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Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 2006

12/29/2006 6:59:17 AM
Cole is just starting to do so much all the sudden! Yesterday he picked up his pacifier two different times and put it in his own mouth. He is getting so much more independent!

He had a very good first Christmas. He got lots of toys, books, and new clothes. :)
On Christmas Eve we got together with Grandma Score, Liz, and Dan to open presents. We ate lunch over there and then went to my parents house. We all went to Church together, came home, opened presents, then ate dinner. On Monday we went back over to Grandma and Grandpa Case's house and just spent some time with them for a little bit. We had colds so we had to skip out on brunch with Great Grandma and Grandpa. Later we went over to Matt's aunt's house and opened presents and ate dinner.
Cole helped open his presents a little but was more interested in the paper than the presents. He got a few favorite toys. He is amazed with this Winnie the Pooh toy that my mom got him. Pooh is sitting on a turtle and when the baby shakes a rattle, it makes the turtle walk. While the turtle walks, Pooh sings a little song. Cole controls it and just LOVES it. When Pooh stops going, Cole shakes the rattle and makes him go! When I first heard about this toy I didn't think Cole would be able to make it go, but sure enough, he does! He also got a push walker from Nate that can also just be a toy that you sit up and play with. He really seems to enjoy that. He'll sit and play with it for a very long time. He enjoys most of his other toys too, but those seems to be his favorite.
We went to Ikea a couple days ago and bought a big shelf for his room. We didn't have anywhere to put all these new toys. The shelf helped a lot. Now his toys are all organized and our house is much less of a mess. :)
12/28/2006 7:02:52 AM
Cole can sit up!
We are saying that, as of yesterday, Cole can sit up! It is a gradual process of course, but yesterday he sat up by himself several times for several minutes. It is sooooo nice!! He sits up and plays all by himself now. :)
12/22/2006 10:57:42 AM
Actually, Matt got it a little wrong. Cole doesn't like video games. In fact, he gets upset when his daddy plays them and doesn't play with him! So no Nintendo or X Box for Cole.
Cole is all the sudden getting all over the place. I have to finish baby proofing the house because Cole is getting into stuff already. He rolls around the room and scoots backwards to get to things that he wants.
I graduated now so I get to have Cole with me everyday. I just love it!! Nannying has been going great and Cole likes the kids so he seems fine with the change. Yesterday he went to Grandma's and looked around like he had never been there before. :( I'm a little worried that he is going to get too used to me being with him 24/7 so I'm gonna start having people babysit to keep him used to it.
We are all really looking forward to Cole's first Christmas. We already had the DeRusha Christmas party last weekend. He enjoyed seeing his friend Aiden. They are continuing the cheek competition as you can see in the picture.. Aiden seems to have passed Cole up in size and he is two months younger!! Aiden is going to be a big boy! Cole has slowed down in growing quite a bit. He hasn't gained much the last two months. He has a doctor's apt next week so we'll update with the new stats.. I know you are just on the edge of your seat to find out!
12/12/2006 6:24:35 PM
In Calgary :-(
I'm in Calgary for a business trip so this will be the longest I've ever been away from Cole! :-( Jessa's staying at her parents' house because it's closer to her work. From what I hear, he's been pretty good. He's been rolling over like crazy lately; I think he is even more than he wants to. Whenever he gets mad, he rolls over to his stomach, and then cries more--especially in the crib. However, he's been a much happier baby since he's started to roll over. He sleeps MUCH better. The last month has been really difficult on Jessa because he's been waking up more than normal, but now that he sleeps on his stomach, he basically sleeps through the night again.

I forgot to mention in the last entry that in addition to the toys and clothes that he wants for Christmas, he would also VERY much enjoy gift cards to Best Buy, a Nintendo Wii, or an XBox 360.

Jessa graduates this Friday! Yay! She only has ONE more day of student teaching, and then she is done forever. Whew! She would also love some Best Buy gift cards, a Nintendo Wii, or an XBox 360 for graduation gifts.

12/1/2006 7:42:29 AM
Almost 5 months!
Geeze, how time does fly! Tomorrow, Cole will be 5 months old. Right now, he has a cold, but it's not a bad one. It just makes him cough a little more and makes his nose a little stuffy. Otherwise, he's happy as can be. Especially since he just started rolling over from back to front. He rolled over from front to back the Monday before Thanksgiving at Great Grandma and Grandpa Hawley's. Then on Tuesday of this week, he rolled over from back to front for the first time! Before that, he'd get 90% there, and then couldn't get past his arm.

Jessa's mom got him a Santa hat, so he's all ready for the Christmas season. We just put our Christmas tree up and our lights out onto our balcony so we're all ready too.

Oh yeah. If you aren't getting the Snapfish pictures that we're sending out, just let me know. Jessa's actually the one who sends them out, but she sends them from my Snapfish account. She only sends them to people in her email address book, so if she doesn't have your email address, she doesn't send them to you. However, if you just let me know, I'll be sure to let her know so we get them to you! Sorry if we missed you before--it wasn't intentional.

I know a lot of people are asking about Christmas presents for Cole too. Just get him whatever you think it appropriate. Cole has plenty of stuffed animals, though. QUIET toys are always good! As for clothes, right now he's wearing 9 month clothes. It shouldn't be long before he makes his way into 12 month clothes (which will probably be by the time he's 6 months old). Nothing ugly though, ok?!