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Monday, December 31, 2007

December 2007

12/30/2007 10:03:03 AM
More Christmas!
Yesterday was the DeRusha Christmas. We went over to Sherri's for dinner along with the rest of the family. It was nice seeing everyone and meeting baby Lilli! Cole and Aiden didn't really have much interest in playing together. Aiden went to play with Cole once and Cole ran away crying. It was strange. By the end of the night they were looking at the fish tank together and seemed to be ok with being together.
Rylie did really well and wasn't fussy at all. She enjoyed being held by everyone and slept most of the time. She also got to meet Grandpa DeRusha. Cole fell asleep in the car and went right to bed when we got home.

Rylie is still doing really well on her medication. She hasn't been puking and seems to be breathing easier as well. She is even taking 4 ounces at a time now without getting too uncomfortable. She's taking in between 24 and 28 ounces a day so that is perfect for her weight. On December 28th she went 7 hours without eating in the night which is the best she's ever done. Hopefully that will start happening more often!

This week I'm working Monday, Thursday and Friday. Thursday Aunt Liz and Grandpa DeRusha are going to come over after we get home from work.
12/30/2007 9:48:53 AM
Updates while the website was down.
December 26 9:27am

Merry Christmas! We had a very good Christmas this year.

Monday was Christmas Eve so we got up early to get ready to go to the Case’s. As we were getting ready Matt leaned over to pick up the camera and hurt his back. He was in pretty bad shape and could barely walk but after a couple hours we were able to go to the Case’s house as planned. Matt had to take it easy and keep ice on it. We went to church with them and then exchanged presents. Cole loved opening presents this year and actually opened most of his by himself. We hung out there for a while and then went home. Cole went to bed and I unpackaged all of their new toys.
Tuesday (Christmas day) came around and we got up early to find presents from Santa! Cole and Rylie opened their gifts and then Cole gave me a giraffe! He always brings me his toy giraffes so it was a very fitting gift! After that we got ready to go to Great Grandma and Grandpa’s for brunch. While we were there we gave them a photo puzzle with a picture of the kids on it and a framed picture of Cole and Rylie that we’ll update every few months. Then we went to Grandma Score’s so Cole could take a nap. He slept for about 3 hours and then we were off to Sandy’s. We opened tons more presents and then ate some dinner. Cole fell asleep in the car and went right to bed when we got home.
We had a lot of fun this Christmas. Cole and Rylie got more toys than you could imagine and we’re still trying to figure out where to put it all. Cole is loving all this new stuff to play with. We’ve been watching his Blue’s Clues DVD all morning while he plays with his new toys. Rylie is smiley as usual and is doing very well with her new medicine.
Saturday is the DeRusha Christmas. I’m sure Cole will enjoy playing with Aiden and we’ll get to meet baby Lillian!

December 27 7:30 pm

Back to work
Today was my first day back at work which was both happy and sad. It was hard to be away from the kids but nice to be back at work. Cole really likes going to Grandma’s house so he was pretty happy about it. We had to wake him up this morning at 5:45 so I could get to work by 7am. He cried a little but then woke up and was in a good mood. Rylie got up on her own at 5:30 which was perfect timing. They both did well and I had a good first day back at work. I’ll be working Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 7am-4pm. That way I get to spend a couple days a week with the kids.
12/28/2007 7:55:44 AM
Site was down
Sorry for the little outage there. My domain name, "mattderusha.com" expired, and I had some issues with renewing it. Anyway, all is well now! I'm sure Jessa will blog all of her updates soon!
12/17/2007 8:25:38 AM
Still doing well
Rylie has been doing great. She doesn't spit up and seems comfortable most of the time. She still has a few breathing issues. Every now and then she gasps for air, coughs, and holds her head in a funny position to open her airway. Her appointment is on Wednesday so we will see what they say about all that. She seems overall fine. It is such a relief to have her healthy now. :)

This is my last full week of maternity leave. I'll miss it. :( It will be nice to go back to work but I'll miss my babies like crazy. I'm only working Tues, Thurs, Fri from now on so that will be nice. Eventually I'll probably go back to 4 days a week, but for now part time is a better way to go.

12/14/2007 3:01:25 PM
Wish Lists
I updated Cole and Rylie's wish lists. Look under "Fun Stuff" and you can find them. Rylie is harder to find stuff to put on there since she's so little and we already have so many toys. She wears 3 months clothes right now.
12/13/2007 7:02:21 AM
Doing Great!
Yesterday was a great day for Rylie. She didn't throw up even once. She didn't even spit up (which kind of tells me she doesn't have Reflux at all). The doctor called and said her tests were perfect and no problems internally causing it. Matt told him about the breathing problems and he said that they will look further into asthma. Especially since Matt had breathing problems as a baby and my brother had asthma as a baby too.

The doctor doesn't think the Zantac was causing the vomiting, but we are still thinking it was. She has been so happy, comfortable, and puke free... it is hard to not think it was the Zantac causing all the problems. Last night was one of the best ever for me. I went to bed around 10 and she woke up around 1:30 and then kind of squirmed around at 4:30 so I fed her. She went right back to sleep without even spitting up. (Coughing and chest rattling was her only issue.) It is 7am and she is still sleeping in her crib. She is now like a normal healthy newborn. I got more sleep than I have in months. Needless to say I'm really relieved and happy!

The doctor wants to see her again next week unless she goes back to having trouble eating. She also has her 2 month check up that week so hopefully I can combine them into one trip. I'm a little sick of doctor visits!
12/11/2007 11:55:27 AM
Barium Swallow
They moved up Rylie's barium swallow to today since she was vomiting so much over the weekend. She was losing pretty much every other feeding. She only takes in 3 oz and was vomiting around 2 oz each time. She went to the doctor yesterday and she still hasn't gained any weight. She had the barium swallow done at Children's this morning and it didn't show any problems. There is no blockage and it didn't even show any reflux during that feeding. This doesn't mean that she doesn't have reflux, but she didn't have it at that feeding.

Her vomiting has slowed down considerably and she seems more comfortable. Her runny nose and cough are much better too. We are trying a day without the Zantac to see if that is what is causing the vomiting. The little boy that I babysat last year was on Zantac until they realized it was causing his vomiting. Maybe that is the case with Rylie. Right now we just have to keep trying things until something works. I'll also talk to the doctor about getting a different medication for the reflux if the vomiting continues.
12/7/2007 11:39:40 AM
Little Miss High Maintenance
I took Rylie to the doctor today because she has still been vomiting and her cough is getting much worse. The doctor first shrugged it off as Reflux, but he looked at her weight and noticed that she hasn't gained enough since last Wednesday when she was in. She only gained 2 oz and she should be gaining an ounce a day. She should have gained around 8 or 9 oz by now. They scheduled something called a barium swallow at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis for Wednesday so they can make sure that it is just Reflux and not a blockage or anything. If it is Reflux, then they can change her medication so she can keep her food in better. They want to make sure that reflux is the only cause of the symptoms before giving her a stronger medicine since she's so small.
12/6/2007 2:43:15 AM
Very very frustrated
A nurse finally called me back on Tuesday and told me to keep using the Nystatin. We went back to using it, and after a few treatments, she was back to vomiting. They say it isn't a reaction to the nystatin because she isn't vomiting every time. We know that it actually is from Nystatin though and are just going to stop giving it to her. I am on my third pair of pajamas tonight because of it and so is Rylie! We are DONE with it. I will wait for the Thrush to clear up on its own. I think I'll just start washing her mouth out with water every couple hours.
As for the reflux, the doctor didn't think changing her medication would help. I think I'm going to call and see if I can get a second opinion. There are drugs out there for reflux such as Prevacid that actually block the acid from being produced which would further help her reflux. It is just frustrating that the doctors keep shrugging off what I am saying as if I don't know what I'm talking about. I am the one with her 24 hours a day. The Zantac doesn't seem to be doing much for her so I'd like to try something else. Is that too much to ask??
12/4/2007 9:01:07 AM
We may have figured it out now...
We started realizing that Rylie throws up with the bottle after she gets her Nystatin treatment for Thrush. The vomiting started around the time that she started the thrush medication, so we think that might be why! I researched it online and found that many people have the same problem. The pharmacist tells them to squirt the medicine into the mouth and swab the mouth with a qtip. This shouldn't actually be done for newborns because they swallow too much of it and get an upset stomach. If you just dip the qtip in the med and swab it is supposed to be easier on their stomachs. We started doing this 2 nights ago but the nystatin is still making her uncomfortable. She cries whenever I give it to her and seems very uncomfortable. The doctor is supposed to call me today and tell me if I can switch medications. For now, I'm not giving her anything for the thrush. She didn't puke at all yesterday though. :) Between the Reflux treatments and no more Nystatin, things seem to be getting better for Rylie- FINALLY.
She still has reflux symptoms and coughs quite a bit in the night keeping her awake. We can deal with that though. It is minor compared to projectile vomiting!
12/1/2007 11:29:12 PM
Something is still not right...
Rylie is still having trouble. The changes we made seem to have stopped her breathing problem while eating and even reduced the amount she spits up. The concern that I have though is that she's still vomiting up large amounts at a time every day. Sometimes she clears a couple feet with it. Today we were in the car and she puked all over the place. This forceful vomiting isn't normal so I'm going to bring her back to the doctor as soon as I can. I'll call Monday and let them know that the vomiting hasn't stopped. Luckily, it only happens once or twice a day, but it is very hard to deal with. The next step the doctor will take is to do xrays and find out if there is an abdominal blockage. If that is the case she could be facing surgery so hopefully that isn't the problem. She also still has thrush after 2 full weeks of treatment and now has a yeast infection in her diaper area as well. I feel so bad for her. She's so tiny and has so many troubles. You can tell that she is uncomfortable. She still makes us hold her pretty much all day. I get a few hours break when she is napping from time to time, but usually I even have to hold her while she sleeps. :/

Friday, November 30, 2007

November 2007

11/29/2007 7:58:20 AM
Finally some answers!
Rylie has been having a tough few days. She's been coughing and vomiting more and more and we became pretty concerned. I was suspicious that she was either aspirating (breathing formula into her lungs) or having reflux. Reflux would be better so we were hoping that was all the problem was. I took her to the doctor yesterday and he said it seems like she has reflux. The actual name of it is gastroesophageal reflux. Basically acid from her stomach is being allowed to flow up her esophagus because of a faulty valve. She was put on a medication which is basically zantac that she'll get 3 times a day. We also have to mix a teaspoon of cereal in with each ounce of formula in her bottles. That will thicken the formula and will help keep the food down. We can't lay her on her back for half an hour after feedings and he also said to prop her mattress up at night so she is at an angle.
We started the changes last night and have already seen a big difference. She has only vomited once and slept really well through the night. She went 5 hours without eating which is the longest she's ever gone. She even woke up a couple times and didn't cry so that was a huge difference. Hopefully acid reflux is the actual problem but we won't know until about a week. If the symptoms have calmed down, it is probably reflux. If not, there would be a blockage in her stomach which would be a surgery so we don't want that!!

I'll update every few days with how she's doing.
11/26/2007 1:28:15 PM
Wish Lists
We got a lot of requests for wish lists for the kids so we started making them. Here are the links:


Matt has his usual wish list on his website.
11/26/2007 1:26:55 PM
So far so good...
Rylie is doing great on her new formula. Unfortunately it is about $25 for 3 days worth of formula.. Her food is much more expensive than ours!

We had a really good Thanksgiving. Thursday we went to the Case's for the day. We had fun playing with the kids and eating lots of good food. Friday was cookie baking day at Sandy's house so we went there for the day. We made tons of cookies and then went to Matt's grandparents' house and had pizza. Cole entertained them as usual and Rylie enjoyed sleeping the entire day while being held. Saturday we went back to the Case's and Aunt Bonnie and her family were there. The house was pretty chaotic with so many kids but it was fun. Cole slept there for the night and we picked him up on Sunday. He loved playing with all the kids and didn't even take a nap on Saturday.

Everyone seems to be back on their normal schedule already so the holiday didn't make things too crazy.
11/21/2007 2:20:38 PM
Formula #4
Rylie started getting constipated again with the dairy formula so now we are trying ANOTHER kind. Unfortunately this one is much much more expensive. It is Similac Alimentum and is supposed to work for babies that are allergic to both milk and soy. I researched soy and dairy allergies and she has all the signs... diarrhea, gas, fussiness, acne, wheezing, cold symptoms, etc. So maybe this will work?? It's supposed to help within 24 hours so I guess we'll find out soon!
11/18/2007 7:52:26 PM
Feeling Better
Matt went to the doctor and is feeling better. Cole's cold is totally gone after over 4 weeks of being sick. Now our trouble is with Rylie. We switched her formula again because it seemed like she's not tolerating the soy very well. She was pooping every 2 hours or so and seemed uncomfortable. Now we are back to a dairy formula that is more broken down so it is easier on her stomach. Hopefully she won't get constipated again. She's been on it for 2 days and poops about half as much as she did with the soy, so it is a relief for me! Matt has been able to help with the kids again since he's not sick anymore so I'm doing a lot better too. :) We made our Christmas cards today and they turned out pretty cute. It was REALLY hard getting them to both cooperate for a picture though. Rylie is sleeping in one of the pictures, but we did get one of her awake for it as well.
11/16/2007 9:37:22 AM
Funny story
Yesterday Cole and Jayda were taking a bath together. Cole decided to stand up and pee on Jayda! She yelled which made him stop peeing. Jakob thought it was funny so he told Cole to pee more. Cole said "more more" and did his sign for more and peed on Jayda again. :) Poor Jayda.
11/15/2007 6:44:16 PM
Still sick
Matt ended up getting a fever Sunday night and still has a fever (on Thursday). He has been avoiding taking care of the kids in order to not get them sick so I am very tired as well. I'm trying to make him go to the doctor since he's had a fever for so long, but he is stubborn and won't go. :(

Cole's cold seems to be most of the way gone. He coughs every now and then, but it's getting better. Rylie had a high temp for a day or so but it never got up to 100 so we were relieved.

I'm really wishing everyone would get better and stay that way :/

Rylie has been doing pretty good at night. We found out that she didn't like the bassinet. We set up the pack n play and she has been sleeping much better in that. She usually eats around 11 then goes to sleep. After that she wakes up around 2:30 and then 5:30 or 6:00. She's eating about 4 oz at a time and goes 2 1/2 to 3 hours between feedings.
She really likes being held and isn't very content on her own during the day. Luckily she sleeps well or I'd get no time to myself! Cole has gone to Grandma Case's a couple nights and that has really helped me catch up on some much needed sleep. Let's hope we're all healthy next week for Thanksgiving!
11/9/2007 10:25:36 AM
Grumpy week
This has been a grumpy week for the DeRusha kids. Cole suddenly got ANOTHER cold when the first wasn't completely gone... He's been grumpy and just not himself this week.
Rylie has also been fussy this week. She's been somewhat constipated since last Friday so we were following what the doctor said and putting a little bit of prune juice in her bottles. It was helping, but not fixing it completely. As soon as we stopped the prune juice, she got constipated again. She's been crying pretty much the entire day unless I was holding her. She seemed really uncomfortable so we decided to try using soy formula. Last night she pooped within a couple hours of starting the soy formula and has several times since then. They are normal newborn poops and not hard!! Today she has seemed much more comfortable and less gassy. I have my happy baby back!! Cole's cold is getting a little better too so we are much happier today!
11/1/2007 9:23:27 AM
Newborn Checkup and Halloween
Rylie had her first doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything went well. She has gained a pound since we left the hospital so she is now 7lbs 15oz! She looks like she's filling out a little bit and losing that old man wrinkled up newborn look. :)

I asked the doctor about a couple concerns. First, when I was pregnant, I could hear a bone crack on her about once a day. It was really weird and worried me a bit. I noticed the first day after she was born that sometimes when you pick her up, her right shoulder cracks. That must be what I was hearing when I was pregnant. Very strange.. The doctor isn't concerned about it. He says she doesn't seem to be in pain because she moves her arms in a full range of motion. If we are worried about it later on we can have it x rayed to see if there are any problems.

I also asked if we should be concerned about her having a cold. She seemed to have gotten a cold on Friday but it is getting better. He said that she still has a lot of immunity from me from things so it isn't too much of a concern. She should be able to fight it off quickly (and she has).

After her appointment we packed everything up and went to the kids' great grandparents house. They loved seeing the new baby and as always love seeing Cole. He entertains them very well.

Next we drove over to Grandma and Grandpa Case's house and had dinner, then went trick or treating with Jayda and Jakob. Cole didn't really care about trick or treating. At the first house he started crying because he wanted to go inside. He didn't understand why we were just standing there. Then we had to carry him and he was content just holding a piece of candy. After a few houses we left the group and went back to my parents' house.

Once we left there we went to Grandma Score's house. It was getting pretty late but we went anyway. We hung out there for a while and Cole showed off his Elmo costume. We fed Rylie and then went home. By the time we got to bed it was after 11:00 so now I'm pretty tired. Rylie didn't want to go to sleep right away so I was up for a bit with her. Now the little stinker is still sleeping and it is 8:45am!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Friday Jared and Anne are coming to visit, then Saturday is Jakob's 7th birthday party. Sunday night a bunch of Matt's family are getting together for dinner so we are going to keep pretty busy. It'll be nice since last weekend was very uneventful for us.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 2007

10/29/2007 9:17:47 AM
At home :)
We left the hospital on Thursday afternoon. We were very relieved to be home. Grandma Case brought Cole home shortly after we got here and Cole was in a really good mood. He didn't seem jealous of Rylie or anything. That has pretty much continued since we've been home. He goes to her and says "baby" or "yi yee" (for Rylie)and even gives her pacifier to her. He's been really good. He even fell asleep on my lap while I was also holding Rylie. We all three took a nap on the couch :) I'm really proud of him!

Rylie has been doing really well too. The first night at home she was up all night but now I seem to have her figured out. She wanted to eat more than we were feeding her, so she wasn't satisfied enough to sleep. Now we've increased her formula and she just wakes up 2 times in the night to eat. She seems to be a pretty happy baby so far.

Saturday we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Case's for our first outing with 2 kids. It took FOREVER to pack up for the trip. We'll have to get used to getting 2 kids ready. I'm sure we'll be late everywhere we go for a while.

Sunday my friend Cassie from college came to visit. Then Sandy and Conner came to visit, brought lots of food, and Rylie's crib. We're borrowing theirs so we don't have to buy another one. It was nice to have some visitors. Then we went to Kohls and Target. It was a whole new world bringing the 2 of them out to shop too. It was nice for me to get out of the house though. I have been stuck indoors since last Monday! I'm glad to be feeling well enough to get out of the house.

Rylie is calling. I'll update again soon.
10/24/2007 1:19:08 PM
She's here!
Well it didn't happen over the weekend like I thought. I ended up working on Monday and going into labor when I got home around 4:30 pm. I had contractions that were about 5 minutes to start and they lasted through the entire evening. I tried going to bed but it was too painful to lay down that way so we decided to call Matt's mom over to stay with Cole so I could go get checked out at the hospital.

We got to the hospital around 10:30pm and I was still 2-3 cm. I wasn't too thrilled with hearing that since I had been 3 cm at my last appointment and now they were telling me 2-3 cm and 50% effaced after I had been having contractions for 6 hours. The contractions were around 2-4 minutes apart by then and getting more painful. They let me walk around for a while, checked me again, and still no change (other than a LOT more pain for me.) It got pretty bad and the nurse I had was just horrible. She kept telling me that I was not in labor and I kept telling her that YES I was in labor... I told her that I've done it before and I knew it. They weren't able to get my contractions on the monitor so I don't think she believed me. I pretty much suffered the entire night. She didn't let me walk around much. She made me lay in the bed (which is the worst thing you can do if you want the labor to progress) so she could watch the monitor that my contractions and Rylie's heart beat didn't even show up on. It was horrible. We pretty much refused to go home even though she tried about 6 times to send us home. She told me that I could be having contractions like that for up to another week! She was crazy. She ended up giving me some pain medication (nubain) and I got 2 hours of sleep.

Finally at 7am there was a shift change. We got a new nurse and the doctor came in. The doctor checked me, I was 3 cm and 80% effaced and he immediately broke my water and got me up and walking again. He also started me on some pitocin to get things moving along. I was soooo happy to have new people that believed me that I was in labor! We walked around for a while and then I got an epidural around 9am and felt relief. The contractions slowed down, so they continued to up the dosage of pitocin until we started to see some change. After that, I laid in bed, took some naps, and talked to my mom and Matt to pass the time. Around 11:00 AM I was 5 cm. By 12:30 PM I was 10 cm. It went quickly! Then they had me wait to push as Rylie worked her way down the birth canal. We had to wait for the doctor to come but once I started pushing, she was out within around 5 pushes. It was too easy! I didn't tear this time so no stitches for me!

Rylie is doing really well. She's healthy and a good eater. She's been pooping, peeing, and sleeping just like she should be. She's adorable! I think we'll keep her. :)

She was born at 1:44pm on October 23, 2007. She was 7lbs 5 oz and 20 1/2 inches long.

Cole came to see her but he wasn't interested. The only time he'd even look at her was when she cried. He seemed pretty worried and a little afraid every time she cried.

We have to stay in the hospital one more night to make sure that Rylie's temperature is stable but then we are free to go home. We can't wait to get her home and be with Cole again.
10/19/2007 10:40:20 AM
39 week appointment
I went to the doctor today and I am 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. The doctor said that I have about a 65% chance of going into labor before Friday. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I'm thinking it'll happen this weekend.
I had to bring Cole to this appointment but he did pretty well. He cried when the nurse came in, probably because he just had shots on Monday. The nurse left and he was better. He didn't even mind when the doctor was in the room, but when the nurse came back, he threw a fit. I think he was afraid she was going to give him shots again.
We'll update if there are any changes. BYE!
10/15/2007 2:27:11 PM
More doctors appointments
I had another appointment on Friday (10/12) and I am 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Making progress every week!
I've still had lots of false labor which isn't too fun but hopefully that is helping move things along. Next appointment will be Friday again. I'll be 39 weeks at that point.

Cole had a doctor's appointment today and he is doing very well. As usual the doctor said he's advanced :) She said he talks as much as most 2 year olds. He was in the 45th percentile for weight, 65th for head, and 70th for height. He weighs 24 pounds 1 oz. He got 3 shots (including the flu shot) so he's very cranky. He usually hasn't minded shots much, but this time he got really angry. He was already crabby to start so he didn't want the doctor or nurse messing with him at all. He has more teeth working their way up so he's pretty uncomfortable and has been having a hard time sleeping. I'm sure his legs will be sore for a couple days now too. :( Poor guy
He doesn't need another doctor's appointment until he's 2. No more shots for a while!

The doctor told me that anyone who will be around Rylie should get a flu shot soon. She'll be born right at flu season, so make sure you get your flu shot!! The flu can be very dangerous for newborns so we would appreciate it greatly if you got one! Oh and make sure it is the shot, not the nasal mist. The mist can cause you to spread the flu if you sneeze because it uses a live form of the virus.
10/5/2007 3:24:26 PM
Doctor's Appointment Update
1 and a half cm dilated, 50% effaced. Coming along but could still be a few weeks before she's born. :/
10/1/2007 2:29:49 PM
Cole went on the potty again yesterday.. He is so smart! He'll be 15 months old tomorrow and already gets what you are supposed to do when you sit on the toilet! I'm going to continue to put him on it and see if he keeps it up.

I'm getting REALLY anxious for Rylie to be born. I went through her clothes and stuff and washed everything. I'm trying to get everything ready for her to be here. I also washed all the baby bottles, nuks, etc. I just can't wait!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 2007

9/29/2007 6:12:37 PM
Guess what!?!
Cole just peed on the potty! He was grabbing his diaper and saying "poop" so I put him on the potty. Sure enough, less than a minute later, he peed! Not even 15 months old yet... pretty crazy!
9/27/2007 5:57:34 PM
36 weeks!
I had an appointment with my nurse practitioner today and I'm a centimeter dilated! Woo hoo! I was dilated 1 cm at about 37 weeks with Cole, so not too different. I'm really hoping she comes earlier than he did though. I don't want to see my due date come and go with me still being pregnant. I have another appointment next Friday so we'll see how things are going then.
9/26/2007 7:40:03 PM
Cranky Pants
Another tooth is working it's way out so Cole has been his usual teething-cranky pants self. He's been sleeping better, but very crabby during the day. Why can't teeth just pop up all at once?
9/15/2007 7:21:56 AM
34 weeks
I am now 34 weeks pregnant. That means about 6 weeks left of the pregnancy! Yay!! Hopefully that is all at least. Maybe this time I'll get lucky and deliver a little early. I've been doing pretty good still. I'm getting pretty tired and uncomfortable though. No big complications or anything, but I just have a hard time sleeping, getting off the floor, carrying Cole, etc. I'm starting to worry about how things will go with having 2 kids sharing a room. It'll be rough for a while I'm sure. Cole has been waking up in the night a little lately so I'm trying to get him used to going back to sleep on his own like he used to. I don't want to be up in the night with 2 babies! 2 nights ago he was up at 4, 4:30, and 5:30. Last night he just woke up once and went back to sleep. So hopefully that is going back to normal. I think he got used to me getting up with him in the night while he was sick.
My next doctors apt is next Wed or Thurs so I'll update with any news at that point.
9/10/2007 4:49:01 PM
He's better!
We pretty much saw immediate results with the antibiotic. He started getting better Friday night and has continued to get better since. Now he barely has a runny nose. He seems to be back to his normal self other than some icky diapers caused by his medicine. :)
9/7/2007 4:13:13 PM
Cole has been really sick lately. Saturday night he woke up at 2am with a high fever and didn't go back to sleep til 4:30am. He was crabbier than he's ever been in his life!! The fever lasted on and off for this entire time (6 days now) and he's been gasping for air when he coughs. It started sounding really bad today so I left work and took him to the doctor. We found out he has a bacterial infection of some sort. Basically, he has really gross thick mucus dripping down his throat and it is causing the horrible sounding cough. I'm just glad it isn't pneumonia or anything like that. He should be better in the next couple days with his medicine. :)
9/1/2007 11:22:09 AM
I added a section called "Wallpapers" where you can download wallpapers for your computer! Woo hoo! Just go to the menu, and it's under the section called "Fun Stuff".

Friday, August 31, 2007

August 2007

8/31/2007 2:41:46 PM
Dr Apt
Wednesday was another doctors appointment. It lasted about 2 minutes and everything is normal. Rylie's heartbeat is good, my weight is good, that's about all the checked. Just 8 more weeks!! We're getting pretty anxious for her to be born.

Cole has been doing good. He got another tooth this week on the bottom and had a couple cranky nights because of it. Now he seems back to normal and is his cute little self. He came to my work yesterday and today because my mom is out of town. He hated it yesterday. There is a baby there that screams pretty much the entire day and Cole was very afraid of him. He looked shocked and worried when he first heard him. When that baby took naps, Cole was fine. We're in trouble if Cole is really cranky when babies cry!!! He's gotta get used to it. He did better today. He wasn't as sensitive and didn't care that the other babies were crying as much.
In other news, I got a new job and it seems like they won't be overworking me like my current job is (yesterday I worked almost 10 and a half hours). It'll be much better for the pregnancy and I'll get to spend more time with Cole too. My new hours should be Tues-Fri 7am-3pm. Much better than 6:30-5! The new job is at New Horizon as a lead infant teacher so it is the same type of job, but seems to be a better company. They are more flexible with people calling in sick and taking days off so that will be much easier on our family!
8/13/2007 4:08:47 PM
Lots of teeth!!
Cole got 3 of those teeth that were working there way out. Now he's just got one white spot left. He has 5 teeth. What a big boy! He's been napping for almost 4 hours now. Poor little guy has a cold and hasn't been himself. He hasn't been eating and has just been whiny. I actually got him to eat lunch today- only because we went to McDonalds. He can't resist a fry, even when he's sick.

Today is Matt and my 2nd wedding anniversary. It is crazy that we have been married 2 years and are only a couple months away from having our second child.
This pregnancy is still going a lot better for me than the first. I like being pregnant a lot and I'll be a little sad when it is over since it will probably be the last time. I'm very excited to see our little girl though so I'll get over it :0) I'm 29 weeks so just 11 more to go!! I'm guessing my Gestational Diabetes test came out negative since I haven't heard from them for 2 weeks, so that is good news. My next appointment is in about 2 weeks so I'll update after that.
8/8/2007 7:49:26 AM
Cole is now down to one nap per day! It's so much easier because it doesn't take up the whole day now. It's just one longer mid-day nap now.

He's also starting to tell us when he goes potty. Most of the time it's after the fact, but sometimes its before. He'll look at us, wave his hand, and say "pew"! A few times we've noticed that it's just when he pees. He's done that a few times now while he's taking a bath, and then he'll pee right afterwards. So we're going to buy him a little toilet seat to put him on whenever he does that. Maybe he'll be potty trained early too! That'd be GREAT!

Two days ago, he said "I love you, daddy". It was cute.

Three of his top teeth are all pushing through at once. He gets a little cranky sometimes, but for the most part, he's a good sport about it. His gums there are very white and puffy, so they should cut through any day now.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 2007

7/30/2007 3:30:14 PM
Still a girl!
I just got home from another doctor's appointment and the second ultrasound. The placenta has moved out of the way of my cervix so I am all better!! The lady doing the ultrasound assured me over and over that it really is a girl. Rylie is head down so lets hope she stays that way. As of right now, no need for a c-section. :) :) :)
They also did my test for gestational diabetes so lets hope the results for that come out normal!
7/27/2007 2:05:56 PM
I la lou
About a week ago Cole started saying "I love you." It sounds more like I la lou but we know what he's saying! A couple days ago a lady in our building was talking to him and walked away.. Once she got out the door he turned and said "bye, I love you." It was sooooo funny. He says it a little too loosely but oh well. :)

Last night we got together with Matt's dad's side of the family and Cole had lots of fun. He stayed really busy playing with everyone and even got to go swimming with his clothes on! Eventually we stripped him and him and Aiden went swimming naked. It was pretty funny. Tomorrow, Matt's cousin Ellen is getting married so we'll be going to the wedding. We decided to take Cole. He'll love the music. :)
7/26/2007 9:29:22 PM
I just realized that I am now in the third trimester of the pregnancy!!! Yay. Seems to be going pretty fast. I really only have 13 weeks before my due date! :)
7/22/2007 5:49:59 PM
Finally another tooth!!
Cole got his third tooth yesterday. That poor guy has been sooo cranky for at least a week and now it has finally cut through. He seems to be much happier for now but I'm sure the rest will be popping through soon too.
He seems to be adjusting his schedule a bit. Lately he stays up later in the morning and only takes one nap. It is kinda nice because he wakes up at 8 or so on weekends instead of 6! I am loving the extra sleep and I know it will soon end when the new baby is here.
Rylie has been moving non-stop especially at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. I had a doctor's appointment last week but it was pretty uneventful. We scheduled the next ultrasound for July 30th so hopefully we get the good news that the low-lying placenta has corrected itself. I also will take the test for gestational diabetes and have a regular check up. It will be a busy day at the doctor's office! I'm sure I'll be there for a few hours with all that going on.
7/12/2007 2:23:37 PM
12 month check up!
Cole had his nine month check up on Monday. He was 21lbs 9oz and 30 inches tall. 70th percentile in weight and head size, 60th in height. He got 3 shots and not much else. The doctor was very impressed with how smart he is. She said he is talking much beyond where he needs to be and his motor skills are really advanced. He is basically doing everything he needs to be doing up to 21 months and he is only 12 months! He's a little smarty pants! She said over and over again that he is really advanced. :) Always fun to hear as a parent..
She was especially impressed with how he combines words. He says thank you, all done, what's that, read it, etc. He asked over and over again "what's that" as he pointed up to some Nemo fish stickers on the wall of the office. It was really cute.
This week has been pretty hard. I had a meeting monday night and wednesday night so I didn't even get to see him on Wednesday. I missed him sooo much! I got off early today so I get to spend a little extra time with him.
Cole is crabby because his 4 front teeth on the top are swollen and seem like they are ready to pop out. He's been taking really short naps and has had trouble eating too. I wish they would come through!!!
7/7/2007 1:07:55 PM
Thank You
Cole's new favorite thing to say is "Thank You". He hands you something and says thank you about 3000 times a day. It's pretty cute. He's not feeling too well right now. He has a cold and maybe some teeth coming in. He hasn't had any new teeth come in since April, so he's gotta get some soon. He's been harder to put to bed. Usually we can just lay him down for naps and he goes to sleep. Yesterday and today he has been really fighting them and just has been extra cranky. Hopefully he starts feeling better soon.
7/2/2007 8:21:20 PM
Rylie's getting bigger!
I got some new maternity clothes yesterday and found that in them, I actually look pregnant! Yay. I was sick of just feeling fat. I like looking pregnant much more! Here is a pic :)

7/2/2007 7:44:28 AM
Cole is ONE!
I said happy birthday to Cole this morning and now he's been running around saying "birthday." He is just way too cute. :)
7/1/2007 10:34:21 AM
Camping and Cole's Birthday Party!!
We went camping from June 19th to the 23rd and had a great time. It wasn't really camping since we stayed in a cabin, but we call it that. :) The cabin was really nice and Cole didn't have any trouble sleeping or adjusting to being there in general. We spent a lot of time throwing rocks into the water, playing latter golf outside the cabin, and sitting by campfires. Cole loved all the attention and loved being able to walk around outside by himself. He's a pro at walking with shoes on after all that. We are looking forward to going next summer with Cole and Rylie.

Yesterday (June 30th) was Cole's birthday party. Everything went really well. The cake turned out awesome. Nate's girlfriend Amanda made it and it was sooo cute!! Tasted great too. We bought sandwiches from Sam's Club and had fruit and chips to go with it.
Cole was pretty nice with his cake. He's never really had sweets before so he just poked his finger around in it and licked the frosting off.
He wasn't very interested in opening presents. He just wanted to play with them once they were open.
After food, cake, and lots of presents, we went outside to swim. We had a really good time but were very tired by the end of the day. We never realized how much work putting on a party actually is!
I was just thinking that this time last year I was in labor!! It is hard to believe a year has past and our little baby is already turning one. Tomorrow is Cole's birthday and also my day off of work, so I'll get to spend it with him. :)
Happy First Birthday Cole!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 2007

6/16/2007 10:52:01 PM
Cole's Wishlist
6/14/2007 2:53:26 PM
Doctors Appointment
I just got back from my doctors apt and found out that I have a low lying placenta. Basically, that means that the placenta is down too far and will prevent me from having a normal delivery if it does not move up. If it does move up as my uterus grows, I'll be fine, but if not, C-SECTION!!! I'm scared about that. Although it would be nice to schedule when I have the baby.. I'd rather not go through the pain of the c-section though. I also have some restrictions for now. I can't lift anything heavy or have aerobic activity. I can keep working for now as long as there is no bleeding. She said that they won't check my cervix at all unless there is an emergency because the low lying placenta can bleed easily.. Gross huh?
Other news- bladder infection number one of the pregnancy.. This doctor's appointment was not fun!! Good news though- through all of this, Rylie is healthy. That is the important part so I'm happy.
6/12/2007 6:37:44 PM
More sick...
Now I am sick!! Sunday night I started feeling really sick, threw up a couple times, and have felt like crap since then. Cole is totally over his and seems to be his old self again. I'm hoping this is something that I got from him and not something I'm going to give to him. Being back at the daycare is bound to get me sick though. I feel bad for Rylie because I can't eat much. Everything for the last 3 days has gone through me too quickly to get anything to her. I've lost a few pounds now too so hopefully she is doing ok. I feel her moving right now though. I have a doctors appointment Thursday so I'll give an update then on how she's doing. I have to get another ultrasound (which I will schedule on Thursday) because they couldn't see everything they needed to. She was moving around so much that they couldn't get a good look at her heart or the connection from the umbilical cord to her. I'm sure everything is fine and she's just rowdy like her brother.

We went swimming lots this weekend and Cole really seems to like it. Saturday Grandma and Grandpa Case came over with Jakob and Jayda and we all went swimming. Then Sunday the 3 of us went swimming for a couple hours. Matt and Cole are outside right now swimming also. We are getting lots of use out of the pool already. Cole is a little dare devil and loves the water. He even dunks his face in it and laughs. He also thinks it is pretty funny to drink the water and say "mmm". Ick!

6/8/2007 8:42:24 PM
Fever again
My little man had a fever the last 3 days. He is finally over it. It was the same as last time- a low grade fever for 3 days with no other symptoms. So strange. Other than that, things are going well. He's been going to Grandma Case's everyday since I am back at the daycare. He's actually doing a really good job sleeping there now. I've been having a good time being back at the daycare but I miss Cole like crazy!! I'm going to enjoy my Mondays since I'll be at home with Cole.
Oh, and here is a funny picture I took tonight.
6/4/2007 8:04:51 PM
Ultrasound pictures are up! Check em out!!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 2007

5/30/2007 4:51:13 PM
Jessa Jessa Jessa
All I have heard from Cole today is "Jessa Jessa" as he shakes his little finger at me. He also says it when he cries and wants me to pick him up. I'm REALLY trying to get him to say Mommy. So far, not working. I'm sure this is due to him spending 5 days a week with Makia and John. 
5/28/2007 9:13:17 PM
Those darn teeth!
We think Cole is getting another tooth. He's been really tricky to get to sleep all weekend. He started with some crazy sleep at my parents' house on Saturday. That night we tried putting him in the crib and he threw a fit and couldn't breath because he was crying so hard. He FINALLY fell asleep on me at 10:00 and my mom put him in the crib at 10:30. He slept til 4:45am but that was it! Then he slept pretty much all day yesterday, and now has had a screwy schedule today. He wouldn't go to sleep tonight and threw a fit in his crib for about 20 minutes. Finally we gave in and took him out and he played for a little longer and then fell asleep on Daddy. Poor little guy. I can see a white line on his gums so I'm sure the next tooth is pushing up. I'll let ya know if it pops through.
5/25/2007 6:44:05 AM
Cole stinks!
Just thought I'd update and let you know that Cole is in his pooping corner and WHEW! Stinkin up the whole place. He is so funny. He ALWAYS goes and sits behind the rocking chair to poop. Seems kinda young to be doing that, but he for sure does. We always know what he's up to when he goes and sits back there.
5/24/2007 8:56:17 PM
Good news for sure!
Tonight we decided to give Cole 1 oz of cow's milk with his formula and he didn't puke!!! We are sooo excited. Maybe now we can start feeding him foods with milk and cheese in it which will make life so much easier. He's getting sick of his non-dairy diet. There are so few foods that we can make him, so he's really bored with it. Tomorrow I'll give him 2 oz of cows milk and see how it goes. We'll gradually build up to fully cows milk around the time he's a year old.
5/23/2007 7:07:17 PM
Maybe good news??
I decided to give Cole a little macaroni and cheese tonight to see if he is still intolerant of milk.. That was at about 5 and it is 7 and still no throwing up! He didn't have much- but it is still better than before (not being able to have a drop of milk). We're hoping he gets to 8 with no puking, then we'll know he's over it. :)
5/22/2007 6:14:18 PM
Cole's been walking more than crawling the past couple days. Today he has really amazed me with it. I think he realized how much easier it is to walk than crawl.
I've been feeling baby #2 move a lot more lately. I usually feel it a couple times a day now.
Gotta go- Cole's gettin into trouble!
5/19/2007 5:54:26 AM
Yay Cole
Yup, his fever is still gone! I think he's finally over this! I hope at least. He woke up this morning without a fever. The first in 4 days! :)
5/18/2007 10:04:09 PM
Sick again..
Cole has had a fever for the last three days. It seems like it finally went away tonight, but we will see how he is when he wakes up in the morning. Matt took him to the doctor today and she said that it is either a virus or just from teething. Most likely a virus though. I will probably play it safe and not bring him tomorrow on my planned lunch with some old friends. I'm sure they'll be sad that he didn't come, but I'd hate to get more people sick. One of them has a baby that is about 2 months old, so he really shouldn't be around him.
Grandma Score came over today and babysat while we went to see Shrek 3. :) We liked it, and Cole always likes spending time with his grandmas. He is really crazy about both of them. Just a couple days ago he smacked my hand when I tried taking him out of Grandma Case's arms. I'll try to remember to update again when his fever is finally gone!!
5/17/2007 7:52:30 PM
Matt took a video of Cole today and it is soo funny! He did everything Matt told him to do in it.. Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRWvUZRSshg
5/11/2007 6:49:11 PM
Walkin Man gets even better!
He just took 17 steps!! He walked all the way across the living room (the long way). Very cool!! He was practicing walking back and forth between Matt and I.
5/10/2007 12:14:41 PM
Subject: YOUR SON!
Here's an email I just got from Jessa:

-----Original Message-----
From: Jessalynn DeRusha [mailto:jessalynnderusha@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2007 12:08 PM
To: DeRusha, Matt - Matt_DeRusha@cargill.com
Subject: YOUR SON!

Ummm.. so Cole just opened the cabinet, found some pesto sauce, and poured it all over himself, the floor, the cabinet.... all over! This all happend in about 30 seconds while I was standing NEXT to him cleaning up lunch.. Pesto is not easy to clean up. Luckily he was still just wearing only a diaper from playing in the water table earlier.
I also had to go out in the garage and get their baby gate and put it at the bottom of the stairs. He is SUCH a little trouble maker today!

Anyway, just wanted to tell you about your sweet little boy and what a fun day I'm having with him!

We won't tell. Get more on shows you hate to love
(and love to hate): Yahoo! TV's Guilty Pleasures list.
5/8/2007 9:05:54 AM
Walkin Man
Cole can walk! He's been taking steps for a while, but yesterday he started getting brave and walking away on his own. He took like 8 steps away from the couch so we're pretty excited. He sure does seem to do everything earlier than expected! He still crawls most of the time, but every now and then he decides to walk. He's very proud of himself. :)
He also has another cold. He woke up yesterday with a runny nose. We are hoping he didn't get his great grandparents sick- we visited them on Sunday.
5/4/2007 10:32:52 AM
All better
Cole seems to be perfectly healthy now. He's been taking a few steps at a time. We've seen him take up to 4 steps in one try! He says new words everyday it seems. His big thing right now is "all done." He also says "Kia" which is for Makia- the little girl I take care of, and today, I'm sure I heard him say John a couple times. He spends most of his week with them, so it doesn't surprise me.
His FAVORITE thing to do right now is to point at you and say "no". He randomly does it, but every now and then he does it when he doesn't like something. Makia is constantly messing with him and he does it to her a lot. It is pretty funny. He sticks up for himself already!!
Cole spends the night with Grandma and Grandpa Case tonight. We get the night/morning off!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

April 2007

4/25/2007 6:30:15 PM
Strange baby...
One of Cole's favorite things to do is try to pick off Matt's nipples. It is really funny to watch. Not so fun for Matt though.
I'm a little worried that he has an ear infection. He's been picking at his ears like crazy today and is just really crabby. He does that when he is tired, so that might be all it is. We're gonna wait and see how he is in the morning and if he's still picking at them, we'll take him to the doctor. He seems to be most of the way over his cold.

I had a doctor's apt last Friday and everything is good so far. I'll be having an ultrasound on June 4th and we'll hopefully find out the sex of the baby on that day. :)
4/20/2007 7:59:51 AM
Still sick
Cole is doing pretty good even though he has a bad cold. He is happy most of the time but is especially unhappy when we try to wipe his nose. He woke up this morning just crusted with snot and really not feeling well. I feel so bad for him!! I ended up getting his cold of course. Matt feels like he's getting it too so we'll be having a fun sick weekend. You know, I never realized how valuable nasal aspirators (a.k.a. snot suckers) are until today.. Haha.
4/18/2007 5:34:14 PM
Poor Cole
Cole has his first bad cold. He's had sniffles in the past, but nothing major. Today he woke up with a really runny nose, a cough, and a very grumpy attitude. It's been a trick getting him to drink fluids. Matt figured out that it was because he can't breath, so without a valve on the sippy cup, he drinks! Yay.

He started clapping his hands today. I've been trying to teach him to clap his hands for about 2 months with no luck. Well today he was watching his one and only tv show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Mickey said "Clap with us." That was all it took. He started clapping his hands and has been doing it all day since then. I guess tv IS educational. :)

Other than that, Cole is off the bottle! He takes his formula out of sippy cups now, so we are done with bottles! He seems fine with it.
Time for dinner! Bye
4/9/2007 8:25:02 PM
Cole's first Easter
Cole had a very good first Easter. Saturday we went to Grandma and Grandpa Case's and decorated eggs and went out to eat at my favorite- Outback. Cole likes it too :). Later that night Jared and Anne came over and visited. Cole does great with them. He acts like he sees them all the time and is very comfortable with them. Sunday we skipped out on church so that Cole could take his usual nap and not be crabby later at Grandma Score's. We went over there for an Easter lunch and Cole had lots of fun with all the extra attention. He wouldn't take a nap over there at all so we had to leave a little early in order to keep the peace. He ended up falling asleep before we turned the corner in the car and he slept for a couple hours. After that, we just relaxed at home and enjoyed the last few hours of our vacation.
Now, we are back to work and back to our everyday routines.
4/6/2007 1:37:11 PM
Smarty Pants
Cole has been saying sooo many new words lately. The past couple days he has been saying "Bopper". He also makes a sign language sign for eat. He imitates pretty much everything we do. Yesterday we were pointing at something and he copied. He points with his whole hand, but he manages! It is a really fun thing to see him copy us.
Also, he just pooped and I said "Eww, stinky! Let's change your diaper!" and he started pulling on his diaper. He is growing up. ;)
4/3/2007 1:57:42 PM
Cole's such a good baby!
Lately, Cole has been extremely easy to take care of. I'm off this week and so far it has been sooo easy. He just crawls around playing on his own. He barely cries at all. I've been doing my own thing and getting stuff done and he just keeps playing. I love it. Maybe I'll get a little scrapbooking in if this continues. :)
The most amazing part of this is that he's getting his second tooth. He doesn't seem bothered by it at all. He has been sleeping through the night still and taking (better than normal) 2 hour naps twice a day. In fact, he fell asleep playing today. He found his nuk and his silky, laid on the floor, and went to sleep. I snapped a few pics before moving him to his bed.

4/2/2007 2:06:34 PM
What a big boy!
I just noticed that Cole has another tooth poking through. Now he has his two bottom front teeth. :)

Here is a picture of Cole's first trip to the park.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

March 2007

3/31/2007 4:58:32 PM
New words
The past few days, Cole has been saying "no, no, no" and he even tried to say diaper. It sounds more like "di-da" but it is sooo cute!
3/27/2007 8:29:32 PM
First tooth :)
We noticed a little bit of a tooth popped through on Sunday. We had a really hard weekend with sleep but he seems to be back to his cheery/good sleeping self. Cole has been walking holding onto furniture today. He walked all the way across the length of the couch pretty quickly. He is growing up sooo fast. Just watching him play now is amazing. He's plays and entertains himself pretty much on his own.

I had my first appointment for this pregnancy on Friday. I heard the heartbeat and everything is going well so far! :) They did move my due date back a day. Can you believe it?!! So now it is October 26th..
3/21/2007 8:35:12 PM
Little Mr. Trouble Maker
Cole's been crawling everywhere lately! It's been driving us nuts! He pulls himself up to stand now too, which is also driving us crazy! He thinks he can stand up using anything so he falls over and bumps his head all day. It is really cute to see him on the go. To top off all his new talents, he's been repeating things we say. Today he said "uh oh". So now he says hi, dada, uh oh, meow, baba, haha, dadadada (because I say dance dance dance to get him to dance).
3/5/2007 4:46:59 PM
Cole's sick :(
Matt and I had a fever over the weekend and now Cole has one today. He seems pretty happy for having a fever. He spends his days lately crawling around the living room and meowing at our cat. It is REALLY funny to watch. Cole and Bopper meow back and forth at each other for a few minutes at a time.
He also recently started saying "hi" and waving bye bye with little encouragement.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 2007

2/28/2007 7:56:44 PM
Cole can crawl!!!
He is finally crawling!! It takes a little motivation but he can do it! I noticed this morning and now he's been crawling for Daddy too. :)
2/26/2007 8:36:28 PM
Tight Pants :(
With Cole, I really didn't notice my pants getting tight for a little while after I found out I was pregnant. This time is another story. I put on some jeans today (which a month ago were falling off of me) and they were tight. It is a little sad, but worth it in the end. I'm just surprised with how fast it is happening..
So far this pregnancy is really easy. I am way less sick than I was with Cole, so that is good. I already have a better attitude about it than I did with Cole. The only problem this time- I'm constantly hungry. I'm trying to eat healthier foods when I'm hungry, but it is very difficult at times.
Hopefully I don't gain too much weight this time. I'm just hoping I can do as good as I did the first time with it. I guess we'll see!

We had a sad weekend without Cole. We dropped him off on Friday at my parent's house so we could get started on putting in laminate floors in our entryway, kitchen, and dining room. We thought we'd be done Saturday night, but we were sadly mistaken. Night rolled around and we were barely anywhere on the floors. We had to leave Cole there and get him on Sunday. Then most of Sunday past with most of the work done, but still a mess all over the house. Finally around 7pm I just left to go get him even though the house wasn't quite ready. I couldn't take being away from him anymore. Friday through Sunday is too much time away from my baby. We're so happy to have him back!! We have most of the house cleaned up now too and the floors are done! They turned out great in the end.

Cole is pretty vocal lately. He says "da da" non-stop in this weird high pitched voice. It is really cute! I'm hoping to catch it on tape. Other than that, he says "ba ba" when he wants a bottle.

He still loves his bath. He likes to "swim" in the tub and drink the dirty water. He is quite the dare-devil in the water, so we are really looking forward to taking him swimming this summer. He immediately lays down when he gets in there. Then he rolls over and lays back getting pretty much his whole face under the water. He pops up with a smile so we let him do it. I figure it is good for him to get use to water now so he isn't afraid of it later in life. We just watch him closely- so don't worry! He also tries to stand up in the tub. He pulls himself up and sometimes stands but usually gets into a weird position and then falls.

He's getting to be so much fun!
2/23/2007 9:13:00 AM
Cole can scoot!
Cole has been scooting forward this morning! We noticed it once yesterday and now quite a bit today. No matter where I put him, he ends up at the stereo and cable box which is conveniently located on the bottom shelf of their entertainment center.. (I'm nannying right now). Now the trouble starts!
2/22/2007 6:03:25 PM
You may have already heard....
I'm pregnant!! We found out over the weekend and have slowly been telling people. The baby is due October 25th.
Poor Cole having to share his attention so soon..
2/11/2007 8:11:59 PM
Look what Cole can do!

Today we started helping Cole stand next to the couch. After just a little bit of practice, he can now stand holding on to something all by himself!
He also started saying "dada" today. :)
2/4/2007 9:22:46 PM
Good News
The appointment went well. The doctor said that this is probably a dairy intolerance and not an allergy. If it was an allergy he'd had hives but this is just vomiting. She said that most babies outgrow this by the time they are a year old and at that time, we can try to give him milk again. Until then, we have to avoid all food with milk in it. Cole also got the 2nd part of his flu shot and he didn't even cry!!!
2/2/2007 8:29:31 AM
7 Months Old!!
As of today, Cole is 7 months old. It is hard to believe!! The past 7 months have gone by SO fast. Cole has a doctors appointment this afternoon about his dairy allergy. Hopefully we'll find out what is going on and what he's allergic to.
Other exciting news- as of yesterday, I lost all of my pregnancy weight!!!!! I am down 2 pounds from before I got pregnant. :) That is a great feeling. I'm continuing with Weight Watchers so I can lose even more weight before the next pregnancy.
In sad news, we had to put one of Cole's first pets to sleep last night. Our cat, Shannon, had some health problems that got to be too much. :(
I'll update more after Cole's appointment today.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 2007

1/26/2007 8:39:37 PM
Baby food?? Not for Cole....
Cole decided that he's too old for baby food. He only wants table food which is not very fun. When I try to feed him baby food holds his mouth shut, smacks the spoon, or my favorite- he spits it in my face. So I give up.. After two weeks of dealing with this twice a day, I'm just letting him eat table food. He's still eating baby food in the morning because he really likes his fruit and cereal. Other than that, I have to come up with dairy free meals for him. It's a little frustrating, but I'm sure in the long run it'll be easier. Right now he feeds himself a few bites and waits for me to put the food in his mouth. Tonight he chewed up a bite, looked at me, and opened his mouth just waiting for the food. He's lazy! I'm trying to get him to feed himself more, once that happens, meal times will be MUCH easier.
Other than that, he is moving like crazy. He gets up on his hands and knees and is SO close to crawling. We sometimes move his hands and knees for him but he hasn't got the hang of it yet. He basically scoots backwards and around in a complete circle. We have to get a move on this baby proofing before he figures it out!!
1/18/2007 10:10:26 PM
I'm bored and can't sleep right now so here's a picture of Cole in a bucket.

1/13/2007 7:08:08 AM
It'd be a hard life without cheese!
Well, Cole is allergic to dairy for sure. He continued to throw up that night for a couple hours until there was nothing in his stomach to throw up. We waited until last night to try dairy again. I gave him some mac and cheese baby food and he threw it up after about 2 hours which was how long it took the yogurt to come up. Now we know- no dairy for Cole!! We are glad that we switched him to soy milk so early on because his reaction to dairy is so much worse than when he was little.

Many children that are allergic to dairy grow out of it. The little boy that I take care of has the same problem but seems to be getting much better. He used to throw up AND get hives from dairy when he was a baby. Now he is two and he can eat cheese or yogurt without a reaction. They haven't tried milk yet, but he seems to have mostly grown out of his allergy. He is also allergic to eggs so I'm curious if Cole is allergic to anything else. We'll just introduce new foods very slowly to find out what the little guy can handle.

1/7/2007 7:48:15 PM
Poor Cole! :-(
Cole just puked a few times. It was his whole dinner which included a whole jar of veggies, a half a container of yogurt, and an 8 oz bottle. It was a lot and all over our bed-- oh he just did it again. :( We think that he is allergic to dairy. Tonight should be pretty rough...
1/7/2007 7:28:44 AM
6 Month Check Up
Cole had his 6 month check up on Friday. It went very well. He did have to get 3 shots, which gave him a fever, but other than that, it was fine. The doctor even said he's a little advanced for his age with sitting up and feeding himself. She said that since he can feed himself a cracker we should start letting him eat more table foods. So now we are giving him little bites of what we eat (as long as it is soft and not too spicey). So far he likes bread and that is about it.. Everything else he spits out, but we'll keep trying. Last night I gave him a bite of mashed potatoes and he gagged and then threw up. I think he just can't stand the texture so I'll wait about a month or so before I try that again.