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Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 2007

3/31/2007 4:58:32 PM
New words
The past few days, Cole has been saying "no, no, no" and he even tried to say diaper. It sounds more like "di-da" but it is sooo cute!
3/27/2007 8:29:32 PM
First tooth :)
We noticed a little bit of a tooth popped through on Sunday. We had a really hard weekend with sleep but he seems to be back to his cheery/good sleeping self. Cole has been walking holding onto furniture today. He walked all the way across the length of the couch pretty quickly. He is growing up sooo fast. Just watching him play now is amazing. He's plays and entertains himself pretty much on his own.

I had my first appointment for this pregnancy on Friday. I heard the heartbeat and everything is going well so far! :) They did move my due date back a day. Can you believe it?!! So now it is October 26th..
3/21/2007 8:35:12 PM
Little Mr. Trouble Maker
Cole's been crawling everywhere lately! It's been driving us nuts! He pulls himself up to stand now too, which is also driving us crazy! He thinks he can stand up using anything so he falls over and bumps his head all day. It is really cute to see him on the go. To top off all his new talents, he's been repeating things we say. Today he said "uh oh". So now he says hi, dada, uh oh, meow, baba, haha, dadadada (because I say dance dance dance to get him to dance).
3/5/2007 4:46:59 PM
Cole's sick :(
Matt and I had a fever over the weekend and now Cole has one today. He seems pretty happy for having a fever. He spends his days lately crawling around the living room and meowing at our cat. It is REALLY funny to watch. Cole and Bopper meow back and forth at each other for a few minutes at a time.
He also recently started saying "hi" and waving bye bye with little encouragement.