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Friday, November 30, 2007

November 2007

11/29/2007 7:58:20 AM
Finally some answers!
Rylie has been having a tough few days. She's been coughing and vomiting more and more and we became pretty concerned. I was suspicious that she was either aspirating (breathing formula into her lungs) or having reflux. Reflux would be better so we were hoping that was all the problem was. I took her to the doctor yesterday and he said it seems like she has reflux. The actual name of it is gastroesophageal reflux. Basically acid from her stomach is being allowed to flow up her esophagus because of a faulty valve. She was put on a medication which is basically zantac that she'll get 3 times a day. We also have to mix a teaspoon of cereal in with each ounce of formula in her bottles. That will thicken the formula and will help keep the food down. We can't lay her on her back for half an hour after feedings and he also said to prop her mattress up at night so she is at an angle.
We started the changes last night and have already seen a big difference. She has only vomited once and slept really well through the night. She went 5 hours without eating which is the longest she's ever gone. She even woke up a couple times and didn't cry so that was a huge difference. Hopefully acid reflux is the actual problem but we won't know until about a week. If the symptoms have calmed down, it is probably reflux. If not, there would be a blockage in her stomach which would be a surgery so we don't want that!!

I'll update every few days with how she's doing.
11/26/2007 1:28:15 PM
Wish Lists
We got a lot of requests for wish lists for the kids so we started making them. Here are the links:


Matt has his usual wish list on his website.
11/26/2007 1:26:55 PM
So far so good...
Rylie is doing great on her new formula. Unfortunately it is about $25 for 3 days worth of formula.. Her food is much more expensive than ours!

We had a really good Thanksgiving. Thursday we went to the Case's for the day. We had fun playing with the kids and eating lots of good food. Friday was cookie baking day at Sandy's house so we went there for the day. We made tons of cookies and then went to Matt's grandparents' house and had pizza. Cole entertained them as usual and Rylie enjoyed sleeping the entire day while being held. Saturday we went back to the Case's and Aunt Bonnie and her family were there. The house was pretty chaotic with so many kids but it was fun. Cole slept there for the night and we picked him up on Sunday. He loved playing with all the kids and didn't even take a nap on Saturday.

Everyone seems to be back on their normal schedule already so the holiday didn't make things too crazy.
11/21/2007 2:20:38 PM
Formula #4
Rylie started getting constipated again with the dairy formula so now we are trying ANOTHER kind. Unfortunately this one is much much more expensive. It is Similac Alimentum and is supposed to work for babies that are allergic to both milk and soy. I researched soy and dairy allergies and she has all the signs... diarrhea, gas, fussiness, acne, wheezing, cold symptoms, etc. So maybe this will work?? It's supposed to help within 24 hours so I guess we'll find out soon!
11/18/2007 7:52:26 PM
Feeling Better
Matt went to the doctor and is feeling better. Cole's cold is totally gone after over 4 weeks of being sick. Now our trouble is with Rylie. We switched her formula again because it seemed like she's not tolerating the soy very well. She was pooping every 2 hours or so and seemed uncomfortable. Now we are back to a dairy formula that is more broken down so it is easier on her stomach. Hopefully she won't get constipated again. She's been on it for 2 days and poops about half as much as she did with the soy, so it is a relief for me! Matt has been able to help with the kids again since he's not sick anymore so I'm doing a lot better too. :) We made our Christmas cards today and they turned out pretty cute. It was REALLY hard getting them to both cooperate for a picture though. Rylie is sleeping in one of the pictures, but we did get one of her awake for it as well.
11/16/2007 9:37:22 AM
Funny story
Yesterday Cole and Jayda were taking a bath together. Cole decided to stand up and pee on Jayda! She yelled which made him stop peeing. Jakob thought it was funny so he told Cole to pee more. Cole said "more more" and did his sign for more and peed on Jayda again. :) Poor Jayda.
11/15/2007 6:44:16 PM
Still sick
Matt ended up getting a fever Sunday night and still has a fever (on Thursday). He has been avoiding taking care of the kids in order to not get them sick so I am very tired as well. I'm trying to make him go to the doctor since he's had a fever for so long, but he is stubborn and won't go. :(

Cole's cold seems to be most of the way gone. He coughs every now and then, but it's getting better. Rylie had a high temp for a day or so but it never got up to 100 so we were relieved.

I'm really wishing everyone would get better and stay that way :/

Rylie has been doing pretty good at night. We found out that she didn't like the bassinet. We set up the pack n play and she has been sleeping much better in that. She usually eats around 11 then goes to sleep. After that she wakes up around 2:30 and then 5:30 or 6:00. She's eating about 4 oz at a time and goes 2 1/2 to 3 hours between feedings.
She really likes being held and isn't very content on her own during the day. Luckily she sleeps well or I'd get no time to myself! Cole has gone to Grandma Case's a couple nights and that has really helped me catch up on some much needed sleep. Let's hope we're all healthy next week for Thanksgiving!
11/9/2007 10:25:36 AM
Grumpy week
This has been a grumpy week for the DeRusha kids. Cole suddenly got ANOTHER cold when the first wasn't completely gone... He's been grumpy and just not himself this week.
Rylie has also been fussy this week. She's been somewhat constipated since last Friday so we were following what the doctor said and putting a little bit of prune juice in her bottles. It was helping, but not fixing it completely. As soon as we stopped the prune juice, she got constipated again. She's been crying pretty much the entire day unless I was holding her. She seemed really uncomfortable so we decided to try using soy formula. Last night she pooped within a couple hours of starting the soy formula and has several times since then. They are normal newborn poops and not hard!! Today she has seemed much more comfortable and less gassy. I have my happy baby back!! Cole's cold is getting a little better too so we are much happier today!
11/1/2007 9:23:27 AM
Newborn Checkup and Halloween
Rylie had her first doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything went well. She has gained a pound since we left the hospital so she is now 7lbs 15oz! She looks like she's filling out a little bit and losing that old man wrinkled up newborn look. :)

I asked the doctor about a couple concerns. First, when I was pregnant, I could hear a bone crack on her about once a day. It was really weird and worried me a bit. I noticed the first day after she was born that sometimes when you pick her up, her right shoulder cracks. That must be what I was hearing when I was pregnant. Very strange.. The doctor isn't concerned about it. He says she doesn't seem to be in pain because she moves her arms in a full range of motion. If we are worried about it later on we can have it x rayed to see if there are any problems.

I also asked if we should be concerned about her having a cold. She seemed to have gotten a cold on Friday but it is getting better. He said that she still has a lot of immunity from me from things so it isn't too much of a concern. She should be able to fight it off quickly (and she has).

After her appointment we packed everything up and went to the kids' great grandparents house. They loved seeing the new baby and as always love seeing Cole. He entertains them very well.

Next we drove over to Grandma and Grandpa Case's house and had dinner, then went trick or treating with Jayda and Jakob. Cole didn't really care about trick or treating. At the first house he started crying because he wanted to go inside. He didn't understand why we were just standing there. Then we had to carry him and he was content just holding a piece of candy. After a few houses we left the group and went back to my parents' house.

Once we left there we went to Grandma Score's house. It was getting pretty late but we went anyway. We hung out there for a while and Cole showed off his Elmo costume. We fed Rylie and then went home. By the time we got to bed it was after 11:00 so now I'm pretty tired. Rylie didn't want to go to sleep right away so I was up for a bit with her. Now the little stinker is still sleeping and it is 8:45am!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Friday Jared and Anne are coming to visit, then Saturday is Jakob's 7th birthday party. Sunday night a bunch of Matt's family are getting together for dinner so we are going to keep pretty busy. It'll be nice since last weekend was very uneventful for us.