fine Thursday and Friday. All the sudden Saturday morning he had diarrhea again. I took him to the doctor and he said that he could have this on and off diarrhea for another week from this stomach viurs! He also has a cold along with his sister! I'm starting to think that we will forever have someone sick in the house. :( At least it is nothing serious though.
We are really looking forward to spring so we can play outside! Cole loves it so we'll be making daily trips to the park this summer on the weekends! I can't wait for the fresh air.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 2008

2/28/2008 5:24:51 AM
Ok I think I would be dumb to not potty train Cole now. He woke up at 4am and was crying/fussing. I ignored him since he really doesn't get up til 5:30 everyday. All the sudden at 4:40 he started crying more and saying PEEEEEEE! So I went in his room and he said "I pee, I potty." I took checked his diaper, it was completely dry, so I put him on the potty and he went. He held it for 40 minutes waiting for me to put him on the potty!! For some reason he is ok with peeing in his diaper during the day, but doesn't want to at night. I think I need to put him in some underwear this weekend and see what happens. Seems to me like he's potty training himself though.
In other news, little Miss Rylie gave us another scare. On Tuesday her eyes had a little green goop during the day, but she also has a cold. We figured it was the cold. All the sudden after we got home from work, her eyes got REALLY goopy and one eyelid was half swollen. She couldn't open her eye all the way. So I called the clinic and at this point figured it was pink eye. The nurse seemed really concerned and told me to take her to the Emergency Room. I didn't think pink eye could be serious and "ER worthy" but it is I guess if the eyelid gets swollen. So I took her, we were there til 1am and they said she has pink eye and something else which is basically her eye socket infected as well (although it is in the very early stages of it). This can put pressure on the optic nerve and you can go blind from it! Who knew? So she's now on an antibiotic and an eye ointment. Immediately after the first does, she was MUCH better. No more eye goop! Her eyes still look pink and her eye lids are still a little swollen, but she is doing much much better. :) Through all of this she has been very happy and hasn't been fussy at all!
2/25/2008 11:18:26 AM
Goin potty like a big boy..
Lately Cole has been waking up dry in the morning. 3 mornings last week he woke up dry, and went potty immediately on the toilet. This weekend he continued although Sunday and Monday he woke up a little wet but still peed right away on there. Today he's peed a couple times on there so he's doing pretty good! I just have to work on him telling me when he's going to pee and we'll have this potty thing down! I'm considering trying underwear. I think I'll be more persistent with putting him on the potty and try undies next week maybe. I would love for him to be potty trained at 20 months old :)
2/20/2008 2:01:02 PM
4 month check
Rylie had her 4 month check up today. Everything is going really well! She weighs 15 lbs 3 oz and was in the 80th percentile for height and 85th for weight. She had a huge growth spurt since her last check up and the doctor was very pleased with how she is doing. As of now we are not giving medication for her reflux since she only has bad days every couple weeks. Her medication takes a couple days to start working, so it is a little pointless at this time. If it happens to get worse, we might try some antacids like mylanta or something like that. I was brave and brought Cole with us for the first time. It went very well. He sat in the chair like a big boy and waited quietly. He looked at a couple books the whole time and ate a couple cookies. He cried when Rylie cried from her shots, but other than that, he was fine. :) I'm relieved that it is easier than I thought to go out with two little ones. Matt even went grocery shopping with both of them while I was working on Monday. He's such a good Daddy.
2/17/2008 12:01:54 PM
Sad week
It has been a hard week for all of us. Matt's Grandpa Hawley passed away on Tuesday. We spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday with the family which was nice but sad at the same time. The funeral was yesterday and there was a huge turnout. He was a very loved man. Matt spoke at the funeral and did a great job! The funeral overall was very personal and the pastor did a wonderful job.
There were a lot of people visiting that came from other states that I had never met, so it was nice to put faces to all these people I always hear about. It seemed to help everyone a lot to have Cole and Rylie around. They brightened up a lot of people during this very sad time. They both just ate up the attention and did very well around so many people they had never seen before. Everyone kept telling us that we should have more kids. :) We aren't too sure about that just yet. But we agree, they are pretty great kids.
2/17/2008 10:07:01 AM
Some funny incidents.
One day I went into my parents house to pick up the kids after work. It smelt like garlic which I thought was pretty weird at 4:00. I asked my mom if she was cooking, she said no. Then I went into Cole's room to get his shoes and it stunk really bad like garlic. I looked around and saw a ton of spices dumped out into the trash. Jayda and Cole had been playing with spice containers like usual, but this time, Jayda decided to dump them into a pan so they could stir them around. Jayda denied it for a while, but eventually admitted that she did it. They both had spices all over them, all over the floor, and all over the play dishes. It was pretty funny although that room STUNK!

This morning Cole was coloring and all the sudden started throwing pieces of paper on the floor and counted like this "two, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine." Not bad for 19 months old huh? He is also started to sing his ABCs. He's a smarty! It's so cute to see him grow up. Kids are fun.
2/11/2008 7:56:20 PM
Such rule breakers, we are...
So since Rylie is allergic to milk and soy the doctor said a while back not to start baby food til she's 6 months. We aren't listening to that advice for one because she's not allergic, she's intollerant of milk and soy. Solids sit in her stomach better than formula due to her reflux, so why not try? We gave her pears for the first time tonight and so far so good. Hopefully it stays in her and doesn't cause discomfort. We'll continue to do this for about 2 weeks and then find another food to give her. I don't want to wait until she is 6 months simply because if you wait that long, babies won't take the food. They are so used to bottles by then that they will only take formula/boob milk. I've seen it tons of times at work. If you start baby food from 3-4 months, they take it much better in the long run. She just had a few bites so it shouldn't do much as of right now. It will just get her used to eating. Also, Cole was eating table food by 6 months, so I'm kind of shooting for that with Rylie too. The sooner she eats solids, the sooner she gets rid of reflux!
2/4/2008 10:44:13 AM
Never ending colds
Cole has a cold AGAIN! It seems like he gets over a cold for about a week and then gets another one. We let Cole play at the McDonald's Playplace on Wednesday so I figured he'd be getting sick from that. He loved it though. It would be so nice to have a yard for Cole to play in. I'm looking forward to this summer when we can bring him to the park more often. It'll be much easier not being pregnant this summer!
We found the missing silky. It was just in with the dirty clothes. Cole is really funny with his silkys now. Whenever he's tired he takes the corner and rubs it on the palm of his hand, then the back of his hand, then his cheek. Sometimes he rubs it on my cheek too. It's pretty cute.

Rylie is doing pretty well. She is starting to play a lot more now. She plays in the exersaucer for about an hour at a time. She also plays on the floor either on her back or tummy and is pretty happy with it. She only cries when she is hungry, tired, or needs a clean diaper. She's a very easy baby lately. She is 3 months old and eats 5 ounces at a time every 4 hours. She's been sleeping through the night without making a peep. She goes to bed around 10 and wakes up around 5 or 6. She will usually eat and then go back to sleep for a couple hours. Once she's up, she plays and then eats again. She has a cycle going of eating, playing, and then napping. We usually don't give her any medication for her reflux but every now and then she has a flare up and needs it.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 2008

1/31/2008 8:12:20 PM
The case of the missing silky.
It has happened. We lost a silky!!! Normally wouldn't be a big deal, but all the sudden Cole only likes his old silkys. He has 3 so that is a good thing, but now we are down to 2. Not sure what happened to the other, maybe it is at church? I bought Cole a really cute new one this weekend before the old one became missing. He didn't like the new one at all and won't even touch it. Hopefully we don't lose any more.
1/17/2008 10:03:35 AM
Cole Pooped on the potty!
Yesterday Cole looked like he was going to poop so I asked him if he wanted to poop on the potty. He said yes so we ran to the bathroom and he pooped! It was just a little bit but he did it! Matt took a picture of the poop because he is gross.
Cole is doing much better. His fever went away Monday night and he's fine other than a bit of a runny nose. Rylie has a cold now too and is pretty grumpy. I ended up taking them to work with me yesterday because Cole couldn't be around Jayda due to her surgery and his fever. I hope everyone stays healthy so they don't have to go to my work. They are much happier at Grandma's house and much healthier too!
1/13/2008 8:45:42 PM
Rylie is doing great without medication. She hasn't spit up at all today and we even increased her formula to 5 ounces every 3-4 hours. Cole on the other hand isn't doing as great. He is sick again. He woke up from his nap with a fever of 104 degrees. I called the doctor's office and they said it is ok as long as it doesn't hit 105. We gave him medicine and it went down to around 100. I figured he'd get sick since he went to my work on Thursday and Friday. Matt might have to stay home with him on Tuesday because Jayda's surgery is Friday and she can't have a fever or it will be canceled. She is having surgery to make her hand more flexible and to prevent problems in the future.

I got some really sad news today that one of my really close friends delivered her baby at only 27 weeks and he passed away last night. I can't even imagine how hard that must be. :( I really want to go see her but she is in ICU so I have to wait until she gets out. Hopefully that will be tomorrow. I'm glad I'm off of work tomorrow so I can maybe go see her.

1/7/2008 7:00:11 AM
It has continued!
Rylie slept through the night the last two nights as well. :) She is doing great, especially for having Reflux. Normally it is hard for reflux babies to sleep well at night, so we are pretty lucky. She's had a flare up of reflux the last few days but is still sleeping great.

The not so good news, Cole is a grump! He had another tooth break through the skin, so now there are 2 pushing their way out and he is just a wreck. He really seems miserable. He also started the "no" phase. Everything we tell him to do or not do he says "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in a long drawn out snotty way. It is adorable so it is hard to not laugh but we don't want to encourage it. The little stinker!

We finally got out of the house this weekend. We just went to babies r us and target, but it was soooo nice to get out of the house after a week of being stuck at home. Matt and Krista came over Saturday night so the Matts could play guitar hero. We also went to Grandma Score's house for a couple hours last night.

Next weekend will be a first for us. Cole and Rylie both are going to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa Case's on Friday. We're going out to eat with Matt and Krista. It'll be nice to have a night off! I haven't had a night off from children in a few months. I'm looking forward to it.
1/6/2008 12:17:39 AM
Rylie slept through the night!!!
Last night, Rylie went to bed at 9:30 pm. She slept the entire night and I had to wake her up at 6am to eat! Let's hope this is going to happen regularly. :)
1/4/2008 12:01:04 PM
By the way, Cole had another tooth pop through yesterday or the day before. I just noticed it last night. That might be part of his crankiness lately. I thought he would get the one of the bottom first because the bottom gums have been so much more swollen than the top but one came in on the top right side.

Even though he's been sick and is teething, Cole has been doing a great job sleeping through the night. I very rarely hear him and when he wakes up, he goes back to sleep on his own. Rylie crying in the night doesn't even wake him up. He's such a good sleeper.

Right now he gets up around 5:45 (on work days but 7 on non-work days) goes down for a nap from 11-2 and then goes to bed for the night at 7. He is obsessed with Elmo and Blue's Clues. We watch them constantly and are very sick of it!! Rylie has been watching Elmo lately too. I think the dancing red thing catches her attention pretty easily. Cole's favorite thing to do is roll around on the floor and wrestle with Daddy and play hide and seek (he hides behind the curtain or a blanket and says "where go?")

1/4/2008 7:30:45 AM
Much better!
We're all doing much better. Rylie and I are still kinda sick but Cole and Matt are doing really well. I'm going to try to give Rylie her medicine again this morning when she wakes up. Hopefully she'll keep it in and we can get her back up to 4 ounces at a time. Yesterday she wouldn't take or keep in more than 2 ounces at a time but we did switch her back to 3 at bedtime last night. She took a 3 ounce bottle, went to sleep and woke up 6 hours later. Then she took a 3 ounce bottle, went back to sleep and is still sleeping 4 and a half hours later. I love sleeping again! She's been consistently going 5 or 6 hours in the night and it is wonderful!! So much better than 3 hours. :) I finally feel like I'm getting close to enough rest. :)
I'm staying home with the kids today in order to not expose other people to this horrible sickness!
1/3/2008 8:07:59 AM
This sucks!
Cole went all day yesterday with no vomiting or diarrhea. That is great and he's eating more often. The bad news is that Rylie for sure has it and so do Matt and I. Rylie has been throwing up since Tuesday night and can't keep much food in. She's also had some really bad diapers. We know it isn't the medicine because we didn't give it to her last night and she's still puking. She seems pretty uncomfortable. Last night after dinner Matt and I started. Matt started throwing up right away but I just felt miserable and had the poops til 2am. Finally I woke up feeling more aweful than ever and threw up. After that I felt so much better and haven't thrown up since. I'm just stuck with diarrhea. I know, too much info.. hehe.
1/2/2008 8:42:06 AM
Poor Babies!
We have a sick house right now. Beware!
Cole started throwing up Monday morning. He must have some sort of stomach virus. He threw up a small amount Monday morning before I took him to my parents' house. I thought he was fine and just coughed some up. About an hour after I got to work, my mom called and said that he threw up all over. He ate a bowl of oatmeal and it all came up. Poor kid :( So Matt left work and went and picked him up. On the way home he puked in Matt's car. Luckily Matt had a towel over Cole so most of it went on the towel. Once they got home he puked again and took a nap. He was doing much better after his nap and ate a couple crackers and a banana. He even drank some water and kept it all in. The rest of the night he was fine. He seemed to be in a good mood and was only mad that he couldn't have milk.

In the morning he had some milk and kept it in. We figured it was over with and let him eat some bananas and chicken noodle soup. He kept that in and took a nap for a couple hours. When he woke up I let him have some more milk and he ended up throwing it up. Later he had rice and a banana for dinner and he threw up for hours. We figure it was the milk that did it because he kept rice and bananas in for so long before. Once the milk was out of his system he was fine again. He finally stopped throwing up and went to bed around 10:00 last night. He made it through the night puke free and got up this morning asking for milk. He has thrown about 8 tantrums today over it but I've been making him drink water and apple juice. He ate a banana and some jello and quite a bit of water and so far so good. We'll take it easy for the next couple days and no milk to get him better!

Last night Matt gave Rylie her medicine and she puked within a couple minutes. We were worried that she got whatever Cole has but she didn't puke again for the rest of the night. This morning I gave her her medicine again and she puked within 2 minutes. The Zantac took a week or so to start making her throw up so we think that might be the case now. The Prilosec is starting to get to her. OR it is just her reflux acting up. We really don't know! I'm going to keep giving it to her and see what happens. If she throws up tonight we'll take a break for a couple days and make sure she's not just sick.