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Friday, August 31, 2007

August 2007

8/31/2007 2:41:46 PM
Dr Apt
Wednesday was another doctors appointment. It lasted about 2 minutes and everything is normal. Rylie's heartbeat is good, my weight is good, that's about all the checked. Just 8 more weeks!! We're getting pretty anxious for her to be born.

Cole has been doing good. He got another tooth this week on the bottom and had a couple cranky nights because of it. Now he seems back to normal and is his cute little self. He came to my work yesterday and today because my mom is out of town. He hated it yesterday. There is a baby there that screams pretty much the entire day and Cole was very afraid of him. He looked shocked and worried when he first heard him. When that baby took naps, Cole was fine. We're in trouble if Cole is really cranky when babies cry!!! He's gotta get used to it. He did better today. He wasn't as sensitive and didn't care that the other babies were crying as much.
In other news, I got a new job and it seems like they won't be overworking me like my current job is (yesterday I worked almost 10 and a half hours). It'll be much better for the pregnancy and I'll get to spend more time with Cole too. My new hours should be Tues-Fri 7am-3pm. Much better than 6:30-5! The new job is at New Horizon as a lead infant teacher so it is the same type of job, but seems to be a better company. They are more flexible with people calling in sick and taking days off so that will be much easier on our family!
8/13/2007 4:08:47 PM
Lots of teeth!!
Cole got 3 of those teeth that were working there way out. Now he's just got one white spot left. He has 5 teeth. What a big boy! He's been napping for almost 4 hours now. Poor little guy has a cold and hasn't been himself. He hasn't been eating and has just been whiny. I actually got him to eat lunch today- only because we went to McDonalds. He can't resist a fry, even when he's sick.

Today is Matt and my 2nd wedding anniversary. It is crazy that we have been married 2 years and are only a couple months away from having our second child.
This pregnancy is still going a lot better for me than the first. I like being pregnant a lot and I'll be a little sad when it is over since it will probably be the last time. I'm very excited to see our little girl though so I'll get over it :0) I'm 29 weeks so just 11 more to go!! I'm guessing my Gestational Diabetes test came out negative since I haven't heard from them for 2 weeks, so that is good news. My next appointment is in about 2 weeks so I'll update after that.
8/8/2007 7:49:26 AM
Cole is now down to one nap per day! It's so much easier because it doesn't take up the whole day now. It's just one longer mid-day nap now.

He's also starting to tell us when he goes potty. Most of the time it's after the fact, but sometimes its before. He'll look at us, wave his hand, and say "pew"! A few times we've noticed that it's just when he pees. He's done that a few times now while he's taking a bath, and then he'll pee right afterwards. So we're going to buy him a little toilet seat to put him on whenever he does that. Maybe he'll be potty trained early too! That'd be GREAT!

Two days ago, he said "I love you, daddy". It was cute.

Three of his top teeth are all pushing through at once. He gets a little cranky sometimes, but for the most part, he's a good sport about it. His gums there are very white and puffy, so they should cut through any day now.