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Monday, July 31, 2006

July 2006

7/31/2006 12:16:44 PM
Cole has another aunt!
We had a big weekend. Saturday my parents came back from China with Jayda. She is adorable! Matt and I got to play with her and she bonded with us quickly. We had to leave shortly after we got home with them because Matt's cousin Nichole was having a baby shower. We went to the shower and introduced Cole to the DeRusha side of the family. It was outdoors and very hot so we didn't get to stay for very long before Cole got crabby from being hot. Then we went back to my parents house and played with Jayda some more. She got really attached to Matt. She followed him around and sat right next to him on the couch. She also put her hands out for him to hold her a lot. She cried again when we left which was very sad!!!

Sunday was Auntie Jane's birthday party so we got to show Cole off some more. He was passed around the whole time and he loved being held non-stop.

Last night Matt's mom came over and babysat while we went to see a movie. We saw Lady in the Water. It was good and I actually didn't worry about Cole! It was our first time leaving him with anyone but it went well. I weighed Cole last night and he is 10 lbs!!! He's growing so fast! His clothes that were way too big at birth are starting to fit.

7/24/2006 11:52:54 PM
Gaining Weight!
Cole is now 3 weeks old and has been gaining weight quickly. We weighed him from home today and he was 9lbs! He is now eating more too. Today the little piggy ate 4 oz every 3 hours (or less). This is a lot more than he's ever eaten in one day. So far he's had 28 oz and a typical day he usually has about 22. He's even working on another 4 oz bottle as I type this!

Saturday night Cole slept for 6 hours without a peep! I jumped out of bed in the morning because I was scared that he wasn't breathing since it had been so long since he ate.

He has blisters on his lips from sucking all day. I read that it is normal in newborns and goes away on it's own after a month or 2. It doesn't cause them any discomfort (according to the book) but it sure looks painful!

7/16/2006 8:00:53 PM
Two Weeks!
Cole's checkup went well. He was up to 7lbs 12oz on Monday. By now he should weigh more than he did at birth! He's eating 3-4 oz about every 3-4 hours so he is right on track. He's been sleeping VERY well at night the last couple of nights. I think he might like his crib more than the basinet. We are at my parents for a couple of weeks while they are in China, so there is no basinet here. He's been sleeping the whole night except for 1 or 2 feedings. He goes back to sleep right after he eats (which is wonderful) and then sleeps for about 4 more hours!!
Cole is a really easy baby :)
His umbilical cord fell out today. I'm glad because I was sick of looking at that gross thing! Now he has a cute lil belly button. I'm excited to give him his first real bath tomorrow!

7/10/2006 11:48:02 AM
One week old!
I'm back at work, and I miss him horribly! That's probably why I'm looking at his website from work. Ha! He's doing VERY good! Cole has a checkup this afternoon at 2:30 to get weighed again and to make sure that he's doing well.

I think Cole's getting cuter by the day, but that might just be my imagination! We looked at other pictures of babies on GrowingFamily.com and we BY FAR have the cutest baby! You can search for different babies at Fairview Ridges from this URL:


7/8/2006 9:50:33 PM
He's back!!
Cole had another appointment today and he is 7 lbs 9 oz!! He is back up to the weight that he was when we left the hospital. The doctor said that the scale yesterday must have been off because it would be impossible for him to gain that much weight in a day. He did gain weight since Thursday when he was 7lbs even so we are very happy! I tried pumping all day yesterday and got an ounce of breast milk total for the entire day. It is pretty safe to say that I am just unable to breastfeed. Cole is doing great on formula and is gaining weight so we aren't too upset about not breastfeeding.
7/7/2006 7:29:45 PM
Weight Update
Today we found out that Cole lost more weight. He now weighs 6lbs 13oz. The doctor thinks that with the formula, his weight should go up by tomorrow. He was not more jaundice than yesterday, so we were very happy to hear that. Cole has been eating about every two hours now and seems to be very happy and content. Tomorrow we will go back to the dr and see if his what his weight is at. Let's hope it goes up!!

Oh, he also pooped 2 times today!! Finally!
7/6/2006 10:48:31 PM
Cole Thomas is here!
On Saturday, July 1st, I went into labor at 9 in the morning. I had contractions all day long but wasn't convinced that it was real labor. I was sick of getting my hopes up to find out that it was just false labor. We went about our day as usual. My parents and Jakob came over and we went swimming. The contractions continued so I called the doctor around 5:00 pm. He said I could go to the hospital if I wanted, so off we went! I was in a good deal of pain by that point. The nurse checked me and I was still 2cm and 70% effaced (the same as last thursday). We were not very happy to hear that after a whole day of labor. They monitored my contractions, which never really showed up (also very frustrating).

About an hour went by and the nurse checked me again. I had dilated another cm and was almost completely effaced. They assured me that I could stay! The contractions were VERY painful until about 11pm when I got an epidural. After that, I was pain free. I had no feeling or control of anything lower than my belly button. I was on pitocin to speed up the labor. They ended up breaking my water to put internal monitors on Cole since they contractions and his heart rate never showed up on the monitor. I basically laid in bed until a little after 6am when the nurse had me do some practice pushes. We did those and then relaxed and let Cole come down the birth canal himself. After doing some real pushes, Cole was almost ready to come out. I had to wait a while for the doctor to get to the hospital before I could push any more. Once the doctor got there, I pushed through 2 contractions and Cole was born!

He was 7 lbs 15oz and 21 inches (he's pretty cute too).

The first 2 days with Cole were a breeze. He woke up one or two times in the night to eat, but was content otherwise. We got 7-8 hours of sleep both nights! The next few days were a different story. Cole started to become cranky and seemed to get worse each day. At times he was un-consolable and thought our little guy was just a crabby baby.

Today we had a nurse come for a home visit and she found that Cole now only weighs 7 lbs. He has lost 15 oz since his birth, which is too much. We noticed earlier that Cole's mouth was very dry and he cried a lot after he ate. We came to the conclusion that I'm not producing much breast milk. I tried pumping today and sure enough, there was almost none. The poor little guy has been very hungry. He was also supposed to poop several times a day by now. He hasn't since he was born. The nurse also was concerned about his color. He seems a little yellow which is a sign of jaundice. She ran a test on him and found out that his is border-line jaundice. She said to feed him some formula after I breastfeed to make sure he is getting enough. We gave him his first bottle tonight and WOW. This is a different baby!! He is very happy and hasn't really cried at all. Tomorrow we have a doctor appointment for him and we'll find out how his weight is doing. Let's hope he stops losing weight and puts some meat on his bones!

I'll update tomorrow after his appointment.