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Friday, March 31, 2006

March 2006

3/28/2006 9:16:06 PM
Baby Shower!
I just had my first baby shower and it was tons of fun!! My friends here in Winona threw it for me. A ton of people ended up going it was nice to see everyone again. Many of them I don't see this semester because we have different schedules, so it was nice. We got tons of presents! I can't wait to bring all the baby stuff home and find places for it all. They had lots of good food there and CAKE! Also some games and stuff which are always silly but fun. Anyway, I had a good time. :)I'll post some pictures to Cole's website this weekend. That's all for now!
3/28/2006 7:51:06 AM
All Better!
After Jessa and I went to the doctor last week, she's been feeling much better. She took some pills to curb her nausea and fight her bladder infection. Thus far, they seem to have worked. She's feeling closer to 100% than she has in the past 5 weeks, so thank God for that!

Last night, she said when she was walking to her NSCS meeting, she felt Cole do something really weird. It was like he kicked really hard or something like that. Prior to this, she kept feeling him kick her bladder, because he is breech. However, after she felt this, she started feeling him moving around her belly button. So we're thinking (and hoping) that he flipped!

Jessa officially looks pregnant now, too! Her stomach decided to pop out this last week. :-)
3/21/2006 4:18:51 PM
Just wanted to keep everyone updated with what is going on. Sunday night when we got home from Matt's grandpa's birthday party, I started throwing up. I was sick all night and the next morning. I ended up going to the doctor yesterday and they found that I still have that bladder infection from weeks ago. The doctors didn't give me the right medication so it never completely went away. The doctor I saw yesterday seemed to actually know what he was talking about! It was a nice change! He put me on some new antibiotics and some medication for nausea so now I am able to keep food and water down.
Today I went back to the doctor because I am having back pain which indicates a kidney infection. The doctor said that my pain is pretty mild right now and I don't have a fever, so if I do have a kidney infection, it is pretty mild. He said I'm on the right medication now and I should feel better very soon. He had me schedule an appointment for Friday to find out if the bladder infection is gone. They said if I do have a kidney infection, there really isn't anything more that they would do with it at this point besides my medication. So I should be fine as long as my fever doesn't come back or the back pain gets worse.

Cole is doing fine. He's moving like crazy and really likes to kick my bladder at the moment! It doesn't feel too good but I'm glad he's still active after all of this. I'll update on Friday and let everyone know if things are back to normal. Bye!
3/6/2006 4:47:41 PM
Ultrasound Results
I was home sick Friday and finally got a chance to call the doctor about the ultrasound results. We were supposed to have an appointment with the doctor about it, but when we got there, the doctor discovered that he didn't have the results yet. It was really frustrating since Matt and I took time off of work for it, but we now have the results. Everything looks good! They said Cole is breech but I think with almost 4 months to turn we should be fine. They said the due date looks right and his size is right where it should be. No abnormalities were found!

I've been very sick lately and found out that I have a bladder infection. That explains all the body aches and fevers. I'm on some slow antibiotics but they are kicking in after 3 full days of fevers. Cole shouldn't be harmed from any of it as long as it doesn't turn into a kidney infection. I seem to be much better (still uncomfortable but fever-free), so we aren't too worried. I'll keep everyone updated though about how I'm doing.