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Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 2007

9/29/2007 6:12:37 PM
Guess what!?!
Cole just peed on the potty! He was grabbing his diaper and saying "poop" so I put him on the potty. Sure enough, less than a minute later, he peed! Not even 15 months old yet... pretty crazy!
9/27/2007 5:57:34 PM
36 weeks!
I had an appointment with my nurse practitioner today and I'm a centimeter dilated! Woo hoo! I was dilated 1 cm at about 37 weeks with Cole, so not too different. I'm really hoping she comes earlier than he did though. I don't want to see my due date come and go with me still being pregnant. I have another appointment next Friday so we'll see how things are going then.
9/26/2007 7:40:03 PM
Cranky Pants
Another tooth is working it's way out so Cole has been his usual teething-cranky pants self. He's been sleeping better, but very crabby during the day. Why can't teeth just pop up all at once?
9/15/2007 7:21:56 AM
34 weeks
I am now 34 weeks pregnant. That means about 6 weeks left of the pregnancy! Yay!! Hopefully that is all at least. Maybe this time I'll get lucky and deliver a little early. I've been doing pretty good still. I'm getting pretty tired and uncomfortable though. No big complications or anything, but I just have a hard time sleeping, getting off the floor, carrying Cole, etc. I'm starting to worry about how things will go with having 2 kids sharing a room. It'll be rough for a while I'm sure. Cole has been waking up in the night a little lately so I'm trying to get him used to going back to sleep on his own like he used to. I don't want to be up in the night with 2 babies! 2 nights ago he was up at 4, 4:30, and 5:30. Last night he just woke up once and went back to sleep. So hopefully that is going back to normal. I think he got used to me getting up with him in the night while he was sick.
My next doctors apt is next Wed or Thurs so I'll update with any news at that point.
9/10/2007 4:49:01 PM
He's better!
We pretty much saw immediate results with the antibiotic. He started getting better Friday night and has continued to get better since. Now he barely has a runny nose. He seems to be back to his normal self other than some icky diapers caused by his medicine. :)
9/7/2007 4:13:13 PM
Cole has been really sick lately. Saturday night he woke up at 2am with a high fever and didn't go back to sleep til 4:30am. He was crabbier than he's ever been in his life!! The fever lasted on and off for this entire time (6 days now) and he's been gasping for air when he coughs. It started sounding really bad today so I left work and took him to the doctor. We found out he has a bacterial infection of some sort. Basically, he has really gross thick mucus dripping down his throat and it is causing the horrible sounding cough. I'm just glad it isn't pneumonia or anything like that. He should be better in the next couple days with his medicine. :)
9/1/2007 11:22:09 AM
I added a section called "Wallpapers" where you can download wallpapers for your computer! Woo hoo! Just go to the menu, and it's under the section called "Fun Stuff".