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Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 2007

6/16/2007 10:52:01 PM
Cole's Wishlist
6/14/2007 2:53:26 PM
Doctors Appointment
I just got back from my doctors apt and found out that I have a low lying placenta. Basically, that means that the placenta is down too far and will prevent me from having a normal delivery if it does not move up. If it does move up as my uterus grows, I'll be fine, but if not, C-SECTION!!! I'm scared about that. Although it would be nice to schedule when I have the baby.. I'd rather not go through the pain of the c-section though. I also have some restrictions for now. I can't lift anything heavy or have aerobic activity. I can keep working for now as long as there is no bleeding. She said that they won't check my cervix at all unless there is an emergency because the low lying placenta can bleed easily.. Gross huh?
Other news- bladder infection number one of the pregnancy.. This doctor's appointment was not fun!! Good news though- through all of this, Rylie is healthy. That is the important part so I'm happy.
6/12/2007 6:37:44 PM
More sick...
Now I am sick!! Sunday night I started feeling really sick, threw up a couple times, and have felt like crap since then. Cole is totally over his and seems to be his old self again. I'm hoping this is something that I got from him and not something I'm going to give to him. Being back at the daycare is bound to get me sick though. I feel bad for Rylie because I can't eat much. Everything for the last 3 days has gone through me too quickly to get anything to her. I've lost a few pounds now too so hopefully she is doing ok. I feel her moving right now though. I have a doctors appointment Thursday so I'll give an update then on how she's doing. I have to get another ultrasound (which I will schedule on Thursday) because they couldn't see everything they needed to. She was moving around so much that they couldn't get a good look at her heart or the connection from the umbilical cord to her. I'm sure everything is fine and she's just rowdy like her brother.

We went swimming lots this weekend and Cole really seems to like it. Saturday Grandma and Grandpa Case came over with Jakob and Jayda and we all went swimming. Then Sunday the 3 of us went swimming for a couple hours. Matt and Cole are outside right now swimming also. We are getting lots of use out of the pool already. Cole is a little dare devil and loves the water. He even dunks his face in it and laughs. He also thinks it is pretty funny to drink the water and say "mmm". Ick!

6/8/2007 8:42:24 PM
Fever again
My little man had a fever the last 3 days. He is finally over it. It was the same as last time- a low grade fever for 3 days with no other symptoms. So strange. Other than that, things are going well. He's been going to Grandma Case's everyday since I am back at the daycare. He's actually doing a really good job sleeping there now. I've been having a good time being back at the daycare but I miss Cole like crazy!! I'm going to enjoy my Mondays since I'll be at home with Cole.
Oh, and here is a funny picture I took tonight.
6/4/2007 8:04:51 PM
Ultrasound pictures are up! Check em out!!