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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 2007

7/30/2007 3:30:14 PM
Still a girl!
I just got home from another doctor's appointment and the second ultrasound. The placenta has moved out of the way of my cervix so I am all better!! The lady doing the ultrasound assured me over and over that it really is a girl. Rylie is head down so lets hope she stays that way. As of right now, no need for a c-section. :) :) :)
They also did my test for gestational diabetes so lets hope the results for that come out normal!
7/27/2007 2:05:56 PM
I la lou
About a week ago Cole started saying "I love you." It sounds more like I la lou but we know what he's saying! A couple days ago a lady in our building was talking to him and walked away.. Once she got out the door he turned and said "bye, I love you." It was sooooo funny. He says it a little too loosely but oh well. :)

Last night we got together with Matt's dad's side of the family and Cole had lots of fun. He stayed really busy playing with everyone and even got to go swimming with his clothes on! Eventually we stripped him and him and Aiden went swimming naked. It was pretty funny. Tomorrow, Matt's cousin Ellen is getting married so we'll be going to the wedding. We decided to take Cole. He'll love the music. :)
7/26/2007 9:29:22 PM
I just realized that I am now in the third trimester of the pregnancy!!! Yay. Seems to be going pretty fast. I really only have 13 weeks before my due date! :)
7/22/2007 5:49:59 PM
Finally another tooth!!
Cole got his third tooth yesterday. That poor guy has been sooo cranky for at least a week and now it has finally cut through. He seems to be much happier for now but I'm sure the rest will be popping through soon too.
He seems to be adjusting his schedule a bit. Lately he stays up later in the morning and only takes one nap. It is kinda nice because he wakes up at 8 or so on weekends instead of 6! I am loving the extra sleep and I know it will soon end when the new baby is here.
Rylie has been moving non-stop especially at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. I had a doctor's appointment last week but it was pretty uneventful. We scheduled the next ultrasound for July 30th so hopefully we get the good news that the low-lying placenta has corrected itself. I also will take the test for gestational diabetes and have a regular check up. It will be a busy day at the doctor's office! I'm sure I'll be there for a few hours with all that going on.
7/12/2007 2:23:37 PM
12 month check up!
Cole had his nine month check up on Monday. He was 21lbs 9oz and 30 inches tall. 70th percentile in weight and head size, 60th in height. He got 3 shots and not much else. The doctor was very impressed with how smart he is. She said he is talking much beyond where he needs to be and his motor skills are really advanced. He is basically doing everything he needs to be doing up to 21 months and he is only 12 months! He's a little smarty pants! She said over and over again that he is really advanced. :) Always fun to hear as a parent..
She was especially impressed with how he combines words. He says thank you, all done, what's that, read it, etc. He asked over and over again "what's that" as he pointed up to some Nemo fish stickers on the wall of the office. It was really cute.
This week has been pretty hard. I had a meeting monday night and wednesday night so I didn't even get to see him on Wednesday. I missed him sooo much! I got off early today so I get to spend a little extra time with him.
Cole is crabby because his 4 front teeth on the top are swollen and seem like they are ready to pop out. He's been taking really short naps and has had trouble eating too. I wish they would come through!!!
7/7/2007 1:07:55 PM
Thank You
Cole's new favorite thing to say is "Thank You". He hands you something and says thank you about 3000 times a day. It's pretty cute. He's not feeling too well right now. He has a cold and maybe some teeth coming in. He hasn't had any new teeth come in since April, so he's gotta get some soon. He's been harder to put to bed. Usually we can just lay him down for naps and he goes to sleep. Yesterday and today he has been really fighting them and just has been extra cranky. Hopefully he starts feeling better soon.
7/2/2007 8:21:20 PM
Rylie's getting bigger!
I got some new maternity clothes yesterday and found that in them, I actually look pregnant! Yay. I was sick of just feeling fat. I like looking pregnant much more! Here is a pic :)

7/2/2007 7:44:28 AM
Cole is ONE!
I said happy birthday to Cole this morning and now he's been running around saying "birthday." He is just way too cute. :)
7/1/2007 10:34:21 AM
Camping and Cole's Birthday Party!!
We went camping from June 19th to the 23rd and had a great time. It wasn't really camping since we stayed in a cabin, but we call it that. :) The cabin was really nice and Cole didn't have any trouble sleeping or adjusting to being there in general. We spent a lot of time throwing rocks into the water, playing latter golf outside the cabin, and sitting by campfires. Cole loved all the attention and loved being able to walk around outside by himself. He's a pro at walking with shoes on after all that. We are looking forward to going next summer with Cole and Rylie.

Yesterday (June 30th) was Cole's birthday party. Everything went really well. The cake turned out awesome. Nate's girlfriend Amanda made it and it was sooo cute!! Tasted great too. We bought sandwiches from Sam's Club and had fruit and chips to go with it.
Cole was pretty nice with his cake. He's never really had sweets before so he just poked his finger around in it and licked the frosting off.
He wasn't very interested in opening presents. He just wanted to play with them once they were open.
After food, cake, and lots of presents, we went outside to swim. We had a really good time but were very tired by the end of the day. We never realized how much work putting on a party actually is!
I was just thinking that this time last year I was in labor!! It is hard to believe a year has past and our little baby is already turning one. Tomorrow is Cole's birthday and also my day off of work, so I'll get to spend it with him. :)
Happy First Birthday Cole!!!